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'The Dam Has Burst': Over a Dozen Democrats Back Impeachment Amid Report Trump Ordered Hold on Ukraine Aid Before Call About Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/24/dam-has-burst-over-dozen-democrats-back-impeachment-amid-report-trump-ordered-hold

“…We should stop looking for a smoking gun. Trump is the smoking gun."

The gut shots from that gun have been devastating to the people and the environment. Enough is enough. Time to plug his muzzle for good, before he reloads.


hmm, funny how this part is left out…

Pat Buchanan reports:

In May 2016, Joe Biden, as Barack Obama’s designated point man on Ukraine, flew to Kiev to inform President Petro Poroshenko that a billion-dollar U.S. loan guarantee had been approved to enable Kiev to continue to service its mammoth debt.

But, said Biden, the aid was conditional. There was a quid pro quo.

If Poroshenko’s regime did not fire its chief prosecutor in six hours, Biden would fly home and Ukraine would get no loan guarantee. Ukraine capitulated instantly, said Joe, reveling in his pro-consul role.

Yet, left out of Biden’s drama about how he dropped the hammer on a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor was this detail.

The prosecutor had been investigating Burisma Holdings, the biggest gas company in Ukraine. And right after the U.S.-backed coup that ousted the pro-Russian government in Kiev, and after Joe Biden had been given the lead on foreign aid for Ukraine, Burisma had installed on its board, at $50,000 a month, Hunter Biden, the son of the vice president.

Joe Biden claims that, though he was point man in the battle on corruption in Ukraine, he was unaware his son was raking in hundreds of thousands from one of the companies being investigated.

Said Joe on Saturday, “I have never spoken to my son about his various business dealings.”
Is this credible?


This will bring down the Republicans


How long can Damnocrats keep quivering indecisively? Can they keep up the “Oh, I just don’t know!” routine clear through 2020? The suspense is killing me.


Thank the Lord for the Domino Effect.

“Hey Trump, perhaps you’ve finally found your” smocking gun.


Why is Chump worried about Joseph Biden? Seems like a Brer Rabbit endorsement of a toothless old fool. “Oh please don’t nominate Biden, I’m sssooooo scared of him!” Rrriiiight.

The corporate media seem to be accomplishing two things with their choice to focus on this ring of the circus: 1) they are whipping Chump into line, and 2) they are elevating their preferred Bleached House puppet, Biden. Wait for Biden to come out before the cameras, all full of gravitas, looking “presidential” and doing his average guy schtick.


And it will send the corporate fascists’ preferred puppet, Joseph Biden, sailing into the Bleached House.


Every day Trump is president, he does more damage to the biosphere, rule of law, constitution, and all of us. Impeachment is way overdue.
Call Nancy every day and ask her to do her duty: IMPEACH. NOW.
D.C. Office of Pelosi: 202 225 4965
San Fran Office: 415 556-4862


Corporate Democratic Party officials don’t quiver. They calmly do what their oligarch masters tell them to do. And their oligarch masters are the same ones who control the Republican Party. Stop kidding us. They’re all ratbastards and they’re all on board with global corporate fascism.


Nancy doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your phone calls. You might as well phone Santa Claus.


Funny how Trump trolls have showed up en masse here at CD ever since the Ukraine story came out, spewing the same “Biden and his son” deflections.
Get this, troll: progressives are already against Biden, and neither Biden or his son are president.
If Biden or his son broke the law, we want them prosecuted.
However, our priority is the gangster in the White House.
Funny how you Trump trolls always deflect away from the necessity to impeach your gangster hero.
Now scuttle on back to Breitbart.


Finally, a story custom made for Chuck Todd; corruption on both sides.


Of course, Pat Buchanan is a lying, hypocritical, scum-sucking sack of shit so, as a source, intelligent people don’t accord him much cred.


“Stop kidding us” is a message for the Damnocrats and their ridiculous pretenses. If you’re seriously begging me to stop kidding around, I’m afraid that’s impossible. The whole damn world is imploding, but that’s no reason to stay grumpy-serious with everyone all the time.

(I like the idea of phoning Santa Claus, btw. But could you stop kidding us? I doubt it.)

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Of all of the dozen of impreachable offenses that Trump has thrown in their faces, it took an attack on their corporate front man Biden (via his son’s dodgy deals) to make them sit up and take notice.

That’s just pathetic.


A dozen = a burst damn? I would think, you know, maybe 120. Maybe a little thing to the neoliberals. but Ukraine was an Obama-backed coup on Russia’s front door step. If Trump did indeed put a hold on that coup then that would be a good thing. Dems attack Trump from the right! We should want to impeach Trump for what he is doing to us domestically - which is a lot!


I see elsewhere in your comments that you’re yet another troll.
Scuttle back to Vladivostok or Breitbart.
Your BS won’t work here.

Another Trumpsucker shows up at CD to defend the most dangerous president ever.

How do you feel about the gangster that was Trump’s predecessor As a lifelong Liberal I found his wars, well, criminal – Progressives seem not to care.