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'The Corruption Is on Full Display: Trump Executive Order Directs All Agencies to Gut Business Regulations Amid Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/corruption-full-display-trump-executive-order-directs-all-agencies-gut-business

Again, where is Joe Biden and the Democratic Party with their own press conference stating that this is an aberration and that all regulations will be restored and even expanded under a new democratically run government in Jan 2021?
If the dems don’t start contrasting themselves from the republicans the voters will be faced with the same choices they had in 2016. Either vote for a conservative that is sort of pro choice, a little anti-gun, and kinda for pubic schools, or a conservative that isn’t.
You notice, both your choices are conservative.


Obama said in his first 100 day days he would be busy reversing Bush’s edicts. Should have been easy pickings but fact is few Bush edicts were reversed. Two of the promises Obama made to Dem Senator Russ Ringold was to end torture and close Guantanamo Prison. Nough said.

Obama ended up along side Grover Cleveland for fewest exec orders. Most tinkered around with social issues. The scant few that would have improved working peoples lives were not enforced.

Trump issued more edicts by exec order in the first week than Obama in first six months. Trump is now on schedule to challenge Harry Truman’s 900+ exec orders. Ironically, the Republicans complained of Obama acting like a king for issuing an occasional exec order. Meanwhile, the Dems are snoozing away. as Trump carries out the work they did not have the nerve to do!


Joe Biden also wants business regulations cut, as do all the democrats, just like their right wing allies in the republican party. Any contrast between the two sides of the single party government is little more than a deliberately manufactured contrast to create the illusion of a choice, the illusion of democracy, when in fact they both party’s are united on all issues save perhaps abortion and gay rights. Other than those two topics, I am unaware of any differences at all in the two party’s. In many respects the republicans are the more honest party, because they make no effort to pretend to care about the citizens; the democrats willfully deceive voters into believing they are progressives, and the idiotic voters just don’t stop believing them - while turning their noses up at any real progressives who may come along every 75 years or so.


At the end of the day there might be a great economy but only 1% of the population able to enjoy it.


Any so-called “economy” with poisoned (more poisoned!) people and planet is not an economy worth supporting or respecting; and any and all public officials that encourage, support, tolerate, or condone such moves that are threats to public health and safety to serve narrow crony interests - 1% interests - chemical, fossil-fuel, poison agriculture, all polluting sectors and individual -, are complicit and guilty by their actions, acceptance and/or silence to the crimes the trump regime are committing! Politicians worth any respect must confront the crimes or be held as guilty as the perpetrators!

IF there were any actual “opposition” political party they would act like one, not be a large part of the crimes against the public and humanity! The DINO private corporate entity is NOT an open “party”, it is a private club of servants to capitalist exploitation, wage-slavery, usury, exploitation, and pollution!

Silence IS complicity! -Money OUT! Bernie IN! Smash the corporate state and all who sail in it!

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Business owners claimed that regulations passed after the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire unduly impacted profits. 149 laborers were killed in that fire, all of them the working poor. Trump is intent on dismantling all of that “red tape”. That is MAGA in a nutshell. More for the one percent and less for everyone else even as everyone else dies to ensure the 1 percent get more.

You want to see rivers burn again? He is going to bring that grand spectacle back to the USA as well.


Desperately Seeking Dow: Reelection Bid 2020
Starring Donald Port-a-Pot Trump

When things fall apart, they don’t necessarily just
go from dingy to disrepair to dilapidated to destroyed to demolished to an orderly demolition. Some of them come with road blocks, flashing red lights, yellow caution tape and hazmat equipment. Ending with, of course,
a whole sorry big castrosphic shebang heading off like a procession of hearses. To, you guessed it, the Great Big Community ( Sort Of ) Cemetary.
BTW- Desolation rows can spring up almost overnight, sadly. Then come whole desolation camps and whole desolation shanty towns. Whole dead regions and sacrifice zones follow with signs saying, Enter At Your Own Risk or simply Do Not Enter.
Where are we on the complete disaster/chaos spectrum? I really don’t know. All I know is when the shit hits the fan, the final resting place of that interaction, is finalized fairly quickly.
Here’s to a safe and sanitary landing. Just make sure you’ve got a good supply of PPEs, just in case.

Right. Instead he displaced 100,000 Pakistanis from the NE Frontier Provinces by escalating against “The Taliban”.

This trump stuff is all just a test to see where our breaking point might be.
Hello people!


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has about 215 million citizens. A 100K of them being displaced is a bad situation; however, in Obama’s first 100 days this outcome seems like a very minor item.
What does this have to do with the article?

A common denominator is that ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 the GOP has strived to turn the US into a third world nation. When I was in Pakistan during the 70s I observed people walking the streets brandishing all manner of weaponry, and that culture is burgeoning in 21st century murka.


Economic Recovery = More Profits For The 1%.


So it’s “…on full display.” And what else is new?
Congress and the Courts simply watch it happen, and are going to allow Don to seek a second term.
We are almost as culpable as he.


Nothing. It was an ironic comment on the previous comment. Why did you feel the need to ask?

Does ssking why make you uneasy?

Wait, you’re either been tortured by a therapist or have a degree in psychology, right? :wink:

Do you always reduce your questions to a binary choice; an either/or set of options?
And, I did torture my psycho-therapist about 15 years ago. How did you know that; as those records are sealed by court order, I was told?