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The Dangerous Hypocrisy of Celebrating Obama While Criminalizing Manning


The Dangerous Hypocrisy of Celebrating Obama While Criminalizing Manning

As president, Barack Obama prosecuted more than twice as many whistleblowers as all previous administrations combined — stifling a vital source of information about state practices shrouded in a veil of secrecy

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning had her visiting fellowship at Harvard University rescinded after CIA Director Michael Pompeo and former director Mike Morrell objected. (Photograph: @xychelsea/Instagram)

The Journalist and the Fixer

The Obama presidency is one of the most Orwellian political operations in history, making Reagan & Bush II look almost as honest as Jimmy Carter by comparison.

A war monger with the Nobel Peace Prize. The great deporter. The master of drones, killing a 16 year old US citizen no less. The guy who dropped more bombs than any president since WW2. The guy who bailed out Wall St & evicted Joe 6-Pack. The purveyor of a Trojan Horse health plan.

Punishing whistle-blowers & torturing Manning is just icing on the cake.

WTF do liberals like Obama? Because he’s handsome & well-spoken, and speaks the language of fake inclusiveness, all I can figure.

As long as Americans continue to assist in their own brainwashing, it’s hopeless.


Throughout human history there have been eras of mass human stupidity fomented by twisted souls that are capable only of negating others as their twisted minds contort brittle shortsighted structures of ‘logic’. The only difference with today is that technology has bought vast swathes of abstraction distanced by reason stuffed into cubbyholes suited to a teenager subjected to a massive hormonal surge. The teenager however generally wises up in shorter order than the time frame of any predatory capitalist with a hardon for power.

This era or corruption will corrode and collapse, as they always do. Our task is utilize all the wisdom garnered so far to engage with razor sharp jujitsu with each and every abusive distortion these faeces smearing twits load on. We have millennia and a vast diversity to draw from. Our task is to discern the difference between ballast and baggage and toss out the latter and nurture the former.

I look at Chelsea Manning and so many others who put their lives on the line because their vision, sharp and accurate, sees through the smoke and mirrors, the swamp infested with disease, gas and mirages. The abusers of power want to make you think that their crimes are your fault and they scramble to grab societal treasures to wear like so many mirrors.

There was an artist some years back to mounted mirrors on garbage trucks “The Social Mirror”.

Speak Truth to Power.


Good post. Mind boggling how easy people get duped.


It’s more than just brainwashing. Obama, and the people’s perception of him represents an entirely new cognitive culture. While Americans have been blinded to messages of substance, such as those of war, poverty and environmental destruction, and especially those that Manning attempted to communicate with us, we have been trained only to see and respond to messages that take the form of advertisements.

In a picture, we see emotions; in a presidential campaign, we see personalities; we simplify our messages into tweets and emblems, like the flag, (not to mention, of course, actual commercial advertisements.) We react to music, but not news, which is especially troubling as the news more and more jumps off the printed page and into our actual lives. We seek to replace our lives with movies, and not even whole stories represented in movies–just the common clichés that his us repeatedly.

As you have described him, this is what Obama did “better” than any other president. And the reason he won a Nobel Prize is because he is packaged as a walking, talking advertisement.

Our intellects have been replaced by a set of switches from a Skinner box!


B/c he’s half-black, and in their book thinking well of a black person appeals to their narcissism – it’s not really about him, rather it’s about them and how good they look thinking highly of a black man.


And we’re all Pavlovian dogs! :cry::dog:


I don’t think a Pavlovian pup would succeed in recognizing its a Pavlovian pup. So the question would seem to be : How do you pose the question on a mass basis; or would you need to, in that like recognizes like; and are there some really good jujitsu moves to shake a PP into healthy sweat rather than a pant?

This old goat has a tendency to wam ralls.(or is it rams walls?.. different kind of drain bammage.)

Maybe there is no alternative to revealing corruption being hidden in order to cleanse the putrid infections. Something else Chelsea Manning also seems to have succeeded in doing is maintaining her dignity and integrity - something we all need to be aware of on the most elemental level. - for the sake of the long haul.


An excellent article!

Barack Obama is a moral midget and domestic enemy of the US Constitution, while Chelsea Manning is a true patriot and enemy of the state. She literally gave 7 years of her life so that justice could be done in revealing the many crimes of the US government.


Umm . . . Maybe a bit more subtle than your valid characterization. Seems it also could be that, in embracing Obama, pseudo liberals with political influence think they have it both ways, i.e., (1) to appear progressive in their support for a biracial politician while knowing full well his agenda is narrowly consistent with that of the upper classes and (2) to advance by distraction that harmful agenda (owned by and benefiting them as members of the elitist class) absent any reporting or media criticism of it, hence coming off as the opponent of its current trumpian manifestation instead of its enabler. I regret voting for BHO twice. He is an enemy of the non-elite classes (including the lower upper class) and very much like trump used his presidency to enrich himself at the expense of those he purported to help. He is just light years better than trump is at pulling it off.


You are on the money! I just tried to find an article or source regarding that concept…is it original to you, or do you know of a source for that concept?