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The Cult of Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/10/cult-trump

The white evangelical cultists can now truly feel like an oppressed group. Their rapture with the Evil One has certainly earned my wrath and I know many other progressives will long have a low opinion of white evangelicals.


Here it is: A call for a U.S. Liberation Party! Chris called for it. Will we do it?

Good question. We Progressives need liberation from the evangelical, Christian, Fascists before it is too late!

Sadly, the good Christians refuse to distance themselves from the mother cult, putting them all in question.
If trump is a cult leader, I doubt he has any affinity for his cult. He will dump them as easily as he does the media, the press, or any ethnic group. Trump is a cult only to himself.


The ‘tinkle down’ choices of suppression made by the political spectrum of kleptocrats can and should be linked from cause to effect. These “players” (remember when in order to be considered ‘cool’ one had to be a hard edged “player”?) embody a notion fostered for decades by the media/film /advertising/marketing industry. Its apotheosis as “pyramid scheme” is now the model for education, elections, polling, lobbying/kickback job schemes. And, of course, the “constant expansion” model of an economic ‘theory’ is just a death by slow 'denaibility’mode

public education
public banking
local and regional co-ops
consider running for local office


Sounds a bit socialistic. I’m in.

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I call it just plain common sense and sociable. Glad to greet you and your contributions!

Greetings as well. I enjoy your posts theo. They are sometimes a bit high brow for me, but I’m trying to catch up.

“…we will continue the march toward tyranny….

Trump’s refusal to acknowledge and address the impending crisis of ecocide and the massive mismanagement of the economy by kleptocrats, his bellicosity, his threats against Iran and China and the withdrawal from nuclear arms treaties, along with his demonization of all who oppose him, ensure our cultural and, if left unchecked, physical extinction.”

Trump could so easily transform “the decayed carcass of the Republican Party into a cult” due to the fact that he is part of the 1% and his fellow owners feel the same way. Capitalism is the enemy, not Trump. “The removal of Trump from power would not remove the yearning of tens of millions of people, many conditioned by the Christian right, for a cult leader.” Trump represents the radical 1% but the 1% do have a dictatorship as a necessity in the future to prolong their failing, dead end, capitalism and falling military world empire.

“Our only hope is to organize the overthrow of the corporate state that vomited up Trump….We must, like liberation movements of the past, engage in acts of sustained mass civil disobedience and non-cooperation….We give people an alternative to a Democratic Party that refuses to confront the corporate forces of oppression and cannot be rehabilitated. We make possible the restoration of an open society. If we fail to embrace this militancy, which alone has the ability to destroy cult leaders, we will continue the march toward tyranny.”

The only alternative to the Democratic Party is a socialist party. Any party that is a capitalist party will be co-opted like the green parties. Join any socialist party you like but join one! The odds are very much against us with a thoroughly conditioned and brainwashed, numbed and dumbed, majority. But as Hedges has repeated many times one does not fight fascists because one will win but because they are fascists. Among Trump’s favorite bedtime reading are Hitler’s speeches and he has learned from Hitler very well.

Che said that those who fight may lose but those who don’t fight have already lost. One can be lost in electronics and cultism but one, even if in a minority, can fight. It only takes 3.5% of a population to fight and be ready to lose their lives doing so to win a revolution.

Do join a socialist party and fight!


“George Orwell understood that cult leaders manipulate through language not force”.

“The American fascists would prefer not to use violence. Their method is to poison the channels of public information.” Henry Wallace. Sound familiar? Fake news and lies that the insane one’s cult followers believe are true!


Much like the far right Evangelicals who believe in the Rapture work for and desire a destructive war in the Middle East so as to bring the return of “The Messiah” , these same Evangelicals in truth embrace and believe in Satan.

Early Christian Theosophy citing Biblical verse claims that the “Son of God” was put on Earth to deliver us from sin and from Satan. In effect no Satan , no Messiah . In other words “Satan” is as much the father of The “son of god” as is that entity called God. One can not be “saved from sin and evil” unless it embraced in the first place and it implied that a person can not be saved “from sin and evil” by ones own agency.

Underlying their belief system is that if one sins and commits evil acts , as long as they accept Jesus Christ as their saviour all of those sins will be forgiven. On the other hand if one does good and never commits and evil act and does not accept Jesus Christ as saviour that person will burn in hell.

It all cock-eyed.


good to see you still kicking, rusty…:slight_smile:

Ah, that’s ironic.

You know why?

Because you are commenting on this because of Hedges’ article and in the article he calls out Trump and those in the cult of Trump (and those in the cult of anti-Trump.)

But then you may be unaware that Hedges is Christian. In fact he trained to be a Christian minister in Divinity School and then chose to impact the world more as a journalist.

Ok, he’s a liberal, modernist progressive Christian like me who doesn’t take the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

But you didn’t say “Evangelical Christian” or “Conservative Christian.” You said “Christian.”

We are out here. I have lots of liberal Christian friends, a lot of them clergy, in historic denominations, who are strongly against Trump and the conservative agenda, who are welcoming of LGBTQ people if not LGBTQ themselves, and support women’s rights over our own bodies.

Oh well.


Hedges is right and concise, as always - in diagnosing the condition and in pointing the direction towards recovery. Helas, I don’t see the patient having the brain power for understanding it.

It is hard to see Americans wake up. There is a general apathy with deep roots even in the academia and youth, but mostly in general widespread ignorance. What we desperately call ‘movements’ or ‘protests’ - are really very small groups and efforts in the framework of the country. The American reality is very very different from the EU reality - where Gilet Jaunes are at least possible.

You keep on kicking too, drone1066…

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Hedges has analyzed Trump and his hard core followers, accurately, of course, but it is essential to realize that the rise of these tyrants and their true believers to power does not occur in a political vacuum. It always requires the cooperation and and manipulation of said cults by arguably far more dangerous and totally rational opportunists who manipulate and use these cults to their own political and financial ends. Trump and his fact-immune stooges would never have risen to power without the Ryans, McConnells, Grahams and other amoral and power hungry Republicans who shamelessly kiss Trump’s ass as they use him and his followers these to ram through their vicious and destructive political agenda.

Nor are centrist Democrats blameless, given the way they outwardly criticize Trump, but continually stall efforts to remove him, all for the sake having Trump to run against, rather than offer voters something of substance. In a sense, these similar amoral establishment Democrats are even more insidious, given their stubborn defense of the very status quo that opened the door for Trump. As always, Trump is not a blip on the political radar screen. He is the inevitable product of a corrupt and ruthless political system that may well be past the point of reform. Hedge’s claim that this is a country and system in terminal decline is not without merit.

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If you stopped right there it would include the “Democrat” party leadership too

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Alice Walker’s “For Your Own Good,” describes poisonous pedagogy way of child rearing that led to Hitler. Could our leaders and their followers be the result of a poisonous pedagogy upbringing?