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The Danger of ‘Foreign Policy by Bumper Sticker’


The Danger of ‘Foreign Policy by Bumper Sticker’

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1966, George F. Kennan, the legendary Cold War diplomat often called “the father of containment,” criticized the escalation of the war in Vietnam. The United States, he said, should not “jump around like an elephant frightened by a mouse.”


Good piece.

So this means that KvH and The Nation will under no circumstances carry water for, nor endorse, Hillary Clinton. Right, Katrina?



"As Burt and Simes write, “America’s new foreign-policy establishment has adopted a simplistic, moralistic and triumphalist mind-set.” And while Democratic leaders in some cases have embraced diplomacy as an alternative to military force and intimidation — namely in Cuba and more recently toward Iran — the party remains dominated by liberal interventionists who share the neoconservative penchant for triumphalism, as evidenced by much of the party’s misguided positions on Ukraine and Syria and support for the military intervention in Libya."

More proof positive that Mars rules in the form of endless salutations to the Military Industrial Complex and its intention to spread war far and wide.

"What should be our goals and priorities — and how do we reconcile these goals and priorities with those of other powers?"

Missing from this analysis--that being an empire means that its "deciders" and imperial planners need never ask what others need or want nor take OTHER into consideration.

"The unfortunate reality, as Burt and Simes observed, is that many policymakers “accept this form of intimidation by interventionists who substitute chest-thumping for coherent and serious, historically grounded arguments,”

This is the machismo upon which militarism is built. For many males, it's what initiates them into the brotherhoods (cops, TSA, border control, marines, navy, air force, homeland security) that Mars built... and sustains like a vampire that feeds upon the blood shed by others, the vast majority, innocents.


"So it’s heartening that establishment figures such as Robert Legvold, former director of Columbia University’s Harriman Institute, are now rightly noting that “degrading the discourse in the United States and coarsening the way the discussion is conducted are clearly not in the country’s interest."

Note how this degradation of discourse is also on display in any honest debate about guns inside the U.S.

Those of us who want to see background checks done and a cessation of sales of semi-automatic weapons (like those designed for military combat, NOT domestic protection or hunting deer) are not demanding that ALL guns be confiscated... as the frame goes.

In either case, citizens who do not favor war or guns are out-gunned by those who occupy positions of authority since authority today dovetails into the MIC's apparatus... and it happens to fund the NRA. And mass media serves as accomplice to the spread terror and domestic fear within the Homeland Security State... as it feeds upon constant: foreign wars of choice that are built upon fake evidence.


Produce--as evidence--any viable candidate who is representing a complete challenge to the Pentagon... or shut up. Your argument is precisely what will result in a Bush, Trump or Clinton, fool!


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As I recall, elephants have good reason to fear mice who sometimes kill elephants by going into and up their trunks. During the Nam war I recall hearing LBJ quoted as saying something like he wouldn't be a president who " let some pipsqueak little nation push us around."

It's a hard lesson that size and strength do not automatically confer invulnerability on those who possess it. I imagine that England, the Lord of the seas upon whose empire the sun never set, felt similarly affronted when one of its insignificant little colony told it to get off its back.


"“The quality of America’s foreign-policy discussion has demonstrably deteriorated over the last thirty years.”

No it hasn't. It was just as stupid then as it is now.


some of us don't want to be the hegemon anymore. Some of us want to repair our land, fix our problems and only intervene in humanitarian efforts. Could we just try it for a minute?