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The Crisis of Anglo-American Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/28/crisis-anglo-american-democracy

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Both of them are egotistical, incompetent, dangerous buffoons. They are perfect symbols of the decline of both countries. One can only hope that, as the popularity of these colossal assholes comes largely from older, white male right-wingers that as they die off this kind of extremism will fade. The problem is that these old farts are seemingly being replaced by much younger right-wingers who strike me as even more willing to pursue extremism in defense of “their country”. Trump and Johnson are part of a sociopolitical disease that is not going to go away even after these two shitheads are dead and buried.

In addition … Trump has made a point of appointing young conservatives to the court who will extend rightist conservative views long past his term of office. It is as if Trump and the Republicans are saying - “Democracy be damned! We want it our way no matter what the country as a whole may want!”.

The media permits Trump to do what he does (and get away with what he has already done). Somehow other administrations had to answer for what went on and other politicians feared scandal. It truly seems that Trump and his corrupt cronies have a ‘media pass’ that lets them slide past scandals and amoral behavior that other politicians would have crashed and burned over. The media of today is not the media that hounded Bill Clinton or trashed Gary Hart over nothing etc.! The corporate dominated media also provides Trump with an artificially constructed aura of competence that Trump doesn’t deserve and imbues his administration with a respect that isn’t deserved either.

So Jeffery, have you heard of American corporations? How they started buying the Congress 50 years ago? How the Powell Memo and PNAC were their guides? How they used Rupert Murdock ( and Pill Clinton) to take over the airwaves?
Pundits blow very hard about “the old”, “the workers”, the neolibs” but nobody ever talks about the planned and successful takeover of our country by the corporations, because that might interfere with our shopping. We deserve what we’re getting.


19% of the American people voted for Trump. Vast numbers voted for nobody.


You have to wonder just how much of a livable planet will be left by the time the last of those nutty right wingers finally die off.


I guess that I would be one of “younger right-wingers” due to my age. The situation in the U.K. and the U.S. is not quite the same in terms of democracy. Indeed, I found it interesting that you failed to mention that Trump actually LOST the popular vote to Hilary Clinton by something like 3 million (surely a failure of democracy in its purest sense)? No-deal is regrettable but it is better than losing some 40 odd billion to the EU to remain part of freedom of movement, subject to their laws and without any “competitive advantage”. The only deal that the EU has attempted to force on us was rejected 3 times by our legislature for very good reasons. Similarly, our NHS will be better-funded after we stop sending ridiculous amounts to Poland and Romania every year but the amount tha we could save was over-estimated by the Leave Campaign. A bit like immigration numbers, public sector borrowing and private-finance initiatives in the NHS under Labour, although Corbyn wants to bring all that back and then some.