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The Deadly Threat of Misinformation About COVID on Fox News, According to Science

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/22/deadly-threat-misinformation-about-covid-fox-news-according-science

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Consuming the wrong news can kill you.

Please insert “any MSM news,” in this sentence, including NPR.

Just ask the Iraqis.


One of the interesting features of Covid coverage is that it has been politicized and unreliable all over.–certainly including at Fox, but also at the outlets that Dr. Tsipursky would praise here, whether by name or by implication.

This is not only true in relation to Covid, though it is certainly significant that Covid is included. It is also true in relation to pretty much every other aspect of American political policy. One cannot run for answers to Fox or CNN or Reuters or even a more reputable outlet like Pacifica. Even where there is honest reporting, though that is a thing often difficult to identify, people get fooled.

This cannot be accidental–though I do not by that mean that most of the people involved in our various ways are much aware of the larger mechanisms in which we participate. To hide something in plain sight, you put a lot of other things around it to break up its distinctive patterns–what is called camouflage. In relation to news media, this involves telling a lot of stories loudly, with emotional hooks tailored to appeal to various points of view.

In this way, what would be a relatively coherent political landscape becomes littered with conflicting narratives that people become vested in, thereby losing a coherent global impression of events and losing much of the significance of what we can observe.

In such an environment, evaluating such information accurately depends little on finding a single reliable source, since this is not usually possible. It involves finding many sources that are usually better instead of usually worse, and making a considerable comparison for consistency.

Part of what is scary about this is that very many people are still out there trying to raise kids and pay off a legion of macroparasites–banks and warmongers and corporate freeloaders and the like. We need to knock the workweek back drastically, and of course what is happening is anything but.

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Ya can’t fool me, Gleb. You and Leslie Gelb have never been seen in the same room at the same time.

Leslie Gelb dies at 82: The revolving door between the New York Times and the State Department

By Patrick Martin

6 September 2019

Iraq War

Gelb initially supported the Iraq War but later said that his "initial support for the war was symptomatic of unfortunate tendencies within the foreign policy community, namely the disposition and incentives of supporting wars to retain political and professional credibility."

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How many of the top people at Fox News need to catch COVID-19 and have rather severe cases?

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