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The Cost of Empire


The Cost of Empire

U.S. military forces are participating in refueling Saudi bombers and also in their targeting, which has killed thousands of civilians.
Mark Weisbrot

Americans must challenge Trump's policies in North Korea and Yemen that stem from imperial priorities.


Apparently Mr Weisbrot thinks Trump’s (i.e., the generals’ and the neocons’) policies in Syria, the US’s continued baiting of the Russian bear, and the continual destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, are just fine and dandy, since he makes no mention of them here.

All these poisonous policies are part of one and the same package of aggressive empire and cannot be separated from one another. It is time to end the perpetual warfare. Well past time.


Again, for the hundredth time, this is not Trump’s policies, it’s American Government policy and has been for decades.


We are all enablers to those criminal acts against how many nationsand there is no real cost to we in the land of the free, when tens of thosands die by our military a actions and millions more get displaced to lives of poverty.
We worship the flag , and cross our holier than rest of words hearts in pledging fealty to those who perform criminal acts; A flag that waves atop our invasion forces cruise missels and adornes the shoulders of our warrior hero’s, and then damn anyone who dares question their WTF is being done over there and on city streets by our authorities.
Damn those football players who do not, as the receducated hero in Orwells 1984 novel, weep in pride when patriotic pomp and ceremony plays.
We fu… in order to supply seed corn for tomorrow’s warrior crop and take pride in females now receiving equal pay as the males for killing black, and brown skin infidels.
THEY in power want we the farmer, bakers of bread clerks and beer makers to go kill farmers, bakers of bread, clerks and beer makers we have never seen and who never gave a thought of threatening US, shoot em first nd let their surviving relatives bury them
We reward the wearers of military uniforms, even those who nevet left a US shore with special citizen hero status and pay industry to hire them after they are useless as uniforms.
A Syian made in USA tank, plane, humvee, cruise missels and artillery or bomb dropped, airfuel burned and bombs used all give European and US arm suppliers million s and employees top pay jobs.
It gives professional dissidents publishing houses and talk show great wages the equal to those of war supporters also pundits of nationalistic bombastic their time in limelight of fame.
Yes we in US pay a heavy cost, And suffer terribly far more than they who die from our enabling hands.


Why do they hate us? ,Why shouldn’t they hate us?