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The Covid Deal Is a Welcome Stopgap. Congressional Progressives Aim for Much More in 2021.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/23/covid-deal-welcome-stopgap-congressional-progressives-aim-much-more-2021

Which will go absolutely nowhere with Biden. Why does CD keep running these nonsense articles?


Can we stop pushing this Universal Vaccine agenda?.. Instead why don’t we focus on strengthening people’s health and their immune system through access to healthcare and food as a start… This one & done jab will breed a false sense of security & hope.

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Progressives are living in a future of fantasy while refusing to advance Jayapal’s own Medicare for All bill, H.R.1384 by withholding just a handful of votes for Nancy Pelosi as speaker unless and until she pledges to bring it up for a roll call vote in January. Democrats had no problem giving away trillions to corporations and fat cats who weren’t at risk from COVID, so why are they afraid to go on the record for a program favored by 85% of their own party and a majority of Americans, millions of whom are facing the grim trifecta of the pandemic, financial ruin, and loss of heath insurance? Pelosi has earned her reputation as gatekeeper for the shameful status quo, and needs to be replaced anyway, so what’s to lose? It looks like the “Squad” isn’t a real fighting force, just a team of role-playing cheerleaders who won’t put down their pom-poms and back up their tough talk with real action.

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Biden is a man who follows the orders of his Masters, or Bosses. He’s done that all his political life. One of his main dedications to to make sure that Wall Street and the Oligarchy never see a decrease, or lack of increase, of their fabulous wealth. They were absolutely safe maneuvering him into the Blue sock puppet position, and they’ve proved themselves right as he’s put most of his cabinet posts right in the laps of the same people that have worked hard to make the above come true through many administrations.

You will never see Biden jump courageously into the fray to better the conditions of the working people who have given the Oligarchy their enormous wealth, at their own expense and labor. But, he will talk about it, and make excuses about the limits of government, and will cooperate with the red sock puppets of the Oligarchy to see that the Oligarchy’s profits continue to rise and We the People become poorer and sicker.

If you ever see Biden actually take a stand, it will be a weak one that does not adversely affect the wealthy. There will be lots of investigations, papers written, many lawyers and other drones giving opinions, and putting forward choices. Like Pelosi, when he is finally pushed into making a choice, it will be the weak one, followed by (after it fails) “Well, what could I do? I’m sorry, but I tried!”

After four years of this, he will hand the gavel over to the Red sock puppet leader, retire and the game will begin again.

Nature may get tired of being mugged and raped, and her world being despoiled and approaching death. She may finally enact her own humanectomy and we will join the dinosaurs and the Dodo. Or, She and her once beautiful planet may just die, and, after futile struggles, see the last sentence above.

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Wild guess: Give ~75% of their delusional smug-ass yuppie readers a calming hit of dopamine… & the Benjamins, baby! Just imagine, telling actual truth to some of our DNC trolls. Shit, their fingers are already stuck in their ears up to their elbows, “Na-nana-na-NAW?” We can not HANDLE the truth!






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I have decided to not trust or quote stats, after the 2020 election fallout. You should consider (as I have) commenting in a manner that is questioning, like…

" why are they afraid to go on record ? Don’t Americans want health care ? "

or maybe, absolute ( I know, it’s risky)

" why are they afraid to go on record? Americans want health care ! "

You know what I mean?

I do like your comment, because you’re right.

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