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The Dead Eyes and Cold Heart of Jared Kushner

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/31/dead-eyes-and-cold-heart-jared-kushner


Awesome column, Tony, of plainspoken truth.


He inherited millions of dollars from his father, and now he is going to lecture people on how to be “successful”? What a creep. He was also engaging in blatant racism by generalizing against the “Black community.”


Agree…disaster met with incompetence to produce record American death tolls. And guess what…the Trumps don’t care as long as they believe they’re entitled to occupy the White House and benefit from all the perks of the Office of the President. And now he and his family assume that he is like an emperor and he and they can do what they want, the law be damned. Plus assume that he perks of the office extend to at least some of his family. In this country we expect that the President and his family be law-abiding…and think about the welfare of the country and its citizens not just what they themsleves have to gain.


At least the heir-apparant’s daddy served prison time. And if Donnie Jr. thinks he’ll pick up the family title, sorry dude, Jared via Ivanka is the Chosen One…


I loved every word. Well written.


Please! Not on Halloween! Just the thought of it has me jumping out of my skin.

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Jared should actually be co-Vice President with Pence. He’s more destructive in his pro Israel policies and disregard of the underprivileged of which he is the primo slum-lord.


It’s sad how we let people with money get power.
.This is part of the Power and Possessions economy I guess .

Our illusions betray the good we know to be true in our hearts .
When enough people realise we are all One this will no longer be tolerated.


And not to forget Tony, what that little demon has done
to the Palestinians; all to similar to what American law
enforcement does to Black Americans.


In her book about DT and authoritarianism, Sarah Kendzior asserts that Kushner is the most dangerous of all DT’s enablers.


Right on! Where can I find this book?

“Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America,” published by Flatiron Books.

Having almost finished it, my takeaway is that it’s not “just” DT who is the problem, it’s the relationships that U.S. political and business figures have cultivated with the Kremlin, for decades. Having - and continuing - to do this, our country is in effect just as compromised as is DT.

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