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The Darkest Day of the Year

The Darkest Day of the Year

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

“The tax reform package is essentially a bid to make the U.S. the world champion of extreme inequality.”

Barkan later tweeted: “Last night after the Senate vote, peaceful protesters in the gallery were telling personal stories about how this bill will hurt them and their families. And Republican Senators were laughing at them. It explains everything. They do not see our humanity.” (Photo: John Brighenti / CC BY 2.0 )

Voting in favor of tax cuts is win-win for Congresscritters.

If they lose their next election or decide to retire, there is a K Street lobbying job with their name on it that pays at least $2 million per year, much better than the $174 K the taxpayers pay them in Congress.

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Maybe Mr. Barkan should have told the Senator that he had not been born yet. It would have been more likely for Flake to believe he was being spoken to by a f---- (unborn child) than for him to have helped a post-natal person avoid death.


Amy and Juan. Everyone over there, at DN. Thank you for havin’ Reverend Barber in yer studios. The “Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival” ROCKS! Thanks Amy. Thanks Juan.


Amy (and Juan) - And Common Dreams, I am please please begging you PLEASE cover the WTO GATS agreement which is the One Ring of EVIL behind ALL of this.

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Thank you Commom Dreams…
The Fourth Reich needs to be dismantled by We The People…
A huge challenge.:sunglasses:


Any time the Republicans use the words “Jobs” or “Reform”, watch out!


BTW, Mick Mulvaney is a loathsome impersonation of a human being, as is his fellow South Carolinian Nikki Haley!


Temporary is 10 years away. By then the USofA could have ceased to exist. Homo sapiens may, if it still exists at all, might be scrounging for food just just to stay alive. Chouse your weapons, nuclear war or global heating. There isn’t enough time to quibble about which party is in power.

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Good idea, Someone please explain WTO GATS to me.

A good place to start is the Council of Canadians web site, Policy Alternatives dot ca under the Trade and Investment Research Project, search on the names of FTAs like the two in my user name. People ask why hasn’t it changed or the threat gone away, no its gotten much greater because people have forgotten its there and is locking all these changes in permanently via the WTO. The financial incentive is huge. Think back to slavery. It was really hard to get rid of because it was so profitable. Like that. Services trade is unlike goods trade. Its trading jobs. So, for example, walk into a business. how many of those jobs talking on the phone with customers need to be done in the US, really? very few. Same thing with services of other kinds. Countries in other parts f the world have firms that have now gotten rights to do them, if they can do them cheaper. IT is a good example, three employees for the price of one. The way they put it, we’ve gotten extraordinarily wealthy in the past twenty years off of them. Now its time for their millionaires to become billionaires too. So, welcome to neoliberalism. Americans are about to learn about it first hand, they say.

See, none of these changes will be fixable because frankly the poor countries see gold in our patients, and in the service jobs which the Most Unequal Countries claim are supposed to be steered their way. They think that they will be paid a lot of money for those jobs that currently anchor the US communities they are in. But they wont, it will be a race to the bottom on wages, so everybody will lose. . The AFSC did some good research on the Mode Four issue in 2008 (example: https://web.archive.org/web/20080313195303/http://www.afsc.org/trade-matters/issues/LaborMobility.pdf ) but since then the fact that G included provisions for Labour Mobility have been largely forgotten. Also the fact that we committed health insurance and IT and other services to be liberalized (privatized and globalized)

Look at it this way, NAFTA was around 15 or 20 percent and GATS was the rest. So the damage NAFTA did will be continued in the services.

Americans are valuable workers, too valuable to be doing things that are not the strategic assets of their firms. The peripheral jobs, the 3/4 of all jobs that arent the core product of a firm will be outsourced, they have just been working out the particulars for these 18 years. Its almost done and then the sharing of the services bounty will begin. No millionaires will be left behind. Also GATS channels the jobs to young people of means who want experience and who can afford to work for much less than Americans do for as long as six years. After all its temporary, and not-immigration. This will also help privatize Social Security. Read the Annex on Financial Services.

GATS has been largely forgotten in the US. But its really incredible. A capture of the entire future. Even essentials of all kinds. Health care, water, huge market sectors like education, everything that they want to privatize will be irreversibly.

This discusses it and it all still applies. See how the NHS is almost broken now? Its because of GATS.


They are happy about that, because its like the One Ring of evil. It will break US wages down to size so American business can be as profitable as it is in China or India.

The race to the bottom. We’ll be directly competing with the other poor countries, even though the price of living here is orders of magnitude higher. Thats the Catch 22. Its the payback for the things we have been demanding of them.

Despite the fact that these guest workers wont have wage parity. They are eagar workers who understand the value of experience. These jobs will bring internships to technical jobs of all kinds. Ones that channel work to the people who might otherwise push for change in the Least Equal Countries. GATS and WTO’s GPA also captures the entire new deal. Want infrastructure. It will be cheaper but any jobs will go to the low bidding firms necessitating elimination of wage subsidies and terrifs common in the US. Why should one person make 20 times more than another. This is what is meant by equal pay for equal work. The race to the bottom.

And thats the way they want it. Just remember these deals trade good jobs away. In exchange we get long wanted concessions like the elimination of generic drugs and so on. We’ll get to send poor patients overseas.

And we think we will get customers, but we know we wont. It likely was all arranged beforehand, and they have their cover stories straight. Remember we have world pro thieves. GATS already caused a 22 trillion dollar disaster you know, in 2008.

the cover story will be that we’ve underestimating the greed in those Most Unequal Countries. Wages wont rise there nor will we export more, plus many Americans will lose their jobs for good. There wont be any upside. Education and public services jobs will become precarious, and globalized. They wont pass the wages down. Of course,