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The Culture of Torture in the Trump Era


The Culture of Torture in the Trump Era

Robert Crawford

“Would I bring back waterboarding? You bet your ass I would. . . . It works. And even if it doesn’t work they deserve it anyway for what they do to us.”

Among the anxieties about what Donald Trump will do once in office is whether the new president will carry through with his threats to bring back torture. After all, a return to torture would be a disaster for the nation’s foreign policy.


For those people who carry weapons, common sense dictates that you understand the risk of that very weaponpossibly being taken away and then used on you.

So as the saying goes,"Do not carry any weapon that you would not want to be used on yourself."

getting what you ask for is not always good.


Fears of torture under Trump are not unreasonable. The author neglects that these have continued under Obama, along with the increase in fiat murders.

False dichotomies will tend to impede resistance to torture.