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The Day After


The Day After

Olga Bonfiglio
Donald Trump’s victory left a lot of us numb and speechless on the day after the election. His rise to the presidency was always inconceivable and yet throughout the 18-month campaign, he defied all logic, polls and scandals and made it to the top.


The author ignores an important point. Sometimes you have to bring a gun to a gunfight. Just bringing a peace sign wont do it. If history teaches us anything, its that if sometimes you are not willing to fight, you will get eaten alive. The lions always KILL the weakest elk in the herd.

What that means for us is that we MAY have to meet violence with violence. Going the Ghandi or MLK route has never worked against fascists.

That does not mean start the violence. But it does mean that when they start threatening you or other vulnerable people with physical violence (which includes being forcibly detained unjustly), then you make it clear they will be hurt if they try it.