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The Courts Will Likely Let Trump Declare an ‘Emergency,’ Even If It’s Made Up


The Courts Will Likely Let Trump Declare an ‘Emergency,’ Even If It’s Made Up

Elizabeth Goitein

After toying with the idea for weeks, President Trump is expected to declare a national emergency to deal with what he calls a “national security and humanitarian crisis” at the border with Mexico. The move is a patent abuse of power, and it will generate a raft of legal challenges.



Goitein presumes that this “emergency” was Trump’s idea and that the gubmit actions it breeds will be Trump’s idea.

The “emergency” is 100% the GOP’s idea. They view it as another opportunity to apply disaster capitalism to further dismantle the few remaining semblences of democracy and further widen the income and wealth gap. Trump continues to be the nothing more than the best distactor in chief they have ever had.

GOP Congresscritters expressing faux fear that a future Democratic Party POTUS will declare an emergency to enact a green new deal are simply providing a preview of GOP 2020 campaign rhetoric to instill fear of Democrats in swing voters.



If the SCOTUS refuses to honor and uphold the Constitution as Trump and the Republicans have done, talks must begin about the impeachment of Justices who shirk their Constitutional responsibility.



Goitein has some good ideas here. I hope democratic legislators start pushing this and don’t forget about it until it is possible to someday pass.



Lawsuits are fine but this situation – as the author points out – calls for a legislative response.

And in this case, it’s actually possible that there are enough uncomfortable senate Repubs to actually pass a bill curtailing national emergency executive powers. Of course, the spinelessness of our elected reps from both sides of the 2-party farce is hard to overestimate.

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Even if the House of Representatives’ provide a moral “legislative response”, it will at best be a theatrical exercise as GOP Senators are not going to do anything that slows down Trump, the GOP’s goose that keeps laying lots of golden eggs.

Seeing how a SCOTUS that was much closer to the center in 2000 (than it is today) installed the Dubya regime, is there ANY doubt that today’s stacked SCOTUS will rule in favor of Trump and the GOP on ANYTHING ?

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GOP is NOT alone in the unethical abuse of the freedoms intended to maintain a fluid healthy democracy. One need only consider the DNC to experience a chill up the spine when it is realized how overriding the herding reflexes (NOT civil instincts) are that arise and thwart actual thought under pressure.

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Well, some of that will happen. It’s a natural human instinct. I happen to believe that today’s republican party is simply the greater evil, a threat to democracy, and a big middle finger to anyone who is not a white male. Of course the joke is actually on a good number of those white males.



Yes, the DNC, some in the GOP - the Deep State is behind all this. Hence Trump’s comment “I don’t have to do this” - the Wall probably was not his idea and it was created by the Deep State to hide a sinister attempt at absolute dictatorship. Pretensions at being a free and democratic nation are falling apart - possibly the final play of a game started with Operation Paperclips.

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I’m beginning to get that sinking feeling that they have already gotten away with this. I won’t speculate on what else might be coming. Shit, yes I will. War/s, more power grabs, and pardons for everyone. Maybe he will appease the people like Bush did with a $300 tax cut.



You’re getting paranoid G.

The end is nigh for the fat fuck in the long red tie.

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The wealth gap does nothing but give more to those who already have everything. However, if the rest of the country cannot afford much, what does that do? We are all people and there are way too many of us.



Sounds like G is getting paranoid also. Paranoia and fear promote more paranoia and fear and are not constructive at all.



Let’s think about this: I get the feeling - maybe I am wrong partly- but save for a few- most of the people on this site are doing okay and are in the older range- probably boomer and older. So… the paranoia comes from: Will I have my bubble burst, and what about the kids and grand kids? That’s it. There are also just a couple of us who have advocated for population stabilization- in other words there are too many people!



“Population stabilization” and capitalism are antithetical. Capitalism depends on constant population growth to provide the returns that capitalists need to succeed. The rigged capitalism in place for more than three decades is even more dependent on growth than the more regulated economic landscape the New Deal enabled from 1935-85.

During the zero population growth (ZPG) era (in 1972) I took Dr. Michael Perelman’s Economics and Ecology class that focused on a no-growth economy that made me a lifetime economic contrarian.
Perelman has written several books and continues to teach. Needless to say that even before Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 the mere mention of ZPG became an act of heresy.

I keep hearing that young folks don’t fear the s word (socialism) the way older generations do. Perhaps they will also embrace ZPG ?

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The Capitalists are capitalizing on the endless sale of our Democracy.