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The DCCC’s Mind Games and the Ballad of Roy Moore


The DCCC’s Mind Games and the Ballad of Roy Moore

Roy Eidelson

It’s bad enough that the business-friendly Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and other establishment Democrats are aggressively tipping the scales in favor of their hand-picked “moderate” candidates in primary contests around the country. It’s even worse that they’ve now taken to defending this strategy by comparing unwelcome progressives to the likes of Roy Moore.


So this is how the Demos are going to blow it!–They always find a way (2016)–All the talk about a big blue wave, notwithstanding, it is becoming apparent that the establishment vs. the resistance is going to play a big role in 2018.


The Democratic leadership doesn’t really care about winning elections as long as the incumbents and the party consultants can maintain their sinecures. It’s typical behavior in late stage Empires.



The “blue wave” will consist of corp. Dems and ex-members of the security-intelligence state (57 running so far). with nothing to offer the average citizen.


Is it that many? I hadn’t heard the final count. The Democratic Party’s being enthralled with The Police & Security State is a very disturbing and disappointing development. This is further evidence of the ugly grip The Clintonistas/3rd Way apparatchiks have on the rank-and-file gaining more power over policy and governing philosophy. Such worship of militarism and also worship of order over progressive change is a cancer, in the way they will govern if given the opportunity. Clinton and OhBummer’s foreign policy is a stack of lies and half-truths, at best. History should not be kind to these cheap suit mercenaries, posing as world leaders. Neither one of them has a peaceful bone in their body, in retrospect.
Unfortunately, their opportunistic and funky skankin’ abroad probably portends what they’d do, when scared, here domestically. That is something which must be addressed within the Democratic Party. And, by groups who want this military suppression to end, at home. State brutality is the antithesis of progress.
May Day is the day it should be ended.


If anything, this article points out the futility in working within the D-Party structure.

For example, the mind games the party plays haven’t gone away in the wake of a full decade of epic D-party electoral losses–in fact, they were magnified even after 2010 when dozens of Blue Dogs were defeated by, you know, actual Republicans.

As evidence, we can refer to the umpteen hectoring comments here that employ all of the three mind games the author cites to close the articlw:

Seeking revolution is courting danger…seeking revolution is magical thinking…besides, change is only going to ever be incremental no matter what.

Fuck that. If it’s futile to resist, then why are establishment Dems so eager to blame the ineffetive hippies for their string of defeats?


Odd that they’d call it the “Roy Moore scenario”. Roy was a Republican. Wouldn’t it make more sense to call it a Hillary Clinton scenario?


Calling for protests? This May Day in Portland they’re calling for picnics, music and no downtown marches. Last year 25 arrests were made and there was property damaged, etc. We made national news. But, some protesters couldn’t make bail. So, there’s that, too.
Until people who call for organized resistance and mass movements are willing to chip in for bail and lawyers, which invariably will arise, they need to proceed with caution.
Maybe it would be better for all progressives if the revolution isn’t televised. Just wonderin’.


That’s Demo-speak for “wrong way”, right?


That’s the Corporate One Way Street to the new feudal system. With all the trappings, of course.


A blue wave of corporate, neoliberal, centrist Democrats is no wave at all. It’s replacing the current Repbublican red swamp with yet another Democratic blue swamp. No revolution, no reform, no change, just a more friendly scam and ripoff.


I would like to see a bigger sample of candidates that the DCCC is backing to see if there is a clear pattern. While this race may be representative of what they are doing it also may not be. Are they backing every Democrat running against a more progressive Democrat or is there something about Tillemann that stands out that makes him very likely to lose? Somehow Democrats such as Tulsi Gabbard are getting elected to the House so the DCCC cannot be stopping all progressives from running.


The number came from Jimmy Dore, I haven’t checked it myself, but he usually does his homework.


I saw 39 but it’s probably be revised and updated.
It’s too damn many but the Progressive Caucus is gaining #s also, as many 104. Should be quite a internal caucus mashup it the Dims retake the House. And, Steny Hoyer falls out of a truck going 70 mph, during a January snowstorm.:cry::wink::wink:


Doug Jones is not a moderate as much as the term moderate is being redefined. As long as you are not Roy Moore, you are deemed a moderate. The more extreme the candidate for the Republicans the easier it is to define what was once a Republican as a moderate. In five years time the Republicans can put forward a candidate that calls for the re-institution of Slavery and the building of Concentration camps for undesirables, and Roy Moore can run for the Democrats as a “moderate”.

This is the end result of “the lesser of two evils” which has been used to promote the Democratic party for far to long and has ensured the USA becames ever more Right wing, Corporate and Fascist.


The Donkey Party has yet again launched a Quixotic quest to flip “Centrist” districts which provides convenient cover for all the time they’re on their knees fellating their donors. Of course this is right after they kick Progressives in the balls.

And folks wonder why I scoff when they proclaim that the GOP is going down in flames come November.

My Prediction: once again the Dems tell will Progressives to fuck off and once again Progressives will say “Screw you, too!” and stay home causing the Dems to spend election night crying in their hipster microbrews as they learn their “blue wave” is barely a blue ripple.