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The Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals Threatening Ordinary People in 2016

The Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals Threatening Ordinary People in 2016

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Corporate media failed to cover the dangers of business-friendly trade deals in 2015, despite growing grassroots opposition to such pacts—and increasing public awareness about their contents.

Will 2016 be the year looming toxic trade policies catapult into the mainstream? Sierra Club trade representative Ilana Solomon hopes so.

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Despite the fact that these deals are bad for the 99%, they will all pass. This should be a rallying cry to retake our country from our corporate overlords, yet like NAFTA, most people will simply shrug their shoulders and go on about their daily business. In my State our ‘elected Congressmen’ have indicated that the deal will pass, as I suspect they rely on corporate donations much more than their civil service paychecks. If the trade deal is passed, we must all boycott imported goods, but this is as likely as our media ignoring Donald Trump and his bombastic rhetoric. As for corporate America, they will have finally fulfilled their dream of re-instituting slavery abroad (legally, though in practice it has been going on for quite some time) and eventually here.
None of the criminals responsible for this evil legislation will ever be held accountable unless we can establish a functioning democracy here.


What an ominous and Foreboding premonition to bare on New Years Eve-
And here I thought “Citizens United” was the end of the road- My God, this just can’t happen-


I am having A hard enough time fleshing out how Viet Nam went through all of that French Colonization and then their incredible will to endure everything our occupation and wholesale slaughter brought to bare, and now they are essentially to be nothing short of A “sweat shop” for Capitalism- What A cruel slap in the face to the memory of Ho Chi Minh…Now just where is the justice in that?


Enabling the 1% to buy even more politicians in the US, Citizens United was one of the major enablers of the Obama suite of “trade deals”…TPP, TTIP and TISA.


Yes Ray, I was weighing that out when I wrote what I wrote- But what all we will lose of our National Sovereignty and how TPP could so negatively effect each and every one of us on A personal level-Like some foreign mining and mineral company or even A huge hog farm encroaching on your private property and having no Court system to seek Justice just really hits home-
But agreed, Citizens United made it all possible-Yes, that was indeed the driving force behind all of the dominoes falling…I am continually flabbergasted at just the sheer numbers of Americans that believe Obama to have been A good President-


It isn’t going to happen, considering the forces ranged against us little people.
Buckley’s chance, until we supper a catastrophic collapse that makes the politicians grow spines and can stand up to the corporate mobsters and the banksters. They like it as it is!
Only then we may get a chance at setting a different system.
The only “positive” from all this is that the gangsters are sowing their own destruction through accelerating the decline in our civilization . The cliff gets closer every day.


I’m not too sure about that. There is huge resistance, among the people and also within European governments. So there is a chance, that those will not pass. And even a lot of Americans don’t see any good in those “treaties”, so let’s not be too pessimistic too soon. Not saying that I don’t see your point, but there are many people involved in the process and they might turn out to disagree eventually. I’m still not giving up.


Pro-corporate trade deal Trojan Horses - brought to you by the best politicians money can buy…

By-pass local, state and national laws and protections to cater-to and empower corporate dominance and greed - the power to use humanity for their narrow interests; profits above all else.

Something that seems to have almost disappeared from the public scene are bumper stickers. We need to advertise the existence of these “Free Trade” horrors to a wider audience. I have a ‘Stop TTIP’ sign in the rear window of my car in the hope that it might pique someone’s interest. But if there were hundreds of similar rear windows/bumpers with similar messages people might begin to feel left out if they didn’t know what it was all about. These days many people could use their computers and printers to create signs for their cars. Perhaps then we would no longer simply be preaching (lamenting) to the choir.

As a 4 times visitor to Vietnam, I wholeheartedly agree with the first part of your post. Ho Chi Minh was primarily a freedom fighter for a country, which was in succession occupied by the French, the Japanese, the British, again the French and lastly by US.
He could not free the country on his own, but all the then still occupying powers were members of the NATO. He had no choice but to turn to Communism. At least neither the Soviet Union nor China had any ambition to occupy his beautiful country.

Unfortunately there is now still severe discrimination going on against those who helped the occupiers and against their OFFSPRING.
I like to think, that if Ho was still alive, he would have ended this nation splitting discrimination a long time ago, but who knows? Apart from that, small scale enterprises are thriving.

As far as the “sweat shops” are concerned, the companies with manufacturing there provide much needed jobs, albeit at low wages. But then again the prices in that country are also very low. And that is also how China started on its way to become a superpower. That is one of the incentives, why I go there this often. The other one is, that the people are friendly in such a heart felt way as I have encountered in no other of the well over 40 countries I have visited.

IF YOU ARE REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT VIETNAM, GO THERE, not just to help their economy in a small way, but mainly because you will enjoy it.

Do you see Indonesia and the Philippines in the same light?
When the TPP Trade agreements come swooning in I question the bright and sunny future for Vietnam that you predict- And if China is so advanced, why do businesses have safety nets installed for suicide jumpers in an industrialized feudal Country where the air is so bad that people have to wear filtration masks to breath? The only people that have real wealth in China are the old Communist Party members-

I know very little about the Philippines and Indonesia. So I cannot comment on them. I am sorry to come across as demanding that you go to Vietnam. I am just trying to indicate, that you would probably enjoy your stay there tremendously and it would help to keep some people out of the ‘sweat shops’

As far as the TTP is concerned, it is BAD for all, but those who own and direct the largest corporations and we should not give up fighting against it and while we are at it, the TTIP as well. Here is one, which I favor, although it is not exactly a trade agreement as such, but an economic association, which does not give overriding powers to corporations over national sovereignty, the AIIB.

It was the Capital letters that grabbed me-
Thanks for the sincerity and interesting posts- I have not been to either of these Countries but have read enough about them from Authors I trust that I think I will opt out in going-
The few trips I made to Mexico were enough to make me feel bad for the conditions in which people live-
The Vietnamese are very special people in my opinion, in not holding grudges toward Americans for what this Country put them through-

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We were traveling in a bus from Da Lat to Nha Trang. The weather was lousy, rain and fog was caught in those mountains. Suddenly our bus came to a halt. A mud slide was blocking its way. It consisted of rock rubble and red clay. It took just over ½ hour, before another bus arrived on the other side. We made our way across the slide sliding and tumbling and arrived on the other side covered in that tenacious clay. There was little we could do about it. We arrived at our small family owned hotel looking a fright.
Thos people, who had never seen us before greeted us like family. Instead of being disgusted about the mud we dragged in they cheerfully set about cleaning off our luggage and outer clothing and genuinely made us feel welcome.

There was a little follow up. An Australian couple, which followed the same route the next day, told us that they witnessed the explosion of a land mine, which had come down with the mud and went off when a front end loader cleared the road. The fact that we left thousands of such “souvenirs” behind, which still maim and kill children, who play off the beaten paths, and that we still have not ratified the Ottawa Treaty makes me deeply ashamed.

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My compliment is to Deirdre Fulton for this so comprehensive a simple read for all, explaining every main Trade deal of today’s diplomatic farce and highlighting evils. As the main outcome of 70 years GATT diplomatic rubbish costly yappers, you’ve about covered these 5 deals. You didn’t mention NAFTA, and the Lower America’s deals but all have holes and pitfalls in them and all are a costly diplomats jaunting lives.

Vary rarely can any female writer so impress me with any story, I am not anti-women just they are a different track from my mind & after 32 girlfriends from age 5-35 before I woke up after 2 live in fiancees and 1 Cathederaled wife + 2 Kids.Divorce shows me best suited for mates, suppose I am Bi after last 35 years no women just the mates.

But Deirdre Fulton this your masterpiece deserves my applause and thanks I’m keeping it on Microsoft Office “One Note” the greatest archive since Apple Mac.

You must have read my mind-I was going to mention these mines as one big reason to not go there, although, in my younger days I had for A time entertained the idea of going to countries to remove these despicable objects as that was within my expertise-
That was an interesting story-Thank you!

If everyone had an attitude like yours then you would be correct. I didn’t say right because that is a position you obviously support. Fortunately there are many who vehemently and stubbornly disagree and my money is on us not the .01%. You have chosen your Icon well.

Well the Shrub was not a hard act to follow and he was doin pretty well until he turned into Clinton on steroids with these insane trade deals. In all my seventy years no person has disappointed me more. Were I in his shoes even threatening my family with agonizing death could not have made me turn on the world’s working classes as he has.

Yes, the “shrub” literally broke us- He started that fictitious multi Trillion War that Obama swore to end-which he didn’t… Shrub allowed the Banksters to fleece our economy and raid our Treasury and then bailed them and Europeans out with the multi-Trillion$ Tarp Bankster Bailout- Obama could have done something about this but instead of jailing these crooks he put them in high cabinet positions so as to let it all begin anew-(“They made the mess, let them clean it up”-SURE thing Obama!)…Both of those little crooks have ravaged our Constitution and Obama’s cruel treatment of “Occupy” has all but ended any meaningful civil disobedience, dissent and protest- Obama’s Presidency has turned the Middle East into pure genocidal insanity risking WW-III with Russia-A new Cold War at any rate-
The up and coming Trade deals will put A whole new but all too late ugly spotlight on the Obama Presidency, one in which you will be at odds to compare with that little idiot Bush+Cheney…