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The Cuomo-Nixon Debate Was a Preview of Democrat-DSA Battles to Come

The Cuomo-Nixon Debate Was a Preview of Democrat-DSA Battles to Come

Matt Taibbi

The debate was nasty even before it started. Actress-turned-politician Cynthia Nixon wanted the temperature in the debate hall at Hofstra University to be 76 degrees, apparently because Governor Andrew Cuomo “likes a cold room.” She also asked for a debate format that involved the two candidates standing.

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I didn’t see the debate but from what I have gathered Cuomo spent much of the debate attacking Trump. Nixon does not seem to have developed a winning strategy given the majority of NYS voters live in the NYC metropolitan area and TV ads in that market are extremely expensive as if covers about 20 million people. She must have been counting on Bernie Sanders’ type of donation money and it didn’t materialize. One question is whether or not Nixon will do better than Zephyr Teachout did against Cuomo four years ago. Teachout had a big issue which was a ban on fracking. Nixon’s big issue seems to be legalized marijuana. Like Nixon, Teachout did not raise much money compared with Cuomo. Her credentials were better than Nixon’s being a law school professor. It is hard to fault Nixon in the debate since she has no experience in political debates. Cuomo has considerable experience and would be expected to hold his own. The primary is in about two weeks and we will see what happens. There have been a number of surprises in the primaries this year and this could be another one. Only counting the votes will tell.

I watched enough of the debate to see much of what is written in this interesting article, I have never owned a tv and thus have not seen Cynthia Nixon’s show and do not understand why she would be embarrassed by her own success.

Personalities carry ideas forward during campaigns for political office. The personality is not the issue. Plenty of management experts are available should Cynthia Nixon win the primary election and eventually become governor. If Nixon hires poor managers when she is governor, she will not be elected for a second term.

People aren’t stupid. We all understand corruption and saw silent suave calmness meet accusations of corruption. The governor did not deign to answer accusations of corruption. I was surprised.

Since when did “better credentials” matter in politics ? Nixon is far from the first Hollywood celeb to run for governor.

In 1966 nobody asked Ronny Raygun if he was qualified to govern a state with 20 plus million people. In 2003 nobody asked Arnold the Terminator if he was qualified to govern a state with nearly 40 million people.


2016 Atlantic: How to Reverse Citizens United: What campaign-finance reformers can learn from the NRA

OpenSecrets News: 8 years later: How Citizens United changed campaign finance

May 2018 - Center for Public Integrity: Study: Most Americans want to kill ‘Citizens United’ with constitutional amendment


Nixon is female and so any possible tactic is valid to undermine her. Your statement “In 1966 nobody asked Ronny Raygun if he was qualified to govern a state with 20 plus million people. In 2003 nobody asked Arnold the Terminator if he was qualified to govern a state with nearly 40 million people” needs to be used as a retort for her defence.
She missed her chance to use it though.


Nixon may be an imperfect messenger but she did get across the most important message NYers like Cuomo need to understand: we know you’re an effin’ liar and your specific type of grease doesn’'t move the skids very far outside the boundaries of New York City. And, in point of fact, these skids are going to find the sand in the NY Democratic gears is called 1 1/2 " gravel in the rest of the country. Progressive gravel, dumped with clear intent, onto their sick machine politics. " Out of many, one gumba " just doesn’t have a liberty bell ring to it, eh Andy?
The American voters are very tired, and getting physically ill, of the tired old pols from The Dying Empire State. The gravy of their glory days is just not on a lot of menus, any more. The indigestion afterwards is just too much, evidently. Neither are meatballs like Andy in demand, for that matter.
Go get 'em, Cynthia. At least you have the intestinal fortitude to try and make a difference. That’s more than the Nadlers and Meeks of the world, have a claim to.


Thee Cuomo tenure has been home to scandal and corruption, to failure to lead or support an issue until the people’s support had already reached critical mass…neither Cuomo nor Cathy Hochul (repeat 5 times) has actually been out front on the big issues. The collusion between politicians from both parties is intended to create stalemate and excuse for not getting things done…“they other guy wouldn’t go along”!

Cuomo’s tenure is characterized by corruption, serving the wealthiest and crony’s, and disbanding his own anti-corruption Moreland Commission when they got too close and/or stifled schemes to enrich the connected! Cuomo should join Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver in the slammer!

It’s coincidental no doubt that Cathy Hochul (repeat 5 times) is from the Buffalo area and one of Cuomo’s scandals is the “Buffalo Billion” scam that failed to serve the people, but did enrich connected fat cat players…while the taxpayers footed the bill by forced higher local property taxes and “fees”, a smarmy term to cloak higher taxes/costs on the middle class and poor…last year my MC reg cost $17.50, this year that went up to a whopping $42.50!..for a bike used about 8 months a year, part time!..those “fee” hidden-tax increases pay for the tax-cut gifts to the richest!

The sound of corruption can be heard in both Cuomo’s and Hochul’s voice and their evasions! Where have they been the last years? Avoiding issues until around election time when they tout their BS “accomplishments”…

“Under Cuomo, Hochul’s portfolio has included high-profile economic development programs, some of which have been plagued by corruption. Williams made multiple references to these scandals, which have recently seen close allies and donors to the governor convicted of federal crimes.”



And how about “W” and Trump today?

Both made clear that they are puppets following orders.


Watched it – with a few interruptions where I’m sure I missed things …

But I thought Cynthia Nixon did amazingly well against the slimy Cuomo.

And though, Cuomo is far from a handsome man, I didn’t think it was fair of Taibbi
to make that point – but I was pleased that as slimy as Cuomo is he let the audience see it.

I was disappointed over the issue of “corporations” – and sadly I don’t think it even left the
audience with curiosity about the exchange. I would have preferred Nixon to say what she
did say about actor’s “corporations” but then add that the corporations we all fear – and which
have control over our government and officials today are those like Koch Bros. for whom Trump
has been trying to kill the EPA to protect, and Murray Energy who pretty much own Trump and
our government agencies . . .

Monsanto, Bayer, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Amazon, Nestle . . . . a long line up of corporate-
fascists controlling our government.

And, of course, the corporations of the MIC which control so much of government …
and who play a large role in the gun violence debate the nation is so concerned about as they
are the weapons makers who supply the GUNS.

Nixon would make a mistake trying to be nasty – just protecting herself would be sufficient and
project the correct image.

She should have also had the advantage as a female against male domination of our government
– Congress – for far too long.


Does it matter anymore? The public clearly perceives that the Dems stand for nothing. Look at just the 2018 trend…:

The “debates” in our elections are all charade’s run by and for the duopoly…a “bi-partisan” scam to evade truth and answering the tough questions!

This “debate” was representative of the control entrenched candidates, like Cuomo, have in demanding their own way, and limiting the number of so-called debates. Voters have been denied access to independently organized, NON-partisan debates, at least since the League Of Women Voters lost control of impartial debates of all candidates to a fraudulent bi-partisan "commission” representing the two major parties and their chosen candidates!

The League must regain control to offer the public real debates absent control by the candidates - debates dominated by the duopoly-parties candidates - they now are frauds! Among other things they omit third-party candidates to focus on the bought and paid-for duopoly sellouts to greed and self interest!

DEMAND the League OF Women Voters be restored to their historic and rightful role as guardian of electoral/candidate debates! Restore non-partisan trust - remove two party control!

" During the three presidential campaigns prior to 1988, the nonpartisan League of Women Voters hosted the debates. But in 1987, the Democratic and Republican parties got together and created the commission, a bipartisan organization that the party chairmen said would strengthen the role of political parties in the election process. The League responded that the new system ceded all control over aspects of the debates to the major party candidates and would “perpetrate a fraud on the American voter.”

“It has become clear to us that the candidates’ organizations aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity and honest answers to tough questions,” - LWV statements…http://www.lwv.org/press-releases/league-refuses-help-perpetrate-fraud