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The Criminalization of Blackness Itself: Let the Smearing Begin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/05/20/criminalization-blackness-itself-let-smearing-begin


Even though I don’t believe in it, they have the death penalty down there in Georgia. The backwards ass people have no problem using it so maybe they should use it in this case and send a message - you do this and you are going to get the only thing that you apparently understand - violence. The problem is these are not the kind of people they like sending to the death chamber.


I am not a lawyer, but skimming the 12 clauses for a murder to qualify for the death penalty at ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_Georgia_(U.S._state), it doesn’t seem like a lawyer could successfully argue that this case qualifies.

I hope we see a movement to end these vigilante laws. If you or someone you are protecting is not directly threatened (clearly not in this case), you should have no legal right to use a firearm to attempt to detain someone and if you kill someone in the process of trying to do that, the full force of the law should come down on you. We’ll see if there is enough pressure for that to happen here or not. A normal murder conviction and sentence will still send a message - changing the law will send a bigger message.


Oh—this must be what it’s like to be a black man in America. I am disgusted how harassment can so quickly morph into—trying to make an incident out of nothing! I too, would be angry with being harassed for no reason. I just thought of anther awful law enforcement person who atet the same way with the Sandra Bland video. She was taken to jail for supposedly not using a blinker in a lane change and smoking in her own car!. and she supposedly hung herself. in jail, but I don’t believe that,

This cop also seemed to try to make something out of nothing. A man sitting in a park in his car—oh what does law enforcement assume, and so quickly that there must be a problem as it’s a black man siting in a car in a park. OMG, and he was angry, well I would have been too.
I remember seeing the video when again a non black cop tried to take down a black man for selling individual cigarettes----wow, cops, PLEASE go after people in government is—as that’s where the money theft is happening.
I will never forget what that man kept saying…" I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe…" He died and nothing happened to that cop.
It’s 2020------and slavery by harassing belittling and the cops trying to make a case out of NOTHNG---- is still going strong in America. : (


There can be no semblance of Justice done here unless the conduct of the two prosecutors are looked into and they either charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy and or are disbarred.

The first did not even watch the video and ordered the Police to make no arrests. The second watched the video and claimed the two murderers acted properly and that no crime was committed. Both tried to coverup the commission of a crime yet both still practice law?

There a reason the Civil rights of peoples in the USA can be so easily brushed aside by those in authority and that because there rarely charges laid against individuals who do so. Members of the Police force have been caught on tape ridiculing a prisoner about Civil rights as they beat him claiming that it no big deal the city will pay the guy damages but at least he gets a beating. It might well be in this case that the family of the murdered man can gain a financial reward in the way of damages , but it the taxpayer that foots this bill and not the persons responsible


I remember back in the 70’s

OOPs…I remember back n the 70’s as a long haired hippie type, the cops would stop me all the time for nothing, just to check my identity. When I would ask what was going on they would usually say to shut up. I went to a rally after the Kent State murders and I recall the speaker saying, “All you long haired hippies can relate to African Americans being hassled by the police for no reason…but the big difference is you can cut your hair, they can’t change the color of their skin!” That has stuck with me ever since. I can relate to this kind of harassment, but nowhere as much as an African American.


When the perps are black in the confederacy, the death penalty seems to automatically apply.

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amerikan police are looking for ways to making african americans give them ANY reason to shoot them. Typical cop talk " I hope that ni%%r would give me any reason to pop him"

Police may not think of themselves as clan, but those are clan ways of thinking about blacks. Good old grandma and grandpa told us to stay away from those ni&*^rs…

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Thanks Abby. Your articles are usually spot on and should be ‘mainstream news’, but alas…

Good for you bc I hardly remember the 70’s ! Ahhh the 70s in San Francisco!

That week Bernie was ahead in the polls I had that same (though much less stoned) feeling from the 70s…that love would conquer all.

If we look at the US and its laws as a framework that encourages “clever” psychopaths to gain and keep power over the rest of us, everything becomes much more understandable.

Because the psychopaths in high places want to be able to act out with impunity, they use concepts such as “fairness” to protect themselves and others from scrutiny and removal. Trying to remove prosecutors and cops who act unjustly is nearly impossible because of the way other psychopaths make laws that protect them.

What we need is public-health laws that, with proper safeguards, can operate to remove individuals from power who demonstrate that they cannot or will not behave as they should. It should not take the killing of an innocent person before a removal process can activate.

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Indeed. If you look at the Constitution it was all about ensuring the wealth and privilege of the 1 percent was protected.

Property laws were paramount. The framers did not want a King or a Parliament or a Judge claiming slavery illegal. They did not want lands they were granted by the Crown rescinded by the Crown (This was to go on in the New Ohio Territories). They ensured only men of property could vote. They were opposed to Democracy openly stated they did not want the masses making demands on the privileged. (See the Bacon rebellion of years prior). The Senate was formed to ensure the least populous States could protect themselves from the more populous states. Those checks and balances were really about checking the power of the majority and replacing it with the power of the few with money and wealth.

With the Court systems they always suggest “Justice is Blind” and that all presumed innocent until convicted in a trial yet 90 percent of people in prisons have never had a trial and are there because they are poor and could not afford to combat the state financially. Justice is not only NOT blind (Black man guilty white man innocent) but has very good hearing as well as she can hear the jingle of coin.


All these cops deserve to be fired, lose their pensions, and serve the rest of their lives in jail. They are pure evil.

Hi SuspiraDeprofundis:

And pretend justice ( as in Ferguson ,MO, is not blind… it’s got the 100 eyes of Argus. Imagine that, poor people in Ferguson got to participate in government by having such high fines for everything, that the poor and black citizens filled the city coffers all by themselves. : (
Has anything changed in Ferguson?

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travel advisories for POC and women have been in effect in georgia for years…for good reasons.

i quit attending a professional conference held there each year since i am not willing to die for their bigotry. i’d drive around it rather than through…and never spend one thin dime there.