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The Danger of Demonization


The Danger of Demonization

Does any intelligent person look at a New York Times article about Russia or Vladimir Putin these days and expect to read an objective, balanced account? Or will it be laced with a predictable blend of contempt and ridicule? And is it any different at The Washington Post, NPR, MSNBC, CNN or almost any mainstream U.S. news outlet?


We know what the media does, we see it everyday. Mr. Parry - how about an investigative article about who’s behind this, directing the narrative. My guess it will point to Tel Aviv.


The Deep State wants us to piss our pants over an ophthalmologist. You can’t make this stuff up. Viva absurdity!


Mr. Parry places the focus on the motives of individual journalists in asking why there is so much conformity:

“The reason for this conformity among journalists is simple: If you repeat the conventional wisdom, you might find yourself with a lucrative gig as a big-shot foreign correspondent, a regular TV talking head, or a “visiting scholar” at a major think tank. However, if you don’t say what’s expected, your career prospects aren’t very bright.”

Just as Mr. Parry too readily accepts the Official 911 narrative, he shows naivete in glossing over the obvious fact that today’s mass media is a card-carrying ARM of the Pentagon. Period.

Only reporters willing to repeat the Talking Points that have been SHOWN to be scripted will remain employed. These are stenographers to power. And with so many hungry for jobs, if the first tier dares to tell the truth and lose their jobs, there are hundreds if not thousands waiting for those plush jobs.

Here, too, Mr. Parry leaves out the blowback from media deregulation and how it enabled a handful of Conservative corporations to gain full possession of the mass media, i.e. the public’s airwaves. THAT is the differential between the 1970s style of journalism and what exists today:

“We’ve seen a similar pattern with the U.S. government’s “information warfare” around high-profile incidents. In the “old days’ – at least when I arrived in Washington in the late 1970s – there was much more skepticism among journalists about the official line from the White House or State Department. Indeed, it was a point of pride among journalists not to simply accept whatever the spokesmen or officials were saying, but to check it out.”


Right. Just blame “The Jews.” The U.S. military machine, the oil barons’ hegemony, the billionaire boys’ club, and the bankers have NOTHING to do with it.


“In short, there has been a system-wide collapse of the Western news media as a professional entity in dealing with foreign crises. So, as the world plunges deeper into crises inside Syria and on Russia’s border, the West’s citizens are going in almost blind without the eyes and ears of independent journalists on the ground and with major news outlets delivering incessant propaganda from Washington and other capitals.”

The above paragraph is of course true. But Parry places the challenge on the back of the individual journalist and shies away from targeting the hard-line truth: that the press has become a wholesale subsidiary of the Pentagon-Industrial Complex. Since war and the sale of expensive weaponry are its businesses, it must constantly make its cases for war.

The results bleed out everywhere.


Silly me, why would I think that Israel and AIPAC would have any influence over our foreign policy? What was I thinking??? I guess the neocon plan to take out 7 countries in that region had NOTHING at all to do with Israel.


The reason for this conformity is not the fear of being cut out from access to those in power.

The reason for the conformity is the same reason the media endorses a Clinton over a Sanders. It is the same reason a cartoonist can be fired for making a cartoon that does not appear to put Monsanto in a good light.

Some small number of people the world over control the majority of its wealth. This massive wealth sees them having investments in everything from the banking system, to the MIC and from the Media to the Oil companies. The very very rich at the pinnacle of power do not invest in just one sector of industry. They want it all and invest in everything and expect returns from everything.

Those Journalists work for newspapers owned by the same entities and news is secondary to their real purpose and that is generating profits for their owners. Putin is a bad guy because he does things like bar GMOS and Corporations like Monsanto access. He is a “demon” because he reversed what Yelstin did to the Russian banking system by removing it from under the control of the Western system. (And by extension that 1 percent). That Journalist in Germany that has come forward and admitted he was paid money to publish CIA written articles under his name was not doing this because he feared not gaining access to those in power and a desire to conform.

It is all about the money and the power and the media, as a Corporate entity , is naught but an extension of the same and face it, ongoing war or threat of war not only generates tremendous profits for that same small few, but allows Governments to erode civil liberties in the interests of security.

This has less to do with the temerity of those journalists and much more to do with greed. They are bought and paid for. They are in the game to churn profits for their bosses, nothing more.


The issue to me is corporate media conglomerates assuming the free press protections in the Constitution. We can no longer with a straight face say that a free press exists in the US, although remnants of it remain, much of it now online. At the time the press was freed from governmental control in the Constitution, the press consisted of hundreds of small print publishers (books, newspapers, handbills), who were taxed differently than other businesses, censored by government, sued by elements the press rightly criticized, and could face punishment or imprisonment for stepping out of line. A free press meant the press was free to fulfill their role to report the facts as they appeared. And further, we had a robust press long before the media assumed its corporate form.

Between Parry’s article and many of the fine points made in the above comments, it is clear that media conglomerates (6 companies own 90% of the media market) shovel propaganda like it is fact, censor themselves in exchange for government access or more profits, and get massive tax breaks other businesses do not get. They are the main reason for the dumbing down of We the People, and they do it on the airwaves which We the People own.

It is time to question whether media conglomerates are the free press and what to do about it, but in the meantime chuck your TVs and mainstream newspapers, and support the remaining free press where you can find it.


No. You don’t get away with that. There is a VAST difference between suggesting ANY influence (which I would certainly agree with), and the planted suggestion that this entity is the ONLY operational Party of Influence.

Good analyses: Lobo & Suspira


Excellent article. I consider myself a fairly intelligent individual so when I traveled to Moscow early this year I was skeptical but went in with an open mind. First it was extremely cold and I had an RL sweater with the American flag stitched into it which I was forced to wear because of the unbelievable cold that I never experienced. I walked around the sites including Red Square and I ate at the four seasons which was impressively beautiful, after I walked down the stairs into the mall and bought a shirt from GAP which reads GAP Moscow. I do not speak Russian so when I got lost on their beautiful transit system, I approached the police man with the huge gun and the stiff look on his face for help and he could not speak the language so he walked me and my wife to the train station and even waited for the exact train I needed to take. This happened to me constantly throughout my trip in Moscow and although I only went for a short period of time my entire world was flipped. Everything I was raised to think and know about Russia was wrong, the people were welcoming, warm and helpful and it was obvious that I was American. Ever since visiting Russia I enjoy watching RT and European news, US journalist should be ashamed of themselves for selling their souls to corporations and sacrificing their oath as reporters of truth.


The Fourth Estate’s disingenuous, raison d’ etre is freedom of the press, when nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Parry’s article exposes the lie of a free and balanced corporate press, but that is old news to many on these threads; nevertheless, it cannot be said enough.


There is no news, just stories told by people who want you to be for or against something.

Here’s a story that gets your blood up: Soliders bashing babies heads after invading a hospital. Told by a lovely young woman who isn’t identified as an the ambassador’s daughter of a country that wants you to attack the country whose soldiers have supposedly bashed babies.

You support the attack.

Here’s a drawing of a mobile weapons lab working to manufacture biological weapons of mass destruction that will be used against you unless the country doing this horrific manufacturing is attacked.

You support the war.

Here’s a story of people at a meeting throwing chairs and making death threats because they didn’t get their way and the other Presidential candidate got more delegates.

You question the motives and character of the candidate these ruffians support.

All stories, all designed to engage your emotions so you don’t think about what you’re seeing, you just respond, just as intended.

No news, only stories.

No real stories, just lies.


It was Goebels who first told us that the more times a lie is repeated, the more it takes on a life of its own and becomes the new truth. In the old days when there was an industrial grievance and a bit of union bashing was required we had bloody trouble makers who could stop a job. Agitators were the ones that got the workers outside the factory gates. When a grievance affected an industry they became militants. On the political scene we had the progressive escalation of protesters, rioters and then Terrorists. What terrorists existed at that time, were relatively small, isolated, secretive groups like Baader Meinhof; Black September; The Weathermen etc. Terrorists as a class of society didn’t exist until the USA, usually with her crony allies for shared responsibility and shared blame, went into other peoples countries and started prodding them with a stick. Usually the locals recognised overwhelming force and let us get on with whatever we wanted to do. After Iraq and Al Qaeda had more or less served its purpose, we needed a bigger bogey man. When Bush Jr, Cheney and Rumsfield went around like the three stooges saying the words “Terror, terrorist, terrorism” every time they opened their mouths terrorism as we know it today was born and then didn’t someone obligingly step up to the plate. We have known for some time that war is a racket but what only gradually dawned on us was that the media are a very important part of that racket too. They have also been dumbed down and controlled like much of the citizenry. Some would argue that the people have been controlled because of the media. Fortunately there are still some honest journalists around and unfortunately amongst them there some disinformation shills but with the increasing use of the internet people in general are coming out of their winter hibernation and becoming increasingly aware. The game now is to see if this awareness can reach a critical mass before the banking elite make their play. Timing is everything.