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The Country Is Moving Left


The Country Is Moving Left

Dave Johnson

It might not seem so in the middle of a day’s news cycle, especially with that news always being about Donald Trump, but 2015 marked a year of change in a progressive direction. And the country is solidly behind this move.

Progressive Victories In 2015

The country is moving in a progressive direction. In November, OurFuture.org’s Terrance Heath wrote in Progressive Victories from Maine to Washington Inspire Hope,


Talk about looking at the U.S. through rose-colored glasses... what a crock of ca-ca this piece is!

First of all, suggesting that Hillary MEANS anything Progressive is ridiculous as is placing her in the same camp as Mr. Sanders.

And as to the list of items, 1-7: Let's look at 3 of those.

1 Insists that a growing number of workers are earning more. Mr. Johnson is probably using the idea that a few states have passed better minimum wage laws. However, what he does not say is that a growing number of U.S. citizens have TEMP jobs and therefore, unreliable hours and resulting paychecks.

3: It is in fact a VERY conservative posture to force citizens to purchase a product that should be optional. And health care ACCESS should never be turned into a product that for-profit industries can go to work cannibalizing. The insurance costs--which are going up at a maddening pace--are NOT the same thing as health CARE!

5: The world may have come together to discuss climate change, but nothing substantive was put into operation. With the Oil, gas and fracking companies still at it... and with the current U.S. budget earmarking half for the military--money which should have gone towards TRUE national security in the form of redesigning this nation's infrastructure in ways that allow for renewable energy sources--will instead go to waste and the massive Mars-ruled machinery that lays everything it touches TO waste.

Some editor must have insisted that Mr. Johnson find and spread "the good news" just in time for Christmas.

(I apologize for the huge font. I have NO idea how that happened or how to fix it. Basically, I HATE micro-soft word and the way my computer--like those of many others--is little more than another portal for the NSA and its I.T. invaders.)


As pattmarty writes below, it could be wishful thinking.

A Sanders "revolution" will run more on the timescale of the similarly named Reagan Revolution. It most certainly will NOT be the stereotypical banana republic coup. As mentioned in the article, here in Ohio we are fighting against the gerrymandered Republican districts to achieve more proportionate representation. (Although one Green candidate I spoke with had no liking for an improved proportional system that might get at least one Green rep in our state legislature.) It will be a long haul.

As for your complaint about journalists and pundits, I can only affirm what you are saying. I listened to Tom Ashbrook's show this past week with a discussion of the Dec 19 debate. Of the three, you would have to think the pundits and journalists possessed as much wishful thinking on Hillary's (should I begin writing the Clintons' ?) strength as this article places on progressive demographic turns. Any journalist on these radio panels should at the very least be up to date on discernible campaign achievements, i.e., separating website claims from likely voter movements.

And I'm going to throw in one more least mentioned news item from last Friday, Dec 18. I received a breaking news alert on my NYT app that the UN Security Council voted 15-0 to establish a cease-fire and peace proposal for Syria. Any details in the major news outlets thereafter. None willing to reach me.

But think of the impact. A cease-fire in the next 90 days could clear out some of the weaker of the 50+ groups (according to Wikipedia) engaged in the fight. A cease-fire would take away some of ISIL's fuel or at least expose their conflation of Islam and butchery for the crime it is. Further, should that follow, all the hoo-rah here at home would seriously deflate the Republican terror angle, if any voting R's have courage to evaluate facts.

Okay, I better stop before my wishful thinking gets the best of me.


"And Sanders has pushed Clinton left"
Why do so many progressive news sites/pundits think this is actually happening?


hint: if you type it in a text editor there should be no formatting issues, at least on Linux and I would assume the same even with microsoft.


Also...you should have an 'edit' icon for your own posts. Just reformat it as I explain above, copy and paste again and see if that does the trick.


Rubbish! The country is trying to move BACK to a just, sane, society demanding justice and fairness for all. We have been sold a crock o shite by the right-wing Cons and corporate Dems, serialized every night on the global Faux News networks - ALL of 'em bought off!!

What is now termed the "center" used to be the "right" and what is falsely termed the "left" is what Americans by a large majority believe-in, even if they have been taught to not believe that truth........justice, integrity in office, the Common Good not common greed, and truth above all - we are drowning in the vomit of the corrupt media peddled by their smiling-faced whore salespeople in corporate 1% corruption of damn-near all of our elected/selected officials! Sold a pig-in-a-poke daily by politicians generally who lie as often as they breath. America, and some of the rest of the world are coming back to the notions of what has been libeled by the uber-wealthy, banker/financial parasites and other swine as "socialism" - far better to live with egalitarian socialism and justice for all than be ruled by greed, violence, and usury and vulture capitalism serving the 1% while the rest of us go begging, struggling just to live......


We are moving to the left in the Old Union States, possibly. We are sinking to the bottom of the cracker barrel, however, in the Old Confederacy States. Donald Trump would carry all those states in a 2016 Presidential Election and Sen. Cruz would carry all except Florida and the Eastern Shore States. But, Sen. Cruz would pick up states in the Middle West, as offsets. The concept of The United States is farcical, at best. Wishing it were so prolongs the lack of discussion about regional semi-autonomous gov'ts, like the European Union has. We, the left, would have much more impact if the Electoral College and Senate were replaced with voting schemes making each vote really count. Diminishing the power of captured agencies like EPA and the Depts. of Commerce, Defense and Labor would untether many progressive regions from the reactionary right wing 1%ers and religiously intolerant 51%ers, too. The environment, the oceans and the air quality of western cities and bio-regions shouldn't be strangled by the noose of Big Oil, Dirty Money and Toxic Coal, as well. On this the Texans supporting Sen. Ted Cruz and secessionists are moving in the correct direction; away from the rest of us. And, they should keep going and can take Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas with them. Including both the Clintons.:wink:



"And Sanders has pushed Clinton left!"
Why do so many progressives news sites/pundits think this is actually happening?"

is such a good question, randlieb! The fact is that it's really not true, at all. Many progressives are extremely naive.


"News sites/pundits" DON'T really "think this is happening", their 1% corporate paymasters demand that they write this stuff to give the illusion that candidate Clinton is progressive, which combined with her alleged "electability" will soften up more Murkins to vote for her so she can win and do what Clintons have done best for three decades....enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


Moving to the left of what? Especially on core socioeconomic policies, today's liberals are to the right of former Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, even Reagan. Liberal media continue to implicitly preach that our corporate state is now so successful that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. This year alone, we redefined "poverty" to mean minimum wage workers -- those whose incomes are roughly double our former "overly generous" welfare aid. Our poverty crisis is proof of the failures of our corporate state and our socioeconomic agenda, and that's why we ignore it today. We're completely dependent on this system, and recognizing how badly it is failing would cause too much anxiety.

On the other hand, maybe the US better step a bit to the left. If it leans any further to the right, it'll tip over and crash.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I would call Sanders a moderate democrat. And if you listen to Hillary she always pulls back in her statements. She dose not support breaking up the banks,she wants to tinker with the ACA,she supports $12. hour min wage vs. Sanders $15-when many states are already headed toward $15.But they said it in the debate -Sanders said wall street and the corporations will hate him. Hillary loves corporate america and wall street. People better wake up- I don't think people want a third term of Obama and that is what Clinton represents. Sanders is the best bet to win in 2016.


Sounds like disinformation to me.


Chelsea C. is affiliated with the Peterson Foundation, which among its other noble goals, seeks to privatize or dismantle Social Security.


We heard the same wishful thinking pre-Obama's first election.
It may be true, but as ever, seems unlikely. However, the corporate media certainly makes it easier for the Right.
(I truly appreciated "moderator" David Muir suggesting to Bernie that he apologize to Hillary re the database controversy.)