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The Dark Saudi-Israeli Plot to Tip the Scales in Syria


The Dark Saudi-Israeli Plot to Tip the Scales in Syria

Conn Hallinan

A quiet meeting this past March in Saudi Arabia, and a recent anonymous leak from the Israeli military, set the stage for what may be a new and wider war in the Middle East.


Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard” (1997) strategy was to put the Middle East into a blender and set it to puree. Seems like the recipe for what is going on currently.


Author is doing too much pot, this article is a typical home baked fabrication by the usual lefty “Useful idiot” who assumes that because he is opining from Berkley that he has a clue about the region. Israel is not about to do anything to Hizballah, they will let them die in battle with Isis-Daesh. No need to manufacture chaos and confusion. The initial talks with Saudia are on very low level and nothing is binding.


Dream on! Dream up another story, facts, are not required.


So Hezbollah has moved heavy weapons into the region that the UN promised would remain free of them (Resolution 1701) and has dug them in in the midst of civilian structures–illegally using the civilians as human shields if Hezbollah starts another war with Israel (remember how the last one started). But we are supposed to be outraged that civilians might get killed as a result and we are supposed to blame Israel for the civilian casualties that would result from Hezbollah actions. And when the Israelis say they will not be constrained by this illegal human shield technique IF THEY ARE ATTACKED we are told this is evidence of Israeli (or dog whistle, Jewish) blood lust. Hallinan has been taking the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to heart and this crap is the result.


SalzburgStan: You mention human shields… I remember reading and seeing videos of the IDF using Palestinian kids as such. A quick Google search led me to photos and videos confirming what I read. So please, no moralizing. From YNet (10.11.05):
“Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on Tuesday demanded that the High Court review a ruling it issued last Thursday in which it declared that the ‘human shield’ procedure employed by the IDF when detaining Palestinian terror suspects is illegal and violates international law. Sources at the Ministry of Defense said that Mofaz’ comments are not an attempt to subvert the Court’s decision, adding that the defense minister intends to use democratic means to revoke the ruling.
According to defense officials, the Israel Defense Forces made use of the ‘human shield’ procedure on 1,200 occasions over the last five years, and only on one occasion did a Palestinian civilian get hurt. An 18-year-old Palestinian was killed in 2002 during one such operation.
Mofaz instructed the IDF to freeze the use of the ‘human shield’ and ‘early warning’ procedures in its arrest operations in the territories until the Court holds a new hearing on the issue.”


Thank you!! I’d give your post a thousand up-votes if I could. I’m sick to death of the Zio-nazis accusing Hamas of using children as human shields, when there are no documented cases of that, but many documented cases of the IDF using Palestinian children as human shields.