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The Corporations That Helped a Confederate Apologist Hold a Senate Seat


The Corporations That Helped a Confederate Apologist Hold a Senate Seat

Sue Sturgis

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi won a special runoff election this week to the U.S. Senate seat she was appointed to fill earlier this year after Thad Cochran resigned for health reasons. She defeated Democratic challenger Mike Espy, former congressman and U.S. agriculture secretary under President Clinton, by a 55-45 margin. Her win expands the GOP's Senate majority to 53 of 100 seats and makes her Mississippi's first woman U.S. senator. She will face re-election in 2020.


Unfortunately, I already boycott all of these corporations due to their other violations of civic responsibility and morality. What else can I do to inflict economic pain upon these businesses to help them change their behaviors?


This should be the opening page for every search engine. Salute to the author for helping to keep open the books that reveal where “free speech” comes from.


To Sue Sturgis:

Thank you for exposing these reactionary, regressive corporations.

To all of us here:

We the people need more of this kind of transparency information, from many reporters.

We the people need to boycott (and withhold our money from) these regressive businesses.

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Hi Trakar,

In answer to your question, you can spread this information by writing letters to newspapers and by posting this info and making your own comments online.

Also, you can join and donate a little money to organizations that expose and oppose these “ALEC” type corporations. (You can find organizations you like by searching for them online.)

Solidarity and peace to us all!