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The Cruelest Storm: 200+ Academics Speak Out for Puerto Rico


The Cruelest Storm: 200+ Academics Speak Out for Puerto Rico

Aurea María Sotomayor, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Sheila Vélez Martínez et al.

The destruction brought by Hurricane Maria has exposed the profound colonial condition of Puerto Rico


The US is up to its usual horrific behavior when it comes to people of color. How we have treated Puerto Rico is disgusting. Any corporation or business that can take advantage of the people does the pharmaceutical companies among them. And add Trump and his bankrupt golf course to the list. And to allow the Jones Act to cause their food to be more expensive is apprehensible. There is no limit to how this country can harm others, especially the poor.


Why is it alright for the moron in chief to file bankruptcy at least 4 times (he’s such a good businessman), but not for P.R. just because we say they can’t?
Investments like Trump’s golf coarse, that cost the island over 32 million dollars. Get real.


To earth_saver and ReconFire:

This seven minute video says it like it should be said:


You are an old goat…and clueless.


And of course these morons are targeting the Jones Act as the source of their problems…


Tamara Cedré, California State University at San Bernardino


Manysummits, thanks for the clip. I think (hope) most people on this site realize the real problem with P.R. (and a lot of our economy), is capitalism.


You are being too polite with the goat part


Please consider adding the reinstatement of Section 936 of the Internal Revenue Code.