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The Crass Warfare of Billionaires Against Sanders and Warren

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/07/crass-warfare-billionaires-against-sanders-and-warren


This century’s “Roaring Twenties” needs to be led by Bernie, the Lion who Roars Progress! We need to be his teeth and claws!
Bernie 2020!


I have no antipathy for billionaires per se. I don’t care how much money someone else has. I don’t understand the greed behind it, but different strokes for different folks. But they continually try to rob the less fortunate to feather their own gilded nest. They take every little penny they can take by force. They contribute tax deductible donations and feel that entitles them to anything they want. If they had all the money in the world it would not be enough. It’s a clinical disease IMO. The same as a hoarder. Hoard old newspapers and you’re loony. Hoard cash that you don’t need and you’re to be admired. About the only difference between a hoarder and a billionaire is that the billionaire can afford space to keep his piles of paper. It’s a strange world.


It’s always about CLASS warfare.


If anything epitomizes the madness of the human experience, it is surely money.


Norm, I hope you’ll agree that Progressive opposition is on the
side of truth, the plutocrats thrive on deception, so it’s Julian
Assange who needs to be remembered:

       Antiwar.com in “An Apology to Christine Assange” by A. Keaton, pulled the piece

written by Diana Johnstone that did paint Mrs. Assange as a “foot loose and fancy free”
mother to Julian, not there for him and neither was his father. But besides the understandable
reason for the censorship, I wish they hadn’t. There is no shame to Julian Assange’s mother;
But honor!
She brought this truth teller into the world; and that should be good enough for the
the rest of us. His family’s abandonment of him is not for us to judge; but we are judged guilty,
except for notable journalists: Nozomi Hayase, John Pilger, Graig Murray, that I know of;
for not protesting enough his capture. Where were we when he cried out as the UK police
dragged him from its Ecuador embassy crying: “UK don’t let them do this!?” I was comfortably
seated at my laptop.
His crime was reporting on worldwide corruption, exposing through brilliant WikiLeaks
“geeking” the despicable military-industrial complex’s tightening noose on us all; for this
dirty Joe Biden called him “a high tech terrorist.” And his deep seated hatred for lies and our
inhumanity; he labeled in the famous 2010 video showing U.S. military sport-shooting to
death innocent Iraqis, he called it, “Collateral Murder.” The military prefers inhuman political
language, “collateral damage.”
And so it’s Julian Assange, now being tortured to death at UK’s Belmarsh
prison for revealing Big Brother’s “boot stamping on our human face” (Orwell’s 1984),
who has to suffer for the truth.
Maybe Mike Pence should remind his and Trump’s anti-christian sycophants, who also
suffered so for truth. But Julian Assange is antiwar; no matter how they destroy his body,
they can’t destroy his soul (Matthew 10.28).
So thanks again Mrs. Assange.


Thanks for reminder T, and I think somewhere
it’s called “the root of all evil”

“Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”
–Honore de Balzac


Nice piece, Norman - even without the stellar end quote.

Yep - corroborating your argument, you no doubt saw the NYT’s opinion piece a few days back - by Wall Street financier Democrat/Obama Treaury Secretary Rattner - charging Warren’s plan would wreck the economy.

No evidence - it was more an extortionate demand:

‘Citizens, nominate a Warren or a Sanders, and the Democratic millionaire class will break rank and pig pile on with the outright right’s hysterical garbage. Sure, we’ll wag a reproving finger at the most barbaric social safety net cuts - so long as you don’t touch our moolah to pay for that safety net.’


Joe Manchin, who we’re told we must support because we need party unity and control of the Senate, announces a year out that he won’t vote for Bernie, a fellow Senator.

So, the right flank of the d-party can do whatever the fuck they want and get coddled, while the left flank gets blamed for everything the d-party establishment does wrong.

Sorry, but if you’re a democrat, you’re part of an organization that puts party over country every bit as much as the Rs. Structural change will never happen if you suckers keep enabling the structure!


You do not need any particular antipathy to say that billionaires shouldn’t have all that money. It is not a matter of these persons being evil; it’s just a systemic problem that causes other problems, even to the rich.


I cannot say that I find the same antipathy in the DNC or commercial media for Warren, though Warren’s opening positions a decade ago as regards the finance industry were quite good.

I am not alone in finding that that raises questions, now that we have seen a long history of false-progressive campaigns by Democrats. Norman Solomon does not bother to answer those here,. and he should.

Can anyone here substantiate a warfare of the neoliberal ruling class against Warren?


Bernie needs to sign a public pledge to not accept any corporate or PAC money during the general election - then he needs to very publicly invite all other candidates to do the same.

This will accentuate Biden and Buttegeig for what they truly are - corporate funded. It also may just push warren to do the right thing and give americans a vote they can feel good about for once.

Dems cannot and should not try to compete with trump for corrupting corporate funding.


Say Warren is not what she was a few years ago, did not give a standing ovation to Trump’s military budget and didn’t manifest other regressive indications. That she did a 180, changed into a real progressive and is handed the nomination despite Bernie’s massive support.

Does anyone think “Pocahontas” can beat Trump who squashed 17 better communicators in the debates?

Does anyone think Bernie can’t?

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And now Bloomberg is thinking of running, again, because he’s worried about, well, you know, those candidates not being able to beat Trump. Yup, another multi-billionaire to the rescue. All the other candidates can go home, now. Let the battle of the billionaires begin! On to the 2020 election.


UK is doing the US’s dirty work for them –
If they can’t torture Assange in the US, then the UK will do it for them.

You’ve summed this up perfectly –

They know no one wants Biden –
Even Warren is a challenge to Elites, despite that she is no Bernie Sanders –

And Bernie Sanders is the only candidate the public seems to want – steadily being
“erased” every day by the press – barely mentioned except on the internet.
It’s Bernie Sanders that worries Bloomberg – don’t think we need a billionaire in the White House.


Lol. No antipathy… after listing all the sick and twisted thinking of the billionaire class NOT having ‘any antipathy ‘ seems I little weird… just sayin’.
I myself have a lot of antipathy. They are hoarding the wealth of the people of the country…

Yep… spot on Skeptic…

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If Bernie wins the d-party nomination, he will not be able to control DNC money nor the super PACs that will spring up. So, yes, corporate money will rear its ugly head no matter what.