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The Curious Campaign Role of Donald Trump’s Foundation


The Curious Campaign Role of Donald Trump’s Foundation

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

Nonprofit 101 is that a conventional charity cannot give money to a political campaign. But it’s possible the Donald J. Trump Foundation may have broken this cardinal rule not just once, but twice. And the fact that it happened twice could make a significant legal difference. The first time could be a simple clerical mistake. But when it happens again and the person running the charity is the political beneficiary, that’s a horse of a different color.



*They are a total and serious blight on the entire planet!


This could finally take down the Trump empire.


Dumps criminality makes Spiro Agnew look honest wearing a halo above his head.


Didn’t Jeff Sessions just say that the laws must be enforced? Oh wait, the Trumps are rich and White, Never mind!


Nattering nabobs of negativism - yuppers… history in SA’s case did rhyme, rinse and now re-peat like a bog or a swamp.