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The Costs of War, the Price of Peace


The Costs of War, the Price of Peace

Amy Goodman

What price would you pay not to kill another human being? At what point would you commit the offenses allegedly perpetrated by Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was charged Wednesday with desertion and “misbehavior before an enemy?”


OK, I see that we’re back to misleading headlines.

Other than letting us know about the Body Count report, there’s not much to this article. We’ve known for years about the under-reporting of casualties among the populations that we’ve bombed.



Peternamaste, devil’s advocate here. You, Ms Goodman and I are on the same page. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be here.
Assume I have just begun a long journey to question my Bernaysian indoctrination and Ms Goodman’s essay is the very first one I have ever read airing a view other than that espoused by known ideologues such as Hannity, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, et al. Wouldn’t such view be terra incognita and wouldn’t I want more?
Aren’t essays such a Ms Goodman’s a good start? You can’t persuade voters to join your voting revolution unless they first become aware of the players and the stakes. Our culture’s elite-crafted and disseminated false consciousness is a very tough nut to crack. It seems to have gotten harder, and worse, after the 9-11/Patriot Act hysteria.
I am sure Ms Goodman will speak truth to power when she is granted a Sunday column in the Times and an anchor chair on the CBS evening news. In the meantime she will continue to speak under the conditions of Ellul’s “economic censorship” all dissenters suffer who are denied access to broader mainstream viewers and better funded transmitting facilities. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was our American empire. It’s been over 100 years in the making, jump-started in the Wilson era, as far as I can tell. It’ll probably take as long to recover. In the meantime Ms Goodman does her bit for We the People.
Be well.


I agree with you. State the truth and spread the word, over and over and over so all can hear it. When the blow-back arrives, some might understand why. If the masses don’t read or care, it will have been in the public record. Thanks to journalists like Amy, the great tragedy of these needless deaths is on record. The US government’s war of revenge, once reasonable, goes on powered by an internal self-justification with truly no end in sight. Yemen in the role of supplicant is waiting in the wings.


Please don’t forget the millions killed by the US war machine in Vietnam with bullets, bombs, fire, torture and poison! This doesn’t count the millions more who have suffered life long injury and mutilation and been displaced from their homes in all of our wars over the entire world for all of our history. Endless war in the name of peace? When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn? One Sgt seemingly had enough of being a part of the US war machine joining a growing list of people who are saying no to this machine. Everything has a crack in it. That’s what lets the light in… it is way past time for thinking people to join this list saying no to war.


At our level of technology we ought to be able to invent renewable substitutes for consumable natural resources we covet that other nations own and better ways to recycle natural resources that can be recycled–rather than going to war to conquer the places where the resources are. We especially need to invent renewable substitutes for petroleum products and replace coal and natural gas that we use mostly for either generating electricity or directly for heat that we could replace with electricity with electricity generated by such renewable energy resources as wind, solar, geothermal, and waste-to-energy (including forestry wastes that we might be able to substitute for a small part of the coal we burn and bio-gas (methane from decaying wet organic wastes including sewage and manure)). We also need to redo our national electric grid to include a lot of energy storage and the smart meters etc. needed to match supply from both intermittent energy sources, mostly wind and solar, and base load energy sources such as nuclear power that are so difficult to turn off and back on that nuclear power plant operators would rather pay an electric utility to take it off their hands than reduce outp0ut to only what is needed to meet demand at 2am with demand which electric utilities have very little control over short of blackouts. If we fail to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy soon enough, we might damage Earth’s climate badly enough to reduce Earth’s carrying capacity to about 2 billion which is barely more than a quarter of present world population. If we could substitute renewable resources for non-renewable consumable resources and recycle resources that are recyclable, we would NOT NEED to fight wars of aggression to rob other nations of their natural resources.


What’s also misleading and off putting is seeing YOU play down the CONTENT of article after article with either an analysis that pivots only on ONE causative agency, critiques the title, or minimizes the information by suggesting it’s nothing new.

This messaging and seeing your particular screen name (no doubt, one of many prior ones previously used) at the start of EVERY discussion begs the question: Who is paying YOU to influence opinions here?


Talk about silly. Your “voters’ revolution” pretends that the tyranny of our time is not global in scope and orchestrated by very powerful people who use their clout to manipulate the puppet strings of numerous world leaders.

Also, what’s new to this article is documentation of the incredibly high murder rates directly attributable to these wars (begun on the basis of fabricated “evidence”). THAT is very important; and THAT is the pertinent item.

Your motive seems to be to make Amy Goodman look silly. As if you could do what she does… that woman is a marvel!


Amy Goodman runs a rigorous schedule. Any who watch her one-hour News program with regularity hear views NEVER heard across the MSM. She had a brilliant Egyptian author on today whose indictment of capitalism was potent. He also posited a view that runs parallel to a point I often mention. In his case, he was explaining how a world economic system (i.e. that designed for The Dominators) was imposed on 3rd world nations. In any case, anyone who looks for chinks in Ms. Goodman’s armor is likely being paid by a Koch Brothers or State department agency to subtly work to discredit her. Heck, with Tom Carberry apparently no longer stationed here to perform this rite, others “must” show up to maintain “the tradition.”


“When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?”

As if this is about the great amorphous mass conveniently codified as WE rather than the already grown might, influence, and power of the Military-Media industrial complex and the pro-war agendas set into motion by members of the Deep State.

When the majority of commentators either work to slay the messenger, blame voters for things WAY outside of their sphere of influence, or use the all-encompassing WE frame (these being daily constants by the same group of people that daily dwells here), these “perspectives” (which I recognize as likely scripted talking points) take the spotlight off the real agents who have corrupted our system of governance and use their coup-grabbed powers to make war and then force a certain percentage of the public’s consensus.

After all, if these choices genuinely were about that one singular class of We The People–who all felt pro-war–why in God’s name would Propaganda, a control of the press, punishing reporter/journalists cum dissidents, and intrusive spy campaigns be required?

Either, the citizenry is a free people with fair laws, fair elections, open free speech, a functioning press, the right to privacy… or it is not. And when it is not, that’s called fascism and in fascism, it’s warriors and uniformed militias that rule. Everyone who disagrees for the most part keeps a low profile in order to avoid a firing squad.

This is true in many lands with the U.S. being the most recent one to expose the underbelly of empire (as Alan McDonald loves to point out) while holding up the pretense of Democratic rule. Those who work consistently to hold up that pretense are either paid by State Power or as natural born authoritarians, are amenable to it.


Dr Gideon Polya, Australian MD has done extensive epidemiological study of western geopolitical-war destroyed regions including Afghanistan & Iraq. For Afghanistan, unnecessary war-deaths relating to destabilization of that country by western death-armies amount to 5.6 million only up to the 10th anniversary of the invasion 4 years ago. Iraq being more highly populated with more western sorties has suffered more deaths. Pakistan must be included as well as Syria. Western caused unnecessary war deaths in the region are beyond 20 million & counting. Check out Gideon Polya articles in countercurrents
We must consider these deaths as a consequence of the Oded Yinon plan for a greater Israeli control of the middle-east supported by the Project for a New American Century PNAC & New World Order NWO. The schedule of destabilizations through arming subversives even in democratic states to create war everywhere in Islamic states, has been followed exactly including scheduled war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia etc.
On a personal & larger scale, we have a deep intellectual cowardice across our society. In order to achieve geopolitical control over land & resources, western Finance-Media-Education-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Complex oligarchs demonize foreign governments. We continually only hear one side in our colonial press, so westerners particularly Canadians, US, British, French, Australians & New Zealanders are completely mislead. We need ‘dialectic’ (‘both-sided’) practices within our society to engage each other whenever disagreements or conflicts arise, Both-sided, equal-time, recorded & published dialogues can help us hear both sides of issues both at home & abroad. Only once we have heard both sides, then we can undertake an obligation to protect. indigenecommunity/structure/both-sides-now-equal-time-recorded-dialogues In the meantime we owe the world we continue to violently extract physical & human resources from including the Americas which we have violently colonized many tens of trillions of dollars in war-reparations.