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The Dangerous Fantasy Behind Trump’s Normalization

The Dangerous Fantasy Behind Trump’s Normalization

Zoe Williams

It was David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker, who crystallised the situation into a chilling shard, following the US presidential election result. Speaking on CNN, he said: “When I listen to Conrad Black describe Donald Trump, I think I’m hallucinating.


Excellent article.

Yes, be outraged. But be outraged together, in solidarity.


General strike time. I suspect it will be a massive failure, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try anyway. Giving up before we even try happens far too often, I think.

No work, no school, no shopping, no fascism. One day, one people, one powerful statement.


Less than a week after winning the election, the few appointments Trump has announced and short listed have stripped away all of his campaign’s thin veneer of populism. There is no gray area here, the band of pirates Trump is assembling in concert with many of the newly empowered and emboldened troubled people who voted for him will push their agenda forward without regard for law or civility.

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I am goddamn tired of hearing these people invoke the name of Putin. The US and Britain illegally invaded Iraq using lies told to an international community as a pretext, are responsible for a million deaths and millions more injured and displaced, and these pundits act as if it never happened, as if the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine is an atrocity unique in modern history.

Likewise, no note of irony in bemoaning the possible influence of Russian in an American election when we and the Brits have been directly responsible for violent coups that replaced democratically elected governments with puppet dictatorships in Iraq and Iran.


Excellent comment. Living under the Forever War the last 15 years has required us to internalize a form of racism which treats the casualties of foreign wars as non-entities, as sub-human. The air we breathe has been saturated with this form of hate, with Obama & Hillary adding to the pollution. Democrats & Liberals are as badly poisoned as the Republicans. Most of us can normalize anything now.


“At the same time, I think Vladimir Putin played a distinct role in this election, and that’s outrageous.”:

Ah, Vlad the Impaler strikes again!

I saw him at one of Trump’s rallies!


“and that millions of people can and will oppose their traducement with the backing of the ages”.

Last time that happened, how many tens of millions died in Europe and the USSR?

Add to that the over 40 military interventions in Latin America after WW2, the holocaust in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, the overthrowing of governments from Chile to Indonesia and recently to Libya, etc., and the hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.

Whatever happens, it would take tens of Trumps - if he’s what the article implies he is - to commit anything as heinous as what the two Anglo-Saxon countries had inflicted to populations all over the world since WW2.


So Trump represents some kind of progress? What is your point?

“[Rule] No 6 is: “Remember the future.” Trump cannot last for ever.”

Climate catastrophe unresponded to within the next 5-8 years means there will probably be no future. All the political prognoses I’ve seen–no way to impeach, no way to capture Congress, the courts will become right wing, the reality of the 6 rules for surviving autocracy–are completely reasonable, utterly believable and absolutely unacceptable–unless we also accept that this is the end of civilization.

If we allow the right to prevent the climate mobilization we need, civilization will collapse, with more and more countries reaching out desperately, and fruitlessly, to fascism to save them as the biosphere also collapses around us.


We cannot allow the right to rule for the rest of our time on Earth. Peaceful revolution is the only way now.

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The UK governments of the day had the sense to stay out of Vietnam.

Trump will encourage Quislings all through the western democracies. Ho hum, I’d better dig out that battered old brown shirt and swastika armband. I am sure I have one, somewhere…

Obtuse comment. What is your point?

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True. On the whole, UK governments tend to be more matured than most past, present, or would-be empires. There were rumors that Harold Wilson was threatened by certain American intelligence agencies, but I see no evidence of that. Russell, however, was angry that Labor didn’t do more than just abstaining from the War, so that grand old philosopher tore his membership card. I was not too caught up with politics then – too immersed with “Ferry Cross the Mercy” and "She Loves You”, not to mention the slightly earlier, and crazy, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.” Used to sing with my high school students: they probably thought I was mad (I was still living in a former British colony then).

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Harold Wilson brought Kosygin to London to discuss the war and maybe try to end it. Bertrand Russel and friends held war crimes trials about the USA’s promotion of the war. It seems sure that certain elements of the UK Establishment tried to depose Wilson and invited Lord Mountbatten in on the plot. Mountbatten basically told them where to get off.Mountbatten also gave a serious speech in Strasbourg opposing nuclear weapons a few years later. He was assassinated by the IRA.


Yeah, the CIA supposedly had a hand in the plot against Wilson. Russell held the Tribunal with that existentialist guy Sartre from France. Mountbatten…eh, that was an interesting fella who was rumored to have Trumpian kind of libido…

Wilson was one of PMs I liked, as opposed to Home (pronounced “Hume” I think)…

Memories from long long ago…