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The DCCC’s Undemocratic Decision

The DCCC’s Undemocratic Decision

Elizabeth Bruenig

On Friday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, House Democrats’ campaign arm, announced that it will refuse to do business with vendors or consultants who support Democrats attempting to primary incumbent Democrats in blue districts. Firms that contract with the DCCC learned of its decision via a list of new hiring standards sent out Friday morning.

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Just another manifestation of the Democratic Party’s decades long addiction to corporate money.

The DNC need to broadcast the Rolling Stones’ SISTER MORPHINE at their events.


The Corporate Dem Party strikes again. We need to work up thru this corporate structure from the ground up starting with our local / state parties & replace all these corporate types with true progressives like the outstanding freshman we now have in Congress. Thanks for the info. Now we need to change things.


Hi Hooligan, I agree—besides I don’t recognize that D party in a lot of areas anymore.

DCCC— I spy in the very name of DCCC which seems to translate into a hidden meaning !

Democrats Covet Corporate Capital-----it’s all clear now! It’s all about the BENJAMINS!"


Hey any BLUE WILL DO pfft bullshit


So, let’s see:

The DCCC puts $$$ behind long-term establishment kiss-ass, Joe Crowley.
AO-C takes grassroots money, and wins over grassroots voters in a low turnout race.

So what is the better strategy? To always back the incumbent, or open the process to newcomers who might actually excite an increasingly progressive base? Who has added relevance to the d-party conversation, Sanders, AO-C, Tlaib, Omar, and Pressley, or the centrists who preach incrementalism?

Here’s my take: If you have to defeat your own base in moderate ‘swing’ districts, you hate your base.


Progressive Democrats could introduce a bill to end contributions to the party machine and only allow contributions directly to candidates.

Democracy means decentralized power of the people, not centralized autocratic power.


Great strategic thinking, DCCC! Keep sending back the same people who lost power, respect, direction, integrity, and the moral high ground over the past few decades. It has really worked out very well for each and every one-percenter, and these incumbants will keep it so. Just effing great!


For a sure fire way to insure Trump stays in power give a damn centrist, corporate, Wall Street embracing, war monger. Just like the last one that LOST to Trump! For a winning ticket forget about the past and move past incremental adjustments to a thoroughly corrupt political party. Start with no more war. Then a living wage along with affordable housing. Universal healthcare is a non starter if not fully embraced. Affordable or /…
…free education for the poorest folks seeking it. Other than this expect the world to go down in flames as the Green New Deal turns to ashes, trashed by the stupid democrats addicted to the money the wealthy uses to bribe them.


What force in the USA is more ANTI-democratic that the Democratic Party Leadership?

Only fools & suckers will register to vote with those billionaire thug puppets.


No these democrats aren’t stupid. They know perfectly what they are doing. They want all this coming chaos to happen. Capitalism and U.S. politics is a death cult. And progressive voices who want to protect life are first priority to be taken down.


https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/03/23/put-it-people-one-million-march-uk-demand-brexit-rethink? loss link

Once again, the Ds are putting the good of the party before the good of the country.

It almost justifies the R’s childish insistence on using the ungrammatical term “democrat party,” so as not to associate the party with democratic ideals.


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Please note my change to the caption below the photo, highlighted above.  I hereby suggest that Com­mon Dreams change “D-state” to “DINO-state” in all future references to members of the DCCC, DNC and DSCC which appear on this site.

We progressives should, insofar as possible, boycott any and all businesses making contributions to the DCCC, DNC and DSCC, and should ourselves make all of our own donations directly to individual can­didates.

To achieve at least a modicum of democracy, the “Democratic” party should also eliminate its anti-democratic super-delegates from the nominating convention.

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It may look like passive acceptance in public, but you can bet it’s fervid insistence somewhere in the back room. This is not a move towards credibility for the party, but a remove towards retention of position by individuals.


A.  Funny-Dementalist far-right “christian” theocrats such as Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence and their ilk.  The Founders separated Church and State for a VERY good reason:  Religion is Un-Reasonable –
and Utterly Un-Democratic!

From the article:

“… the DCCC’s decision, and establishment Democrats’ placid acceptance of it, call into question just how serious the party of democracy is about the practice of democracy.”

I reluctantly agree with the Rs on this one point, that there’s nothing small-d democratic about the Democrat Party (see Exhibit A, the 2016 D primaries).