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The Covid-19 Pandemic Helps Tell the True Story of Thanksgiving

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/26/covid-19-pandemic-helps-tell-true-story-thanksgiving


Somehow, someway, these and other historical truths must make it into the history books our children and grandchildren learn from. Our recorded history has been whitewashed for too long. Our capitalist class benefit greatly from the skewed history taught today, it perpetuates, and bolsters the lies of capitalism.


Perhaps plagues, pandemics and the like are part and parcel of Pacha Mama’s immune system’s response to her infection by irrational humans.


it would be nice if her immune system would be more specific and take out only Billionaire Capitalists - leaving their riches to be confiscated and shared ( “vacuum denarios”?).


From Democracy Now in 2016,-----ROXANNE DUNBAR-ORTIZ on “Thanksgiving”

"Actually, it’s never been about honoring Native Americans. It’s been about the origin story of the United States, the beginning of genocide, dispossession and constant warfare from that time—actually, from 1607 in Jamestown—until the present. It’s a colonial system that was set up.

There’s a sort of annual calendar for this origin story, beginning with Columbus, October 12. Why celebrate Columbus? It was the onset of colonialism, the slave trade and dispossession of the Native people of the Americas. So, that is celebrated with a federal holiday.

That’s followed then by Thanksgiving, which is a completely made-up story to say the Native people welcomed these people who were going to devastate their civilizations, which is simply a lie.

And then you go to Presidents’ Days, the Founding Fathers, in February, and celebrate these slaveowners, Indian killers. George Washington headed the Virginia militia for the very purpose of killing Native people on the periphery of the colony, before, you know, when it was still a Virginia colony.

And then we have the big day, the fireworks, July 4th, independence, which is probably the most tragic event in world history, because it gave us—it gave the world a genocidal regime under the guise of democracy. And that’s really the—I’m a historian, so that’s the historical context that I think we have to see Thanksgiving in, that it is a part of that mythology that attempts to cover up the real history of the United States.

It actually—when it was introduced as a holiday by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, there was no mention of pilgrims and Native people or food or pumpkins or anything like that. It was simply a day for families to be together and mourn their dead and be grateful for the living. And I think that’s an appropriate holiday, that—how people should enjoy it. But they should take Native Americans and Puritans out of the picture for it to be a legitimate holiday of feast and sharing with family and friends.

So, that’s—you know, the people at Plymouth, I send greetings to them. They have, for many years—I think it’s almost 40 years now—stood up and testified to the lie of Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower , the pilgrims. And this is very hard for people to give up. This is the national—nationalism. It’s actually—Americanism is white supremacy and represents negative things. There’s almost no way to reconcile it. It simply has to be deconstructed and faced up to; and, otherwise, there will be no social change that’s meaningful for anyone."


Her book, An Indigenous People’s History of the United States, is fabulous, as is another book, Unlearning the Language of Conquest, a collection of essays by Indigenous authors on many different subjects, from the blatant and nasty racism of the Little House books to how women were the major part of tribal governments in woodland tribes.


It is also something that parents should tell their children, a way to know their history. And, our shared history.


Thanksgiving & Columbus Day should be replaced with holidays celebrating Native American Culture. Pearl Harbor Day is on the 7th, it should be replaced with a day to mourn the Japanese-Americans that were locked up in concentration camps. :japanese_ogre: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :japanese_goblin:

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