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'The Dam Is Breaking': Progressives Say Pelosi 'Running Out of Excuses' Not to Impeach Trump

'The Dam Is Breaking': Progressives Say Pelosi 'Running Out of Excuses' Not to Impeach Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Trump administration's lawlessness reached an "inflection point" Tuesday with former White House counsel Don McGahn's refusal to testify before Congress, so too did progressive pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop abdicating her constitutional duties and immediately launch impeachment proceedings against the president.


Once again…and I repeat myself: C-O-M-P-L-I-C-I-T-Y!!!
When Peeloosely retires they should add her to the the Rethuglican hall of fame. She has sure earned the spot.


Excuse me Mr. Flynn, Amerika slipped into a totalitarian regime a long time ago! From my perspective, ever since Congress allowed president Truman to murder American soldiers in 1950.


It is much more sinister than complicity. The duopoly are two peas in the same fascist pod…


Nancy should start a House “Regressive Caucus”. Establishment types would be clamoring to get on board.


I think you nailed it better than me. Thanks for the stronger addition.


My male ego and testosterone tells me to impeach, my brain tells me that Palosi is right.First our electoral process is flawed, second the impeachment issue has been overused and is nearly meaningless. The Republican party is s corrupt and so well organized around that corruption you wouldn’t be able to find five, let alone ten Republicans to buy in, let alone the supreme court to rule in favorably… The Democrats have been lazy and are too dishonest to admit that pure globalization was a fatal error. The architect of this mess, Stephen Miller, was right, “No one can touch us now”. Listen to them “CASE CLOSED” “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION”.

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There already is such a thing: https://bluedogcaucus-costa.house.gov


Because of McConnell and the repubs the senate is highly unlikely to convict, should Trump be impeached in the House. Plus, with John Roberts presiding, that become a wild card.

But Dems should use the impeachment process to expose Trump and his entire administration, convincing the American people of the criminal corruption and obstruction of justce, and the overall threat of totalitarianism which is where the US is heading.

Plus, if Dems will embrace them, there are very popular issue positions and policies that they could advocate for, many of which are the antidote to Trump and the repubs that enable him.

It will take a skillful strategy to accomplish this, and Dems have proven to be very bad at.

Trum will never hold the popular support of the majority of the people. Far from it. So show some courage Dems.


Check the poles. If they impeach Trump gets re-elected guaranteed. Unless we fix the election system they can’t touch Trump.

Candidate Party Popular Votes

Donald J. Trump Republican 62,980,160
Hillary R. Clinton Democratic 65,845,063
Gary Johnson Libertarian 4,488,931
Jill Stein Green 1,457,050

A 10 million vote difference.

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Right now impeachment is a futile arrogant and ego driven exercise. Trump would love to be impeached, it would guarantee his re-election. As long as he has McConnell and and Elaine Chao in his stable he can’t be touched.

Even if Impeachment doesn’t work, at least it would be an important step in the right direction, using our power to put forth a necessary removal of a failure President. It has been done for much less many times before and should absolutely be done again. How weak do we need to be by not doing this? Pelosi fears an investigation on herself, as to how she became one of the richest people in Congress. Most of her wealth certainly was not Legit. This is why she refuses to rock the boat. Too late, the spotlight is all over her. Get her out as well!


The issue is impeachment “proceedings,” and “hearings,” aka an investigation, which adds weight to the subpoenas sent out by House Committees.


Her team is hardly revolutionary, while P’Loser herself is REVOLTING!

“Lead, Follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY” means YOU, Nancy.
  Get With It  -or-  Better Yet – GET OUT!!

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Huh? #1 – Per Mueller, It wasn’t the Poles who helped Tweetle-Dumb win — it was the Russkies.
Huh? #2 – 65,845,063 - 62,980,160 = 2,864,903 (NOT 10 million . . . )

The House can begin an investigation into whether or not Tweetle-Dumb should be impeached – and hold televised hearings to make his many crimes known to the American people – without necessarily voting to bring a Bill of Impeachment to start a trial in the Senate. Just having a few key witnesses like Mueller and McGahn testify under oath on live TV should be enough to eliminate any chance of Trump winning a fair election in 2020.  Whether or not the 2020 elections will be fair – or even be held – that’s another question entirely . . .



Blue Dogs: The Other Republicans


God you are boring Divining Tea Leaves Again

How about DO YOUR JOB


I don’t buy it for a Second.
Impeachment opens up new lines of investigation. Things currently being hid in the Mueller report will out. It will more likely force more Republicans to jump


I’ve noticed that the Wall Street Centrist corporate EXCUSE squad has been showing up here in droves lately. I’m glad they are scared to death


The problem with the Poles is that they always seem to follow their own pierogi-tives.


Better take your crystal ball in for repair.