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The Deadly Fox News-Trump Syndicate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/10/deadly-fox-news-trump-syndicate

Education Saves Lives!


Trump supporters belong to the Fox Party which is more like a cult than a political party. Fox Views are employing the tactics they have successfully used for years to cast doubt on climate change. Murdoch capitalism rules! – which also explains why Australia is so regressive.


There are conservatives I know who discount lots of what they see on FoxNews as bullshit.

But that doesn’t stop them from spreading the lies – they do so knowingly and gleefully.


Then there’s the correlation/causation between dementia and elders who watch Fox News for most of the day. Especially those who are homebound and socially isolated.
Freedom and liberty have two vastly opposite meanings between conservatives and progressives. And Fox News keeps at making that divide even bigger.
Cui bono? Who’s funding this and what benefits are they reaping…


Progressives assume, at their own peril, that GOP cult members actually believe OAN, faux and other propaganda sources.

Ever since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago, the GOP cult members in my workplace have never been shy about bragging how pleased they are that the GOP and its propagandists get away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year.

Meanwhile the main stream media’s (MSM) and dimcritter’s party’s serial failure to cry fowl (while often being complicit, like voting to invade Iraq) has enabled the GOP to serially apply projection, a rhetorical tool, that blames the MSM and dimcritters for everything the GOP actually does (overspending, fake news. are examples).


“The Deadly Fox News-Trump Syndicate”

Yes, and almost as bad is the CNN, CNBC, and VOX News-DNC Syndicate.
Russia did it, Russia did it, Russia did it…disgusting.

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There is an even more insidious player purveying the worst fascist fake news which Trump now clutches onto: One America News, the most despicable cadre of ersatz journos spewing the most malevolent crap propaganda you will ever see. They are actually evil. And they blow past Fox by a mile. And they have the Orange Fascist’s ear. They actually are influencing the fascist pig’s ear. Very dark times we are living in , very dark.

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How do you know the Democrats aren’t calling fowl but that the Gatekeepers of the MSM are simply not advertising the fact?
Remember when two drunken “Tea Partiers” could have a beer rally in their garage and the MSM would fall over themselves to cover it, while a much older and larger House Progressive Caucus went, and still does go virtually ignored?
The Gatekeepers control perception.
That said, a long time ago there was some very good investigative reporting from Fox News in the body of Carl Cameron. You recall he produced a very daring 4 part series in December of 2001 I believe linking elements in Israel to the 9-11 attacks.
I recorded 2 of those 4 parts and still have them today. I tried to get a Fox watching elderly neighbor of mine to watch and they refused, denied it was real…
Cameron left the network as it became more about propaganda than investigative journalism.

Those fires woke up a few people in Australia, I’am sure.

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“…why Australia is so regressive.”
But also what inspired the wonderful Sir Les Patterson.
“Sir Leslie Colin “Les” Patterson (born 1 April 1942) is a fictional character created and portrayed by Australian comedian Barry Humphries. Obese, lecherous and offensive, Patterson is Dame Edna Everage’s exact opposite: she is female, refined, Protestant, and from Melbourne; he is male, uncouth, Roman Catholic and from Sydney.”

I greatly appreciate the intent of this article and the video! Unfortunately, I don’t think the video was written in a way that would do anything to crack open the brainwashed brain of my family member, who listens solely to Fox and Rush Limbaugh. I think the video would only appeal to people who already know what a crock of sh* right wing media is.

My family member would be more likely to listen to a senior veteran decked out in uniform who unemotionally, without anything perceived as ‘attacks’, rationally demonstrates point-by-point lies that have been told, with the lie followed by not just “this is wrong” but instead a trusted figure explaining exactly how it’s wrong – and if this figure is a Republican, or at least not outwardly in favor of Democrats, all the more convincing to them.

If anyone has seen a video that might actually make such brainwashed loved ones THINK, please let me know. It would help my family relationships greatly.