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The Danger of Nancy Pelosi’s Bad Attitude Toward Progressives

Pelosi, a very dark force. Protector of fascists, torturers, murderers, and one who will cast her dark energy and power with her agenda to kill any prospect of Medicare for All (for instance) because she is quite fine, and in fact favors a country where for the rest of her life millions of people including millions of kids will suffer illness without any access to medical care. The elderly who fall through the cracks? Well fuck them too! They should have become a millionaire like Nancy!

I loathe Nancy Pelosi, Trump’s most powerful ally…a very WILLING ally.


Absolutely. We need to align with the Democratic Socialists of America. They are the future.

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Agree 100%. Pelosi’s positions make Trump’s job easier. Dems have no identity except being anti-Trump. That’s not enough to win independent voters or turn out the massive potential base of disgruntled young voters. A progressive agenda might cost us 5 million centeris who don’t vote or to some degree vote for Trump…but it will gain us 10 million voters under 30 and that’s our future.

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The effort to oust Pelosi as speaker came not from members of the Squad – they and the other House progressives voted in lockstep for Nancy P – but from a bunch of Blue Dogs. Yet despite (or because of ) that little dust up, the Blue Dogs control policy: Not a single progressive priority has come up for a vote.

In fact, the Trump/McConnell-friendly blank check border crisis funding bill that just passed in Nancy’s House did so with more Republican votes than Democratic votes. See how that works? Squeaky Blue Dog wheels get the grease.


The Pope must of OKed it. As he encourages the illegal overthrow of Maduro, the Neo-Fascists in power in South America, et al. God has two thumbs and he needs the poor and landless under one and, women under the other. Without having a suffering flock, the head shepard has no way of keeping the $$$ coming in. CHA-CHING!!!
Nancy loves that sound, as well.
Same with Ol’ Father Joe Biden.


I don’t think that we can infer very much from the votes on Pelosi’s reelection as Speaker. If caucus members expect her to be reelected, a few will cast a principled vote against her, but most will recognize that this particular battle is not worth fighting - and losing - at this time, and they will simply go along with the crowd. I think that Squad members who voted for her reelection as Speaker thought this way. They certainly know that they were elected to change the policies that Pelosi champions, but they recognized the high cost of pissing off the Speaker on day one of the Congressional session.

iirc, many of the Blue Dogs who voted against her said that voting against Pelosi’s reelection as Speaker was their prime campaign promise, so they could not break it as their first act in office. The unspoken message in this excuse is that the Blue Dogs would have voted for her, as the leadership demands, if their campaign promise had not been so prominent.

I’m not sure that the blank check border bill shows that Pelosi felt forced to override her progressive proclivities to accommodate the Blue Dogs. Even Schumer was surprised that the bill passed the House with no changes that would have required the Senate to compromise even a little bit. When the Democratic Speaker of the House negotiates a deal with a wacko Republican President and that deal is entirely satisfactory to Evil Mitch and that deal passes the House with unanimous support from Republicans, then the Speaker demonstrates that she is Trump’s ally and enabler far more than she is beholden to the Blue Dogs. Some Blue Dogs supported the bill because they are Republicans in disguise, just as Pelosi is a corporate Democrat and therefore a near-Republican and pretty much a Blue Dog herself, but I strongly suspect that some Blue Dogs are in office largely because of support from the DCCC and the DP establishment. Pelosi is just as “centrist” as HRC, and she runs the House and the DCCC just like Hillary ran the DNC; the results conveniently allow her to support Republican policies while blaming the Blue Dogs for forcing her to do so.

This reminds me of Harry Reid’s compaint that he “didn’t have the votes” to do progressive things in 2009-10. The classic definition of “chutzpah” comes to mind, and the Democrats are providing new examples of that definition.

“Pelosi vs. the Blue Dogs” has a chicken-and-egg quality to it. I think that in many cases Pelosi came first, not the Blue Dogs, and I’m putting the research project that will solve this conundrum on my to-do list. Completion date is uncertain!

AO-C joined a climate change protest outside of Pelosi’s office prior to voting for her as speaker.

You might want to start your research with an investigation of the role played by Josh Gottheimer in that border crisis funding bill.

As Solomon came close to pointing out (note my correction below), “progressives should recognize the longstanding House Democratic leader as a symptom of a calcified party hierarchy that has worn out its grassroots welcome and is beginning to lose [has lost] its grip."

AMEN!!   IMHO, Our ONLY HOPE is to UNITE behind BERNIE 2020 and NOT allow the MSM to split our votes between Bernie & 'Beth in the primaries and thereby allow the DNC to stick us with (yuck!) Buddy-Geek or (double-yuck!!) wind-sock Joe Buy-Down at the convention!!

Sheehan was overwhelmed by P’Loser’s millions (of dollars, not supporters), but there’s no harm in trying again.  Negative Nancy is becoming so obviously senile that forcing her to at least attempt to campaign might convince her to quit.

We need a 2020 Pelosi retirement fund drive to drive Pelosi into retirement by massively funding a progressive challenger. They don’t even have to beat her, just assure enough damage that she won’t maintain her role as the Speaker. Make her too worried about her career and the sunset will look a lot more attractive. This has the added incentive of letting Trump know he is losing his House fail-safe in the Speakership.

Pelosi 2020 greener pastures and off into the sunset after a memorable career, then we can get to work on securing the future.

What Pelosi did when she made the remarks about the four progressive women was throw bait to Trump. Calling them the “Squad”. Trump, of course, ran with it and churned up his base. Actually, putting the congress women in danger!
If anything had seriously happened to AOC or the others, Pelosi would have been the person to blame as she clearly started it all!!!

*You have a good point, but I know we have a hell of a lot concerns with what is right in front of us, then with Nancy Pelosi. Yes she is a capitalist as are about 95% of all Americans. See they own their homes, they own their land, they buy cars they invest in 401Ks *

Owning your home or land doesn’t necessarily make you a capitalist. In fact one of the first moves of the revolutionary government of the Bolshevik Party was to give land to the peasant class to be its owners. Technically, as a 401k makes one an owner of company stock, one is a little bit of a capitalist. In reality that ownership doesn’t provide you any control over “the means of production” that charicterizes a capitalist.

Fester you da man…thx for being you