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The Danger of Excessive Trump Bashing


The Danger of Excessive Trump Bashing

Robert Parry

The widespread disdain for Donald Trump and the fear of what his presidency might mean have led to an abandonment of any sense of objectivity by many Trump opponents and, most notably, the mainstream U.S. news media. If Trump is for something, it must be bad and must be transformed into one more club to use for hobbling his candidacy.


People followed Bernie Sanders because he talked about a revival of the New Deal of Roosevelt; tuition free public college and universities (like in most countries of the world), stop outsourcing, stop the privatizacion of SS, Medicare and public education; Keynesian economy, etc. People believed in his message; because, that is what people also think and wish. People are fed up with Neoliberal economy and Neocon foreign policy.
A campaign based on fear of Trump is not working; people fear more Neoliberalism and Neocon ideologies than Trump. People know the GOP will declare sooner or later, that Trump is not suitable for the presidency. People want a return to Roosevelt ideals period.


Excellent piece! This Trump basing is old, already. Everywhere you look Trump's done something so outrageous we should be afraid.
Trump is a blowhard, arrogant, business man. I had one like him in my family and I'll bet most everyone does. He is not a monster or freak of nature. The bashing accomplishes Clinton's campaign needs and as Perry so eloquently put it, sets up a context for confrontation with Russia that she clearly wants.
Russia has always been the go to enemy for Americans itching for war. When the emails were leaked of course it had to be Russia that did it. Another two fold win for Clinton's ambitions and a perfect diversion for the stolen election.
This country freaked out when Trump said (if he did) about the use of nukes "well, why do we have them if we can't use them"? I thought it was an excellent question. If we can't use them maybe we should quit making them. (See Obamas massive expenditure on new nukes). Or we could make them smaller so we can use them, as I've heard Obama is doing.
Trump actually stumbles around and comes up with some good statements. Closing bases, pulling NATO back under control, not confronting Russia. You know, reasonable things that Clinton would never do.
Therefore, a vote for Jill Stein is not the horror everyone tries to make it. Clinton is the bigger danger hands down.


Yes indeed. Clinton worshipers are every bit as hysterical as the Republicans.


Along with Parry, Prof. Stephen Cohen is another important source on Russia, Putin, and the New Cold War.



Again, it just blows my mind how many people on the left dismiss the dangers of Trump.

I get the dangers of Clinton, and have made many many posts against both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

I get Parry's argument here, I do, but I don't buy for a second that Trump has on principle ANY opposition whatsoever to anything NATO would do, in regard to peace, justice, or human rights.

He just doesn't give a flying cluck about such nonsense. I mean, that would be politically correct.

How do people on the left, dismiss Trump's Neocon aligned views on Iran, the ME in general, and especially the State of Israel's policies against Palestinians? Why is that?

Why do people on the left dismiss his repeated statements about a military buildup, increased buildup of the Air Force and Navy in the South China Sea, and his statements regarding taking care of ISIS don't register for some reason of intent to increase deployment of military "solutions" in the ME.

Oh no, Trump just says stuff. And then of course, the never ending dismissal of his calls to triple the number of ICE agents to round up Mexicans, and building a wall is just such a non-issue with some leftists, and banning Muslims from entry, well that's just that silly old Trump again.

Torture? This is the one that really gets me. The guy goes around to resounding cheers at his rallies saying that he would direct torture worse than waterboarding, and that it should be made legal. For some reason this doesn't matter whatsoever to so many people on the left.

I mean, the irony is, that Hillary Clinton has rendered these people mute on Trump.

It just blows my mind. Conceal carry in 50 states? Banning abortion? Prosecuting women (well maybe not now) for seeking abortion? "Free market" based healthcare? Dismantling already weak regulations against Big Energy? Increasing surveillance powers? Backing to the cheers of his adoring fans the current militarized police forces in this country, and using coded language that those Blacks are getting the treatment they deserve?

None of this is any big deal, with Clinton on the scene.

How ironic.

Also, how can anyone observe this dickhead and not realize the danger this person would represent domestically especially AND internationally?

I would love to see Parry interview Trump to discover how he likely holds very shallow points of view regarding Putin, and what is at stake. I personally think Trump's statements on nuclear weapons is terrifying, but again, why would I take that serious?

And the requisite disclaimer, else I'll be branded a Hillary Clinton shill…

And once again. Yes Clinton is endangering world peace, yes she has a long track record of being a war criminal both indirectly and directly, yes she is likely to continue neocon driven policies of Global Hegemony that come from the bowels of PNAC et al, and yes that furtherance of those initiatives and agendas of those neocons is driving the world closer to a possible Nuclear confrontation with Russia.

And no I'm not voting for Clinton to keep Trump out of office, nor have I ever once come to her defense or suggested anyone vote for her.

I'm voting for Stein.


When the MSM bashes Trump , we know he must be a threat to the established order, Vive la revolution !!!


Stein , of course,but rather the Donald than the proven evil.


Ah, the "proven evil" meme again. Because of course Trump hasn't yet been in the position to direct State violence.


It sounds like Karl Rove is working for Clinton.


If Clinton wins, manufactured 'violations' of the Iran deal will be used as a pretext to attack Iran. Remember Colin Powell and his drawings of mobile biological weapons labs? Same strategy on steroids.

Those who love the war porn of falling bombs on the nightly news are gonna love Clinton.

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr. Jill Stein 2016


Why do you support Clinton?

Sorry PC. I couldn't resist.


Or they've done it exclusively through MSM.


I agree with you for the most part and my comment was not meant to downplay his insanity or what he stands for...what does he stand for... only to say that the bashing all the time is old and tired and I'm sick of hearing it.
She is a vile individual herself and lives in a glass house. In my mind there is no lesser evil between these two.
Drop Hill, vote Jill


Lol good one.


Hillary Clinton the Greatest Threat To Humanity.


Parry's final paragraph is one of the top ten reasons not to vote Clinton - ever.

Given the extent of Clinton's hawkish record, hawkish associates and hawkish financiers, this artcle can't address any domestic issues. Parry should do a separate analysis on issues that Trump is to the left of Clinton on. Trump's promise to ditch Dodd/Ffrank would be a good start. Although Trump, like Clinton, has not articulated a plan for controlling the financial sector, especially too-big-to-fail banks, Dodd/Frank needs to be ditched ASAP. It was written by Wall Street banksters to make it harder for Main Street banks to compete and has succeeded to the extent that the too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 will soon control 50%. Ditching Dodd/Frank would at least slow or stop that cancerous growth.


Sfein is the choice of course but as far as foreign policy goes she is far more dangerous. As Chomsky compared Obama to Bush ... The more effective evil... Obama silenced the libtards who are information poor and are happy one from their team is in place.


With Clinton you get murder inc and potentially war with Russia. It's a given. Trump maybe .... And probably no war with Russia as he understands the Ukraine issue.

Why vote for trump who promises to incinerate innocent families when you can have Clinton who has a track record of incinerating innocent families.

Trump is vile but Clinton is his equal. Trump says I don't believe in global warming - Hillary does and promotes fracking and TPP which guts nations ability to combat it. Hillary bashing should be equal to Trump bashing is the point of the article.

The risk of Trump with regard to foreign policy is he might be as bad but he could be better.

So vote for Stein and if Trump wins that is the fault of the cowards who vote for the so-called lesser evil not those who vote with a conscience.


Good for you to vote for what u believe rather than what you fear or are against. What astonishes me is that few get that trump is a straw man and as I predicted now taking a dive to drive clintons numbers up so that she can win by a land slide to justify the horrendous things that are about to happen! Our only hope is that Putin will out smart them and avoid the war that the neocons are bringing!