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The Cost to You and Me of Proposed Offshore Drilling? $179.2 Billion


The Cost to You and Me of Proposed Offshore Drilling? $179.2 Billion

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Representing "negligent disregard for the public safety," the Obama administration's proposal for selling fossil fuel companies new leases for drilling in the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico comes with a social cost of up to $179.2 billion and risks jeopardizing climate commitments made in the recent UN climate deal.


Obama has covered all our coastlines with his tragically consistent approval of offshore drilling: Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf Coast and in the Arctic...so much for being a champion of the environment (campaign rhetoric). What a huge and horrible disappointment.


I'm making this same comment on another thread as it applies there also. Can you imaging the uproar if President Trump did this? That's one reason why I'm not as worried about a Trump pres, and I am Clinton.


The $180 billion spill impact cost is a bargain compared to the $16 trillion taxpayers are on the hook for to fund various Wall Street bankster bailout schemes.


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The vies expressed in the article are spoiled by implying wind and solar can meet energy demand. The most they can do is intermittedly supply some elctricity by using weak solar energy income. They cannot possibly supply the concentrated energy capital in the liquid fuels used by most forms of transport.


Thanks to Andrea Germanos and C-D for this comprehensive and revealing piece!

The "costs" of actions and policy decisions supporting vulture capitalism and its mechanisms, are defended and sold to the American people and world as "necessary" by the 1% and their mouthpiece shills/political lackeys to sustain what they call "growth", but the true costs of what exploitation, pollution, nuclear 'accidents", water, air, farmland, contamination, and domestic product/food chemical-poison caused health-care costs are ignored, downplayed and accepted as necessary and an acceptable cost of doing business - a grand con that has the entire planet in thrall to the perpetrators and the lie that's been told/sold for over a century.

If we count the true costs of greed-driven exploitation, pollution, health care costs and money/Mammon-worship as the basis of the economic system the 1% control and dominate the truth is revealed - they have stolen, with the aid of our complicit politicians and "regulators", the future and sustainability for the narrow profits and wealth-accumulation of the few at the very great expense and costs of the 99% and Mother Earth's finite ability to sustain and nurture all life on earth......


The uproar won't be heard it will be drowned out by the uproar from the construction of concentration camps for Latinos and semantic people when Trump, like Hitler, finds that deportation is too expensive. Also, Obama leaves him a bunch of them already locked up awaiting deportation.


Oh come on, he's going to start a genocide? Forced labor? He will deport, probably more than Obomber, and I think you mean 'semitic people'?


"...negligent disregard for the public safety" . . . good excuse for a public lawsuit.


The Germans weren't informed what was happening to the "deportees" they thought they were deported which they were in the worst way but it made good business sense to Hitler who could lower taxes because it was lots cheaper.


"That's the equivalent to the annual emissions of 3.6 million passenger vehicles over fifty years, it notes.".... Yes. So why don't we get as many of the 300 Million cars in the US OFF the roads
by making Green public transit a serious priority?? Forget private electric cars which just continue
the Auto Addiction sprawl paving over 10 times the land as Rail, requiring the energy of a small house which will require many many years to cut oil usage and greenhouse emissions.
We should do as the US elite did from 1942-45 when they increased Green intercity Rail by 4 times,
Green local transit by 4 times in just 3 years!
Despite the Auto Addiction lobby's propaganda that the US is "too spread out for Rail Green transit", in fact 79% of the US already lives in urbanized Metropolitan areas. Furthermore amazingly enough a Brookings Study in 2011 found that ALREADY 70% of Americans in the top 100 Metro areas live only 3/4th mile from a transit stop! BUT only 35% could reach a local job in
less than 90 minutes. This is primarily due to lack of service, lack of connections, lack of local/Express type service and sidewalks or bike paths for the last mile. This can easily be fixed by simply RUNNING the Transit we have and then expanding it to the 230,000 miles of existing Rail all over the US waiting to be restored. Yet just as gasoline prices first soared to $4 per gallon in 2008, public transit was cut all over the US mostly to pay off bankster credit default swap deals. We need to restore Green Transit operating subsidies which existed for decades through both Republican and Democratic Presidents until Reagan to actually run LightRail, Rail and electric buses.


The Dutch who already have much better Green Transit Rail already power 50% of their Rail
with renewable electricity. By 2018 they have concrete plans to power 100% of their Rail with
renewable electricity from diverse sources complementing each other.
The only way for the US to seriously cut oil usage, 70% of which goes to private Auto Addiction< is to run Green Transit Rail which would be way more energy, land and resource efficient than
private cars but also could be powered by renewable electricity. As from 1942-45 if the US
government and elites were serious we could quadruple or more Green electric public transit...
70% of Americans in the top 100 US metro areas already live 3/4ths mile from a public transit stop...


This covers sound propsals to help cope with land transportation problems although it does not take into account the fact that 'renewable' energy systesm are made of irrepleceable materials and have limited life times. Their intermittency is a fundemantl problem which proposed measures can only ease slightly.
However, sea and air transportation play a major role on the operations people have become so dependent on. Vast armadas of ships and aircraft are using products of crude oil at an unsustainable rate, despite the desperate effforts of the oil industry (such as fracking) to extract crude oil from harder sources.


Yep I totally agree renewables will NEVER replace the millions of years of sunlight captured in fossil fuels we are spending like there's no tomorrow. But we can do so much to save energy.
Do we really need all the blinding streetlights obscuring the stars? I use a pushmower instead of
gas or electric - works great! Cost $0, uses NO energy except my calories, is actually light and easy to push without a big heavy motor, and is quiet. Across the street the planet destroying landscape crew comes in with their gas guzzling truck pulling a trailer full of gas guzzling riding mowers along with deafening leaf blowers. I can see the revival of local teen green mowing services. Tricycles with manual rotating mowers on the back for large lawns perhaps supplemented with a geoorbital wheel.
People already sailed ships from Vermont to NY and also Fair Trade coffee from the Caribbean to New Jersey using only sails. With walkable communities we can avoid transit altogether but having it available will be the way to go.
We can have micro-hydro - instead of huge dams blocking river flows, smaller generators with smaller electricity generated by the flowing water just another rock-like object in the river/streambed.
We have a lot of potential if we use imagination.
Rodale has already proved organic non-industrial farming with a mix of crops is actually more productive than all the fossil fuel tractors and fertilizers...
Like Cuba used to survive the cutoff of Russian oil as the Soviet Union collapsed