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The Danger of Nancy Pelosi’s Bad Attitude Toward Progressives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/danger-nancy-pelosis-bad-attitude-toward-progressives


Norman, Norman, Norman. The DP (and their chief representative Nancy) is a capitalist party, They represent the interests of their capitalist paymasters. They don’t represent the interests of their “progressive base.” You know this stuff. You actually make me think that you are a follower of Michael Harrington who also beleived that the Democratic Party could be “reformed.” (With very little to show for this continually disproved religion.)


The dem repub-lite’s have lost me. nancy and chuck and joe and all the rest are, well, you know what they are. I see them in my rear-view mirror.


Pelosi is the dem albatross
getting money, she’s the boss
for leader, give her the toss
Nation will not be at loss


I would love to see Nancy Progressively primaried.


Thanks Norman, much more needs to be done to remove the corruption and complicity!.

" the reality that Pelosi didn’t only express thinly veiled contempt toward four deeply progressive congresswomen; she was also conveying a similar attitude toward millions of Americans who share their (progressive/left) political outlooks, while many have been drawn into political engagement due to their achievements"

The DP establishment since (at least) Bill Clinton into Obama and the nightmare betrayal to support Hillary, refused to build a strong base with principles actions or support those “drawn-into political engement”. They consciously abandoned the working class, the poor, progressive democratic/independent/left base and new young voters to serve big-money and power. A pathetic DINO “strategy” that predictably lost election after election and Congressional representation - even while in a majority under Obama they did nothing - nothing but continue the betrayals!

What the loathsome Pelosi and the other betrayers are doing and saying is “we don’t care if trump & co win and continues the destruction of America”!

" The imperative of preventing Trump’s re-election will require massive engagement and huge turnout of the Democratic base—exactly what doesn’t happen when party leaders are aloof, elitist, enthralled with Wall Street and dismissive of genuinely progressive principles.".
As they have done over the last several election cycles! Pelosi and the others are consciously complicit to the threats of the trump regime!

If there ever was a need for a political tidal wave to wash the betrayer Quislings, collaborators and servants of the 1% and neo-fascism out of office and power it is now!


A capitalist blow bag. Always wants the status quo to stay in place. America this is about negative nancy’s quest to keep her power. Ok. I have a question. What has no meaning and smells like and old fart bag?. Negative nancy out of office. KICK HER OUT!


Calcified is a good word for entire hierarchy of the Dem Party. And I’m not necessarily talking about physical age.

And what’s all this inflexible hierarchy about in a Democracy anyway. Just wondering.


Nancy P can only piece together a Dem house majority by getting conservadem Blue Dogs elected in swing districts. Any legislation her caucus passes is essentially whatever is palatable to these Blue Dogs and any attention paid to the concerns of the liberal base is election-time pandering followed by post-election dismissal or outright disparagement, ala The Squad.

Of course, even the Republican-lite legislation that passes with the approval of the Blue Dogs is attacked as socialism or whatnot by FoxNews, and the Blue Dogs are soon swung out of the seats in their swing districts as a result, and Nancy’s speakership position is once again kaput.

So Nancy, why not try going boldly progressive for once – you know, since you keep losing your majority based on watered down half measures that depress turnout anyway? It couldn’t be that the corporate donor gravy train matters more than passing legislation that’s actually effective? Could it? Yoo hoo, is anybody listening?


Sooooo…tell us what Norman Salomon wrote that is “wrong”?

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Until the good Democrats remaining in the rank and file learn how to resist naked LOTE appeals, there’s no reason for Pelosi and her corporatist thugs to change their ways. Because there are no consequences for their behavior.

“Blue No Matter Who” will carry the day. Again. And so on and so forth.

Don’t look now, but as insufferable as Trump is, if he can crawl to the end of his first term, he’ll be the first American president since FDR to not start a new war during his first term. Probably not a source of pride for him, sure, but hey, results still matter.


And here I am, worrying mightily about revolton Bolton
upping the ante in Iran past fever pitch.

I am sure trump and his family have no idea how many families
in the midwest already have military service on their resume.

If the one acre set aside for war veterans in a nearby cemetery
gets no new markers - fine with me.

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Unfortunately it looks like the Dems will go down in flames in 2020 with the DNC lighting the match by nominating Biden.

If the Dems do not embrace the Ideals of the Squad I see no path to Victory.

Biden cannot Win in 2020, he belongs either in Jail for War Crimes in Iraq or a Nursing Home since it is obvious he no longer has the stamina or mental capacity to ignite the enthusiasm in Young voters, which is the necessary key to a Landslide Victory.

BERNIE - 2020

He is the same age as Biden but possesses the energy, stamina and philosophy to ignite the Progressive Wing of the Party.


Money poisons the well.

Cellphone Blockchain Voting is the antidote

“Nancy P can only piece together a Dem house majority by getting conservadem Blue Dogs elected in swing districts.”

This statement suggests that Pelosi has to accommodate the Blue Dogs, and that’s a reasonable idea - but maybe the power relationship goes in the other direction. Pelosi may not be beholden to the Blue Dogs; instead, the Blue Dogs may owe their elections, their current status and positions in the House hierarchy, and their reelection to support from Pelosi. Just as gerrymandering allows politicians to select their voters instead of the other way around, Pelosi, who is fundamentally a Republican, chooses, supports, and rewards quasi-Republican candidates in the Democratic Party who will be her reliable allies when they are elected. That’s where the massive fundraising and the DCCC’s pro-incumbent policies come in, along with Steny Hoyer’s strong-arm tactics in driving progressives out of primaries. I suspect that progressive nominees would win in those swing districts, but progressive winners would oust Pelosi in a second. She wants to stay at the top of the heap, regardless of what the voters want, and she has the power and money to get those Blue Dogs nominated by the party and elected by the voters. Blue Dogs don’t dominate the Democratic caucus because of voter support; they dominate the D caucus because Pelosi can put puppets in Congress and remove rebels.


She was, by Cindy Sheehan.
BTW- So, Mr. Solomon knows what an ordeal an intra-party primary fight is, too. Why do think California progressives got hoodwinked into their current lousy primary voting system? That was tried in Oregon by Kiesling & Co. and was wisely rejected. Ya know, Hightower’s remark about dead armadillos on the road …? Hello, hello in there?
And, the Carter vs. Kennedy battle…in 1980; wow, remember that hot mess? With John Anderson to boot, no less.
If " demographics is destiny "; Pelosi, Feinstein and Biden are reactionary Republicrats. They can do math and act accordingly. Co-optation takes a while, right?


The Blue Dogs should be faced down constantly and challenged on everything they stand for. Pelosi is not up to that task nor would she want to do it.


Since we are supposed to be so passive, we are not allowed to think of the scenario you are proposing. It is all just a big cave in to neo-liberal wall street interests. of course, they probably owe Pelosi for helping them…but she apparently has no reason to or will to call in her cards.

Maybe Biden would choose Rahm Emmanuel as his running mate. would be one of the worst tickets in american history but given that we are always required to choose the lesser of the two evils - they would have a comparably horrible ticket in Trump/Pence. This is what it has come to.

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That is hysterical.

Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden would make the perfect Conservative Republican Ticket.

It was Rahm who called progressives “fucking retarded” for contemplating primary challenges against conservative Democrats.

Your prediction is not far from reality, which is why I will probably be voting for Jill Stein again if she runs.