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The Cruelty Is the Point

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/09/11/cruelty-point


Thanks Abby…there are no words, only tears. Gilbert


If this were a dystopian novel instead of the Trump Admin,-----then the next children kidnapped and separated, and hey—maybe adopted out to people in other nations---- those kidnapped kids would be the children of the soulless government people—because even "do unto others, " can be a negative in Trumpish hands. : (


There is no Hell to punish evil people, it is the job of the living to meet out justice. Relying on God and Hell to take care of business is just passing the buck.


If they were WHITE children, we would not be talking about this in ameriKKKa.
Yes kkk - are part of everyones values in usa. We all grew up reading american history and that is the narrative we all subcribe to. We were taught that the white man is our savior and that savages in the new lands were mere animals.


Bernie sanders to Donald Trump during a 2020 prsidential debate:

“At long last, Sir, have you no sense of decency?”


As I debate with Trump supporters, I’m finding that there hatred of liberals is so deep that some are proudly embracing the notion that they are racist.


When did he ever?


Steve, if you try to reason with Dumpists, most of the time, your efforts will be futile. For the most part, they are people whose brains have been taken over first by irrational fear and second, by drinking a cult’s kool-aid. Recommended reading: The Cult of Trump by Steve Hassan, to be released Oct. 15.
And The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, second edition.

Maybe Socratic questioning would work with the smarter ones, I dunno. I actually know personally only 3 Dumpists, one of whom is a relative I’ve loved all my life. I’m not willing to kill that relationship, so I’ve made politics a no-go with him. One of the others is a woman in her mid 80s, and she gets really flustered and says her head hurts when I point out ANYTHING disproving or questioning her [husband]-brainwashed world view. The third is someone whom I consider to be of limited reasoning ability, a really closed mind.

You’re a good person for trying!


I wish I had the money to take out one full page ad in WaPo that is addressed to Dump and McConnell and says only that question.

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Abby, how do you keep a hold on any sanity with the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking news you run?
Serious question.

I have the first $100 of your GoFundMe campaign, Toni.

I can drink cheaper beer for a coupla weeks.


An old Blind Willie Johnson song covered by Ry Cooder.

The more things change…


This is the single largest difference I find between people on the right here in Canada and those in the USA. Down there it a it is a HATRED of any deemed on the left. It goes far deeper then disagreement on ideology. It a real “I want them all dead and will happily pull the trigger” type hate.


Hmmmmm, interesting idea. Kinda guilt-inducing, too, with all the truly desperate requests on such crowdsourcing pages.
I’ve called the WaPo classifieds three times in the last 2-3 months, and no one has returned my call. How expensive would a full page be? Yikes…but still, if it would irk Dump, it’d be worth it! I’m all in for pushing him over the edge…

$150,000. I’m thinking that could be negotiated.

Tom Steyer could cover that with the change between his couch cushions.

Run it by him. A photo of that girl with the caption: Trump put this “drug dealer” in jail.

Then the Welch quote.


The Democratic National Committee, and the rest of the inner circle of the Democratic Party, are dedicated to ensure neither Bernie Sanders or any other candidate willing to say this will ever reach a residential campaign debate against Trump or any other Republican. They did so in 2016, despite the polling data that indicated that strategy might get Trump elected.

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Oooooooooooooooo… brilliant awesome idea!

Anyone in support of this, go for it! The more, the merrier!

ST, was that figure a guess or you were able to ascertain what I couldn’t?

Looked it up. Color ads cost more. But well worth it. I work in advertising. It’s disgusting.