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The Courage from Whistle-blowing


The Courage from Whistle-blowing

Ray McGovern

When Edward Snowden in early June 2013 began to reveal classified data showing criminal collect-it-all surveillance programs operated by the U.S. government’s National Security Agency, former NSA professionals became freer to spell out the liberties taken with the Bill of Rights, as well as the feckless, counterproductive nature of bulk electronic data collection.


What is really hard to understand is how these deranged people, an infintesible percentage of the population, gets away with their murderous acts.


Some gravitate after elected and some are placed there purposely by the "owners" of our government, ie, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Ford and so on backwards in time. These very rich corporations, individuals and historic, kingly, banking families control government in basically two ways. They control practically all, if not all, of the media. And they "invite" elected officials into the circle of power (if they behave) with promises of being in the elite in crowd and with promises of campaign funding and, most importantly, wealth after leaving office by high paying corporate, lobbying positions and/or outrageous speaking fees (which should be called bribes). Possibly some are even threatened into co-operating ("remember what they did to MLK", Obama and the assassination of JFK)? These are just some examples of how the people are progressively cut out of our so-called democracy and the wealth and government of our nation has been stolen by the the very few. Again, I say, with our Constitutional guarantees, why have we allowed this to happen?