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The Dangerous 'Red-State Model'


The Dangerous 'Red-State Model'

Katrina vanden Heuvel

My focus is to create a red-state model that allows the Republican ticket to say, ‘See, we’ve got a different way, and it works,’ ” Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback said in 2013.


Euthanasia in the name of saving people from themselves


Get the insurance scam out of the country what have they ever produced and how have they effected prices


Tax all income from labor or investment the same no breaks for capital gains, hedge fund carried interest, inheritance and tax wallstreet sales and transfers as any product purchase is taxed.


A consumption tax is highly regressive. A lottery win and inheritance should be taxed the same after all being from the right sperm pool is like wining the lottery. As far as increasing revenue we all know how important that is as a family in an ever more expensive world. Makes no difference state fed or local, government is government. Every attend a local county supervisors meeting?


..but a right wing libertarian such as yourself, doesn't have any problem applying that "3rd party" category to the Big Insurance firms who are cannibalizing 30% of costs to fill their own coffers.

You clowns who push the "government is bad," and "every dog for himself" twisted philosophies are beholden to the same corporate overlords who have fixed the economy, gutted the value of the dollar, poisoned nature (soil, air, food, atmosphere), and through deregulation deployed a campaign of slow carnage against public health.

Your little anti-govt. diatribe is no doubt PAID FOR by a pro-Insurance entity... so what is it, Koch? Pete Peterson, ALEC, the Heritage Fund?


Why feed a right wing troll?


Trolls end up ruining threads they infest. In talking about the different forms of government philosopher Mortimer J. Adler said, "The most thoroughly just is socialist democracy." I agree.


someone is usually conceding power to the bullies
In Kansas, it is almost everybody.

I taught for an academic year in the heart of Kansas
I had three separate classes in the same room at the same time.
One set of students were getting high school credits they were only doing some of the courses
One set of students were in their second year of a two year program
One set of students were in their first year.

I worked well over 60 hours a week the first semester
The second semester, I just gave up
They laid of 9 staff at the end of the second semester.
They cited lack of funds for the reason.

The dean and director were making well over 110k each.
The director's main job was golfing and farting around town with business leaders.

I can write a book on the attitudes of the staff, the rampant classism, narcissism and homophobia in the class and the students.

I had students come to school in cars that were held together by rope.
The same students brought boxes of candy that they ate through the week as lunch.

The Koch brothers owned a small city not too far south from where I was.
Many on this web site have experienced the ups and downs of life, and have had to worry about their next meal

Others, quite obviously, have not.
If you think you are far removed from that predicament, I assure you, you are not.

I wish the people in Kansas would wake up.
But they subscribe to Hannity's ideology.

I can't compete with that.


Indeed. This fulfills a pattern I noted here some time ago. The out-front anti-progressive operatives usually leave this site alone because, well, progressivism or reform is so easily thwarted. However, Sanders (as just one example) seems to be tapping into the general mood of the country (world.) These sorts of visitations by regressive types always occur here when it appears a movement may actually develop. That they show up here at all is a signal to me that their alarms are going off. This is now a familiar pattern.


Obama's ACA does make at least some insurance benefits taxable starting in 2018.


Hitler and other master propagandists would be green with envy if they could see how successful the US propaganda machine has become for the 1%.


Don't feed the troll.


Or it's DNC operatives trying to get progressives riled up against Republicans.


Killer Cons.


I was going to list the options, and that was one guess.


"Conservatives think government doesn't work. Then they are elected and prove it".


Horse shit! Get back troll!

You also wrote "I don't see why it's not painfully obvious that a government run health care system is a disaster." "a government run..". The governments of almost every country in Europe run their health insurance programs, and almost all of those provide most if not all of the costs as well. They invariably prove less expensive and more effective in delivery of care. Private corporations should be completely eliminated form necessary health care delivery in the US. Capitalism is rotting at its roots - get used to that fact.


Pol Pot was also conducting social experiments on a large scale, his to prove how correct peasant-led communism was as ideology. I don't see a huge difference between the cruelty, stupidity and ideological fundamentalism of Pol Pot and that of Brownback, although the first tried to eliminate the upper class and the second is working to kill off the lower.


In a democracy you get the government you deserve! The majority of the Kansas voters wanted Republicanideolgy togovern their state and they got their wish. I say too bad, so sad. Maybe next election you'll hall your lazy a** off the couch and vote!