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The DEA’s Most Recent Abuse of Power Should Renew Calls for Divestment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/26/deas-most-recent-abuse-power-should-renew-calls-divestment

Few know the reasons for the inception of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD), the forerunner to the DEA. There were many, one of them was the discrimination against people of color, at the time mostly people of Mexican heritage who brought marijuana with them into this country. It’s seems the present DEA has come full circle, using their military tools against BLM protests, I’m not surprised.
Since the “war on drugs” has never been about eliminating drugs, only maintaining limited supply to enhance black market prices, so the rich could enhance their wallets. The DEA is a major part of this scam, and should have been eliminated years ago in any kind of a just society.
Another reason for the BNDD was to provide employment for alcohol prohibition agents, who were about to lose their government paychecks when alcohol was again made legal, knowing this history, I have little faith the DEA will be eliminated, as they should be.
This agency also has a long history of being one of the most corrupt agencies in our government, sadly most of the rest of our agencies have caught up with them.


Unfortunately nor do I. My preferences:

DEA - Eliminate
CIA - Eliminate
NSA - Defund (not sure how much because I think they hide their budget)
Space Force - Eliminate
Other Armed Forces (not including side costs for veterans) - Defund 50% to start, then more.
DOE - Defund (the portion involved with nuclear weapons completely, the rest can be assessed and to the degree they are helpful with RE, increase).
FBI - Not sure yet, they need a lot of reform but I don’t know exactly where they need to sit in terms of jurisdiction above local police - it wouldn’t occur to me to get rid of them off the bat like CIA and DEA.
Local Police (which would vary depending on locale) - Defund 50% (legalize drugs, sex work, and some gambling, move to non-police traffic enforcement using vehicles and dashboard cams and mailed tickets - and eventually even though @Wellan doesn’t like it, it will happen - automated vehicles will remove the need for most enforcement )
Foreign Aid - Depends on the country - defund all military aid, for other aid perhaps increase to some countries, decrease to others.

Anything obvious I’m missing?

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“Anything I’m missing?”

I’m sure there there is, but can’t think of it at the moment. Your list should keep us busy for now though.

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I’ve said it before, close and fire all the DEA employees. Let all those co called “agents” go out and get jobs at Mcd’s or Wal Mart.

My preferences:

DEA - Eliminate
CIA - Eliminate
Space Force - Eliminate
NSA - Defund
DOE - Defund
Local Police - Defund 50%
Other Armed Forces - Defund 50% to start
FBI - Reform jurisdiction over local police.

Foreign Aid - Defund military aid. For truly aid purposes increase to all countries.
(Legalize drugs, sex, gambling. Move to non-police traffic enforcement with mailed tickets and eventually though Wellan doesn’t like it, automated vehicles will happen and remove the need for police enforcement. (Guffaaw!! thanks bud for the laugh. Made me spew my beer, damn you. You’re clueless but that’s okay) Anything missing? Yes, you’re missing a few things.
I no longer care much trying to point them out.
“Driverless” Level 5 is pure BS.

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Sorry to be late to the party, but this is a subject that’s had dire consequences in myown life s a pain patient using opiate therapy for over a decade. Right now, I’m sitting in a shit hotel in OK, waiting for an appt with one of the docs that supports patients using opiates for severe and intractable pain. It took 2500 miles and a dozen friends to find him for me.

He is one of the 20% remaining physicians that will prescribe opiates for patients with my kind of medical problems.

And the reason there are only 20% remaining is this agency: the DEA.

Most doctors are GPs–not rich specialists with the cash to defend against a government that can confiscate ALL your assets BEFORE you would ever go to trial. Thy are usually given a choice–surrender your license or go to prison. Doctors, with their accounts frozen, generally have to give in.

I know quite a few of these doctors personally now after 3 years of battle against the prohibitionists of PROP and the “alternative” industry of high-expense pain mgmnt. They aren’t monsters. They’re some of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met. And they’re desperately trying to save our lives.

The DEA has skin in the game, and whenever thy do, a lot of innocent people get killed.

They are driving this new terror and need to be, a la Hillary Clinton, brought to heel before any more disabled elderly or addicts die.


Just that the CIA has used drug trafficking to fund black ops for years, going back to Vietnam.

That would be reason enough to get rid of the CIA, but in addition:

  1. they are responsible for overthrowing more governments - many quite Democratic - than can be easily listed (1 or two would qualify as the prime reason in my mind).

  2. they have had multiple intelligence failures and have in no scholarly way ever attempted to show they have any more predictive power than open academia (because I’m sure they don’t so why bother trying).

  3. Being the cause of torture becoming identified with my country when the FBI was handling post 9-11 investigations just fine gave us another permanent black mark that we can scrub off a bit by eliminating the group most responsible. (To really scrub it off we’d need to put Bush and Cheney in jail but that is a much bigger dream).

I’m sure there are many more. If only a leading presidential candidate would run on their disbanding we could have a real conversation about it. I don’t think Bernie ever held this obvious position.

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The DEA is just another governmental terrorist organization. Using terror to fight the mental illness of drug addiction didn’t work for alcohol and it doesn’t work for any other kind of drug. If we had allowed coca leaves to be grown and/or imported, crack and meth would never have “needed” to be invented. Like making marijuana illegal created the “spice” and synthetic marijuana that does far more harm than the real plant.
The DEA is only in business to “legally” violate Constitutional rights, and to make the weapons, prison, and drug testing industries billions of tax-payer dollars. Also, forfeiture statutes give police the right to take anything from anyone without any due process whatsoever. It’s incredibly maddening that our entire government is a criminal operation.

I think you are missing ICE, an agency that most certainly abuses its authority. I think we need the CIA, to counter the MGB if nothing else. Perhaps we need to beef up the CIA as far as counter black hat hacking is concerned, particularly by Russia and China, but also others with evil motives. Perhaps reduce its focus on things that are of questionable motive, a little more oversight by congress is probably in order.

I should probably note that congress needs much more oversight by the people. I greatly fault the Founding Fathers by not being more against political parties. I truly believe that this country would be far better off with NO Republicans, Democrats, or any other permanent political parties.