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The Corporate Food System Is Making the Coronavirus Crisis Worse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/26/corporate-food-system-making-coronavirus-crisis-worse

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Almost everything about the corporate system is making this worse. IT’s not intended to help the population,only to make profit

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An excellent and provocative article.

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Superb work, and thanks CD for re-publishing Bello here. Wish these kinds of articles would get the attention of our readers and commenters more than the day-to-day political shenanigans of our mis-rulers!

Bello speaks clearly about real work that is needed, real steps that need to be taken, to extricate ourselves from the clutches of the neoliberal corporate globalizers and their looting-class “investors”.

In this era of accelerating synergistic and metastasizing mega-crises, Food Sovereignty and Agroecology are key to maintaining the possibility of democracy, and of ecology itself, for humanity.

We all need to be practicing ecology where we live. Billions of us need to be practicing agroecology, with society and the economy organized to justly and equitably compensate these workers and honor their communities.

Wonderful ideas.

The odds that these will be implemented in many places is nearly zero. Plant seeds, plant food to cover the difference.

Apparently half of Los Angeles is now out of work.