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The Corporate Takeover of Africa’s Food Is on Shaky Grounds – It's Time for Action


The Corporate Takeover of Africa’s Food Is on Shaky Grounds – It's Time for Action.

Chris Walker

"We, the small holder farmers, want to have good lives," says Victoria Adongo from the Peasant Farmers’ Association of Ghana. “We have our seed systems that we like and are proud of. So we do not want multinational companies to come in and take over."

Not only can agroecology increase Africa’s farming yields, unlike corporate-led farming, it can help farmers control their land, seeds and livelihoods, and build resilient local economies.


Its time to nail the premises of predatory capital to its own cross. No more ad hominems - time for the litany of its history so that PEOPLE can thresh through the harvest and separate out the chaff of abstracts and suppression of what WORKS.

DOMINION is an interesting concept in what is being called the anthropocene. Interesting that in the anthropocene predatory capital hangs on the legacy of dehumanization - the legacy of thousands of years of a sales pitch, which rolls out destruction - war - an integral collapse mechanism built into its construct to constantly reintroduce lies. Remember what Samuel Clemmons said about war? The first casualty is the truth.

In “developing countries” (developing collapse mechanisms) the local knowledge of biomes is part of what is usurped in the trade deals. More than decades, for centuries the domination model has been usurping and claiming some form ‘intellectual property’ (look at the Doctrine of Discovery, usurpation of societal meaning, in colonization and its continued presence in western legal systems - particularly the US), now so twisted and toxic that we see its consequences all around us. You are, I am part of a spread sheet and listed not a human being, but a “consumer”, a component. That designation is now demonstrably a trick-knee in the collapse mechanism so out of scale with reality as to be fatally toxic. There are ligaments in that trick knee like stockholder, mortgage holder, career seekers with clauses that require your humanity to be TRADED in order to be a “player”. In the mean time actual lives are being lived.

I’m reminded of the phrase ‘identity politics’. We now see this writ large. From education subjected to the spreadsheet abstraction so corrupt that it cannibalizes its own from the breadth of learning processes, to secrecy in an attempt to hide the other forms of anthropophagy temporarily sanitized through the smoke and mirrors of front loaded “technologies” wearing the white coat costume of sciences that it continues to, yes, claim possession of in the hollywood model of the horror show called exceptionalism.

The projection of fragmentation by the predatory capital model continues because what it gazes at, the natural, living world, does not fit its ‘spreadsheet’, now reflecting the weave of a burial cloth. Its criteria are fragmented and that demands that it attempt to make the living word conform to its ‘breakdown’ of those criteria. The term ‘breakdown’ is rather revealing, no?

What is it that one ‘identifies’ with? Its actually a very humbling, empowering, liberating, informative and salutary sphere of inquiry. Fears become apparent and the roots of courageous, loving creativity, the real legacy of humanity, are revealed for what they are - the beauty of stewarding our common wellbeing.


Fellow Residents of the Colonizing “Western” Hegemonic Corporatist States:

We need to be an active problem for these anti-life, anti-human, conscienceless colonizing corporations and the states they operate with.

We need to create and live out a powerful movement of resistance that interferes with the operation, propaganda, financing, and political function of these conscienceless colonizing corporations and the states they operate with.

We need to be in resistance in solidarity: in Resistance against these post-post-modern Frankenstein’s Vampire Zombie corporate spawn of the legacy of “Western” colonialism; in Solidarity with life, people, species, land, water, Earth, communities, culture, spirit.

i gotta run today to work, but we need to be blunt and rigorously honest with ourselves and others about what it is we are up against, and what it is we are defending and supporting; about what is being murdered, and what is carrying out the murder.

There’s more to say about the post-post-modern technologies in relation to all this. But i gotta run!