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The Crisis of the Left and the Decline of Europe and the United States


The Crisis of the Left and the Decline of Europe and the United States

Roberto Savio

The victory of the Conservative Party and the debacle of the Labour Party in the recent British general elections is yet another sign of the crisis facing left-wing forces today, leaving aside the question of how, under the British electoral system, the Labour Party actually increased the number of votes it won but saw a reduction in the number of seats it now holds in Parliament (24 seats less than the previous 256).


“To an extent, the recent British general elections mirrored the U.S. presidential elections in 2000 when Democratic candidate Al Gore won around half a million more popular votes than Republican candidate George W. Bush but failed to win the majority of electoral college votes on which the U.S. system is based”.
A shallow attempt at explaining how Junior became unelected POTUS- More to do with stealing an election with the help of brother/FL Governor Jeb and his Daddy’s Supreme Court appointed cronies…


Watching the debacle: absolutely identifiable paid agitator thugs screaming into the obedient TV cameras. It was a putsch, plain and simple. That’s when I began reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.


In other words, WHAT LEFT ?


Perhaps the Third Reich didn’t really fall?


In the U.S., I think they’re either too cowed down or simply trying to survive - keep a job, roof over their heads, feed their kids, etc. And they probably consider politics futile - a waste of time and effort.
The Hate Media helps keep the true believers fighting for them on the front lines (intimidating and threatening the left). Too many people following FOX news, Limbaugh and the like.
The left needs a formidable counterforce in the United States. We have alternative media like Common Dreams, but just because we are allowed to exist does not mean we have the momentum to counter the rightward shift that has been happening all along.


Are you referencing the mob of right wing punks that were breaking into the building as the ballot recount was taking place? That was totally out of line in it’s ugly purpose and if it had been Republican headquarters trying to square the vote for Bush, I’m sure the State and City Cops would have clubbed them out of there and off to jail-
Yes, I watched that footage (believe it was in A Michael Moore Documentary) and it reminded me of A pack of Brown Shirts in late thirties Germany…And then there was the incredibly obvious JFK putch years before that American’s failed to react to…


I believe the brutal assault on occupy and all of Obama’s totalitarian threatening bills to lock-down and black-bag this country’s Citizens have had quite an effect on the would be “Left”…


Guess how many more votes the Tories got than the next highest party, 901. Big majority, eh?

If you go to Andrew Apfel’s page on voting machines and methods at Princeton, and scroll down you can see how it would be possible to change the outcome of most elections by almost undetectable means using the current electronic, no paper trail screen based voting machines in many US states. We should all become much more technology savvy.


Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. In the early days of this forum posted lots of comments about the parallels of Hitler’s rise to the political mastery of the Bush regime. I always imagined that in turd blossom’s office there would be a dog-eared copy of that tome always within arm’s reach of the little fk.


I always thought “Turd Blossom” should have gone to the Big House for what he did to Valerie Plame alone- That little fk put one hell of A lot of people’s lives on the line for that stunt- But that would have amounted to Justice, and Justice has become A stranger in America…
Yes, Rove would have fit right in with the Nazi’s, the Death Head Nazi’s…


We should do our damndest to demand hand counted paper ballots- Those machines are Citizen United’s right hand with A weapon in it-


The fact that all the western powers, except the US and it’s close allies, have leapt at the chance to join China’s new alternative to the IMF shows that some very big financial players do not see China, or its new best friend Russia, as a threat. It seems that US foreign policy is driven too much by an outmoded ideology, and is not responding to the needs of the larger capitalist system. Rather ominous when a one party dictatorship like China appears to be better adapted to the needs of capitalism than “the world’s greatest democracy.”


"But it never studied the creation of a progressive agenda "

The British Labour Party once had a carefully studied and well-developed progressive agenda. It produced the National Health Service, a decent old-age pension scheme, Council houses for the homeless, state schools at kindergarten, primary and secondary level, paid university students a cost-of-living grant, paid university fees, paid for good R&D from MSc level upwards, ran a superb railway network, organised efficient coal mining, built steel- works employing 14 000 people, etcetcetc. Then along came Maggot Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch and the younger members of the Labour Party who saw politics as a way to wealth and international consultancies. Same in New Zealand, same in Australia.


China has ALWAYS been a one-party dictatorship well-adapted to the needs of capitalism. Several thousand years of experience makes them expert at it.

The USA is still, mentally, fighting “injuns” aided and abetted by Hollywood.


im glad im closer to the end of my life than the beginning, things are going to just keep getting worse!


“The victory of the Conservative Party and the debacle of the Labour Party in the recent British general elections is yet another sign of the crisis facing left-wing forces today,”

It is also a sign of the crisis facing the entire world today. War, terrorism, Ebola, immigration, economic crises, global warming etc. are a sign that global problems are heating up because of overpopulation, resource depletion, wealth/power concentration, environmental pollution and species extinction.

When things heat up, people react by turning to authoritarians and putting conservatives in charge. Conservatives are the degraders, like termites, worms, cockroaches and rats. They destroy and live off the filth, the garbage, the entropy in the world. In destroying the world, they renew the soil for the next batch of humanity.


The simple fact was that Gore’s people either didn’t know or didn’t care to know what the SCOTUS obviously ignored, was that Bush and his attorney’s had no standing to be arguing their case before the SCOTUS! The constitution gives federal elections to the states to run. If the Court were honest, they would have told James Baker and the other Bushies that they did not have standing at the SCOTUS while the Supreme Court of Florida was handling the recount! But, of course the majority of the SCOTUS aren’t honest people and the US ended up with it’s first appointed President! Besides, had Gore won the election we probably wouldn’t have Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid now!


And, for one second, just imagine Lieberman somehow ascending to the throne had something happened to Gore-
What choices we get…In Politics, the flavor of the day almost always sucks…