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The Curious Case of Elizabeth Warren and the "Charter School Lobbyist" Who Wasn't

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/07/curious-case-elizabeth-warren-and-charter-school-lobbyist-who-wasnt

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Elizabeth Warren needs to clarify her position on charter schools.


Excellent article! Really makes me think–how many times have I jumped to conclusions? It’s so easy to just believe what one reads. I have been ill at ease with the decided slant of so many so called “news” articles, and then when I hear a differing version on television news channels, I cringe. Which view is accurate? I suppose one must pick a side and go with the opinions promoted by that side. The corporate media is NOT (in my opinion) to be trusted. Therefore, as a Warren fan, I wouldn’t believe what the “newspapers” said about her.


“If you didn’t know anything about legal experts’ compensation rates, $675 an hour might seem high…”
And what do you need to know for $675 an hour NOT to be outrageous, when many are still making the fed. min. wage of 7.25 an hour?


More pro-Warren B.S. from Common Dreams, while the blackout of Tulsi Gabbard continues apace!

Rebecca Solnit’s apologetics for Sen. Warren include this little gem: “(Mehta) has never been a representative or employee of Great Oakland Public Schools. She was a fellow there in 2014-2015…” and volunteered there for some time, and supports their work…

But she’s somehow “not” a representative of the outfit… just a fellow and a volunteer and a supporter, who also happened to work for a charter school.

(Wow. That’s some real strainin’ to explain… and blatantly dishonest.)

So, Solnit is basically lying about Ms. Mehta’s affiliation with this pro-charter school group and gaslighting the left, disparaging the work of progressives and legitimate education policy experts trying to defend our education system.

Which means that what Diane Ravitch wrote is accurate. Anyone familiar with Ravitch’s excellent work knows full well that she is one of the most dedicated, hardworking advocates for teachers and public schools, pushing against the neoliberal assault led by people like Betsy DeVos and Arne Duncan. Her work is invaluable, and her integrity beyond question.

(And speaking of President Obama’s DeVos’ clone, Sec. Duncan, if Sen. Warren is such a critic of school privatization – rather than a cynical partisan, scoring cheap points – where were her denunciations of Duncan’s nomination, his appalling record as Education Secretary, and his career-long affiliation with DeVos in their joint assault on the public school system?)

Ms. Solnit, a “Blue No Matter Who” Democrat with a career of marginalizing the left and disparaging progressives, is simply back to her old tricks: gaslighting progressives in order to promote the furthest-right, most pro-establishment candidate she considers viable.


Wouldn’t surprise me if charter school supporters and other right wing nuts aren’t behind this smear. They no that Warren is a strong foe and they would like to get her out of the way. Not gonna happen.


Ya know other than the “mountain out of a mole hill” shit, does any fucking body remember our fearless Leader, or a guy named Cheney, or even a jerk that is on every damn cable station now that has been wrong about EVERY policy, named Kristol? No. Nobody remembers that shit, but this bullshit “story” the press is all fucking over.

Myself I haven’t looked closely at Warren yet because I’m a Sanders fan, but I know the stuff out there that most know if somewhat informed and other than the Cherokee fiasco (which wasn’t that big of a deal, more embarrassment for her than anything else) I haven’t seen anything negative about her and her policies are very similar to Sanders.

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Here is another article countering Solnitś perspective. Perhaps there is more to dig through…
Elizabeth Warren Has Yet to Apologize for Her Pro-Charter School History …

"(…) Aside from Mehta, Warren has closeness with pro-charter advocates and has made pro-charter arguments in her past writings. Josh Delaney has been Warren’s senior education policy adviser for the last four years, and his LinkedIn profile lists him as a veteran of Teach for America (TFA). This suggests that the person who has had Warren’s ear in education policy over the last several years is feeding her a pro-charter agenda.

In 2014, former TFA educator Chad Sommer wrote that TFA masquerades as an organization helping to provide educational services to underserved communities while secretly promoting a “pro-corporate, union-busting agenda.” Sommer pointed out that while former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel closed 49 of the city’s traditional, unionized public schools in 2013, TFA was working behind the scenes with Emanuel’s office and non-union charter school operators to replace those schools with 52 new charter schools over a period of several years. (…)"


yes, but its fun listening to Solnit embarrass herself attempting to 'splain the education system to Diane Ravitch…


Solnit’s been an unmitigated fraud for years. I’m not surprised she would find an affinity for Warren. Sure, it beats Hillary, but…oh wait, she supported her, too.

But then again, I’m a member of what she fondly refers to as, “the rancid left”.


After she was for charter schools. This is her in 2016(!): “Many charter schools in Massachusetts are producing extraordinary results for our students, and we should celebrate the hard work of those teachers and spread what’s working to other schools…”

In her 2003 Warren wrote the “Two-Income Trap” she was more than charter schools, she was for vouchers!

The following article, written by a charter shool, privatizaiton advocate, upset with her recent change, is enlightening, even though the take on it in the article is 180 degrees from mine. I’m not upset she jettisoned her previous views. I’m upset she had those views and didn’t jettison them until the very recent past.


Here’s what Carol Burris said today: " What progressives need to hear from Elizabeth Warren is the answer to these two simple questions.

1. Do you support the NAACP’s charter moratorium?

2. Do you support funding the federal Charter Schools Program–which funds the expansion of non-profit charter schools?

Sanders has made his position clear. When we hear from Warren, it will no longer matter who introduces her…"


Did you read the article???


Excellent example of the idiocy of the conspiratorial tankie wing of the left.


Of course I did, that’s why I linked it. What’s your point?


Firstly, that $675 per hour is a fee, not a hourly wage - it also needs to provide pay to aides, office expenses and all the non-billable time spent running a business. Also remember most lawyers clients (especially chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy) are pretty damn rich - the fee is that high because the clients can apparently afford it.

Facts trump emotion arising from willed ignorance every time.


Well, the “charter school lobbyist” may not have been, and the high hourly fees are normal for Harvard Law professors.

However, Warren is a long time Republican. And she needs to explain why she voted for Ronny Reagan. Those votes were in support of the delusions of deregulation, and of course that whole illegal Nicaragua war.

She only became a Democrat in 1995, so in the Bubba Clinton era.

She needs to apologize for her support for Reagan, if she wants to attract the support of real liberals.

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Warren has (had) an office at Harvard Law. She was NOT paying rent on it.

Many of her assistants on such projects would have been law students doing the work for academic credit and/or work study–grad student assistants at Harvard aren’t paid super well.

Leaving possible expenses at use of a photocopier, mailing, Lexus/Nexus time, and perhaps phone bills.

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I sure thought I recognized Ms Mehta’s name as someone who is pro-charter school.

And separately surprised that Ravitch would make such a big error, if Ms Mehta weren’t someone pushing charter schools.


She needs to explain something from 40 years ago???

Good fucking grief!

and I thought a core belief of the left was the potential for humans to change and forgiveness!

Are you a right-wing agent-provocateur troll?

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