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The Crime of Being Poor and Black


The Crime of Being Poor and Black

Chris Hedges

This is the story of Emmanuel Mervilus, who got locked up for a crime he did not commit, whose life was derailed and nearly destroyed by the experience and who will graduate this spring from Rutgers University. It is a story of being a poor black man in America, with the exception being that most poor black men never get a second chance.


Again, in the USA over 90 percent of persons in prison have never had a trial. I suggest many are innocent of the Crimes they are incarcerated for and or went down that route due to having been incarcerated that FIRST time while innocent. Get one conviction and the system all but forces a life of crime on you.


That is actually two crimes. The fascists don’t like poor in any color, but to be poor and black, well that is damnation itself.


If not a life a crime, a life of unrelenting desperation.


I think about the brother who lived to do everything he could to help his brother. This is the take-away for me and no doubt a deep source of inspiration to Emmanuel. The lesson crosses so many ‘breakdowns’ that the ‘fractional reserve banking’ system demands be absorbed by planetary society. Truly a gift the more I contemplate what must have been involved.


The disgusting thing about this story is there are thousands of Emmanuel Mervilus’s out there.
Thanks Chris Hedges for believing in them.


This story (so well told by Hedges) is a good mirror to our society - invaluable from so many angles.


Emmanuel Mervilus you just ANSWERED YOUR OWN QUESTION!


The cult of today is to hate the poor. Police in the cult are well groomed, probably from infancy. If your a person of color, people will believe anything said against you. Fellow citizens go blank, their eyes glaze over if you say he got shot dead on Friday after he cashed his pay check and went up the street to get some drugs. If you are poor and missing some teeth, your not worth talking to. When is the last time you had a conversation with a toothless person?
Even churches preach the prosperity gospel: if you are poor, you are not “Right” with Jesus. SNAP benefits have been slashed. Food. I said food. How low are we willing to go in this cult of hatred against the poor. When is the last time the price of food went down?