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The Curse of Donald Trump

The Curse of Donald Trump

Michael Winship

I know that everyone’s talking about the final episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones and some are comparing our current woes to the battle for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

“Winter is coming.”

Now is the winter of our discontent!

Winship sez:
“All three—Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Barack Obama—or just two, to keep it even between Democrats and Republicans—could lay it all out …”

The omission of Bill Clinton is striking. Unless you’re just giving him a pass due to the volume of investor relationships he shares with Chump?


It’s not easy to take measure of Trump’s deplorables. Are they ALL on board because of greed or fear? Or are their other reasons that make sense?
White-ness and fear of border crossers is just that, unwarranted fear.

We can still make a come back to make America sane again. But I’m not as sure about that if Trumpenstein gets another four years.

How many experience sickness at the daily horror show of this ‘man’?
It’s like eating rotten meat.


To be fair Michael, there are quite a few videos on youtube where President Carter has voiced opposition to what Trump’s doing. Below is just one example.
But I agree it needs to be much more frequent and louder.

“what Trump has done, is doing, and may do in the name of vile and avaricious self-interest to destroy our nation and what’s left of our principles.”

Let’s not be too selfish. What about the horror he’s inflicting on the rest of the world: Iran, Venezuela, the climate, Yemen… the list goes on. These are communal crimes in which we are playing our part.


From my perspective W was much worse.

W was a War Criminal responsible for the death of thousands of innocent civilians, yet he managed to get re-elected.

As detestable as Trump the Bigot is, at least he has been trying to withdraw our Troops from Syria and the Middle East but he is being met with a ton of resistance from Dems and Repukes and Generals who love War and love the bribes they receive from the Military Industrial Complex.


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I wrote personal letters to each past President ages ago asking them to take this very action. I essentially begged them, in my own handwriting, to help us and stand up against this emperor wannabe. Any board of directors past presidents would unite to oust such a despot. Alas, the only reply received was from President Obama offering milquetoast assurances at best. Such is the predicament of our own making.
“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” ~ Edward R. Murrow


The curse will surely be broken when nuclear winter arrives wiping out all remaining higher life forms. This is after tens of millions of humans die immediately in the sun like temperatures and blast wave of thermonuclear detonations over major urban centers. Subsequently thousands of millions more humans and animals will die agonizing deaths from the fallout contaminating the air they breath and the water and food they consume before global temperatures plunge. The sociopaths in power and their capitalist/corporate puppeteers have brought us to the brink of annihilation. In the short term through nuclear war, or longer term through catastrophic climate disruption, and ecosystem collapse. Common citizens must rise up on behalf of the planet, and be willing to make painful sacrifices, or be destroyed.

Bill Clinton was mentioned as the 4th.

I can’t wait until we have a democratic president and runs wild. And in every way the republicans try to stop him they run into a law suit. Yup, just like Trump is doing. A lawsuit for everything. Laws don’t mean shit. Any law that is written should say at the end, tricked you, this law doesn’t count. You will have to go to court now.

Michael Winshit, carrying water for Nancy Baloney, using T-rump’s grotesque success as click bait, so that people who are horrified by the current state of the US, will read his pitiful attempt to mans’plain how utterly corrupt and useless the Neo-libs are. Or actually, to avoid explaining that. This jerk is a past master of shill, just like his buddy Moyers, and his big buddies Demos. I would have thought CD was printing this as a joke, a satire on the reasoning neo-liberal, corporate stooge, weak fascists use to hide behind the strong fascist in the WH. Yikes!!!

The law only counts if you are poor.

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Ah, good … apparently it was fixed in an edit. Too late for me to alter my reply. Thanks.

Are You Kidding Me??   Of the four, only Carter is a decent human being – too decent, IMHO, to play the dirty games necessary to have any impact as president.  The Lying Son-of-a-Bush was - and is - a total stooge of the MIC, and Clinton utterly in thrall to the Banksters of Wall Street, Big Pharma and the rest of the Multi-NaZional Korporate sleaze who pull the strings behind the scenes.  O’Bummer – who along with P’Loser – let the Cheney, Prince, Yoo and the rest of the War Criminals off the hook in 2009 is, IMHO, the worst of the lot for betraying us with his false message of hope and change.

A CURSE on ALL of those who came after Carter — especially the most recent four (including Trump)!!

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This thick haze of credulity and willful, belligerent ignorance will kill us all. In truth, if the version of the Deep State about which Donald Trump fantasizes and rants really existed, he’d be gone by now.

Not true; Trump’s been a dream come true for the military industrial complex that is the foundation of the Deep State. See Mike Lofgren’s eponymous book.

Theoden, not Theodon…