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The Dangerous Truth about Trump’s Racism: White Power, Elite Rule, and Justified Privilege

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/21/dangerous-truth-about-trumps-racism-white-power-elite-rule-and-justified-privilege


Heck, that’s all they’ve EVER offered. But it’s all they need!

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” the last honest democrat; well, sometimes?


If you do not love America, you do not belong here? The four brave women in the above picture need our financial support; otherwise, if Trump wins in 2020, I could see Trump saying the same thing about progressives in the future.


I suppose if one wishes to distinguish the “Civilized” Countries from the rest in the eyes of these Nativists , those Civilized Countries are the ones most willing to slaughter everyone else.

The Genocide of the First Nations peoples in what became the United States of America was one of the most complete in Human history. Meanwhile the “civilized” Spanish were slaughtering in South America. Within 80 years of founding Citiznes in the United States of America began to slaughter one another on an industrial scale and World Wars one and two were both centered inside of “Civilized Europe”.

To paraphrade Lt Col Bill Kilgore “I love the smell of Civilization in the morning”

The Japanese were seen as primitive and backwards by those “Civilized Nations” up until the Japanese started to slaughter Koreans and Chinese. Apparently you can not join the ranks of the “Civilized Countries” until you can boast have having killed a few millions.


If only The Squad was our Captain.

Why does the US have sanctions on Venezuela ? would the US have sanctions on a socialist white European country??? If the people coming from the south were blonde and blue eyed would they be in cages? The racism and HATE run deep in this country. And it is kind of mind numbing----because I deal with people steeped in racism everyday----the picture the corporate media paint is such BS . Just like the BS that the US has a “good” healthcare system. And what is the real reason the US has this corrupt pathetic healthcare system “because we don’t want to compete with those people” for healthcare services.


I thought it had to do with our tight, fracked oil needed Venezuelan oil… Or Phillips was still pissed-off off over Hugo Chavez? And they’re LOTS closer than Iran? And we need some pre-election distraction and Iran would seriously kick our ass?

From a objective viewpoint, you are correct. USA invading Iran will absolutely destroy our international relations - which are at low tide with Trump and Pompeo anyway.
There will be no multi national fighting force. Saudi family will cheer us on, but Russia may very well enter the fray as they advised us in 1980 when Jimmy prepared to send in 5 divisions to rescue our embassy staff who had been kidnapped in Tehran.
Our invasion would also likely push us out of NATO and fracture the UN.

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I have a question for you guys. Being the way many non-white countries are in terms of chaos, crime, poverty etc. how can you be that shocked that a lot of white people dont want non-whites taking control of the u.s and European nations? Why would they want that? Because I mean I know it sounds racist but I mean the facts don’t lie, look at Africa, Middle East, Latin American nations, they are completely chatastrophoc, so how can you expect the ordinary white person to accept risking a predominant white nation to risk being turned into the next somolia, Venezuela, Brazil, Pakistan etc…most white nations crime-wise are much better compared to non-white countries…I’ve had my fair share in the u.s of being in predominant non-white areas and they all were known to being less safe…so I ask you…what is your argument against trumps fear of this county becoming a crime infested chaos nation if non-whites have their way due to situations of non white countries today?