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The Corporate Case for Single Payer

The Corporate Case for Single Payer

Russell Mokhiber

Mingling among the doctors, nurses and activists at the single payer conferences in Chicago this weekend was one Richard Master.

Master is the owner and CEO of MCS Industries Inc., the nation’s leading supplier of wall and poster frames — a $200 million a year company based in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Master has just produced a movie — Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point.

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Hopefully Master can expand his message beyond this example of preaching to the choir.

Perhaps Bernie Sanders can enlist Master to make this presentation as part of his campaign or at least refer to Master’s movie during the next debate as a means of demonstrating that single payer is mainstream and in the best interests of fiscal conservatives.

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It should be clear that those Republicans and Democrats both that support the current system are not concerned about costs or efficiency. In fact the pork inherent in the for profit model system in the USA is the single clearest example of how inefficient that so called “free market” is. Republicans and Conservatives , Liberals and Democrats are interested in delivering profits to the Health Care industry. Nothing more…

Obama explicitly confirmed your observations to network TV reporters saying that “health care reform must preserve insurance industry profits” when he was promoting the passage of his Affordable Care Act (ACA) on September 9, 2009.

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It is sad that the over 40,000 deaths a year from lack of health care won’t change things, that all the protests from the people and even the doctors affected by this problem won’t change things, that the only thing that will likely change things is one group of business people rising up and saying they are tired of being sucked dry by another.

But if it gets the job done…

It is long past the time that the health insurance vampires were ended.

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“I’m a member of the Conservative Party of Canada,” Konkin said. “We stand for removing waste, being more efficient and finding ways to grow our businesses. And one of the greatest ways that we can grow our business is to reduce costs, and that’s why we embrace the Canadian healthcare system. What I don’t understand is why my fellow conservatives in the United States tend to fight this.”

Maybe because their health insurance oligopolies are making too much money.

Now I fantasize with the prospect of having the current Republican controlled Congress pass a single-payer bill, inspired by the efficiency logic presented in this article. Then Obama would stand as the only political barrier between the Republican bill and the possibility of single payer in the US.

I would enjoy watching whether Obama apologists decide to stick with Obamacare by insisting that “it is a good law”, or turn against him and support single payer.

I would also enjoy watching corporate Democrats trying to continue their excuses for why the party need to “move to the center”.

My one-word description of the private for-profit medical insurance industry: PARASITES. They suck money
out of the health system while contributing nothing.