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The Deafening Message of Trump's Dinesh D'Souza Pardon


The Deafening Message of Trump's Dinesh D'Souza Pardon

Ryan Cooper

President Trump announced Thursday that he would pardon Dinesh D'Souza, the loopy conservative operative who pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance law:

Will be giving a Full Pardon to Dinesh D’Souza today. He was treated very unfairly by our government!


Martha Stewart is one of Trump’s “criminal associates”???


I think that Mueller might be prepared for this.


Dinesh D’Souza is trash. He has been a little prick from his early years when he attended Dartmouth and, with right-wing asshole pal Laura Ingraham, he “outed” gay students to their friends and families without their knowing about it. Later on, he was convicted of campaign finance fraud and he also made a movie which described what he thought the world would be like if the all-glorious America had never come into being. Of course, it would be chaos. Apparently, to this right-wing apologist the wide-ranging and ruinous imperialism of the U.S. is a good thing. What an insufferable POS he is.


“That’s a good thing!”


The scum rises to the top…

“So long as Trump remains in office, it seems beyond question that he will continue to abuse his powers of office to protect himself and his criminal associates from the rule of law, and that Republicans in Congress will continue to look the other way or actively enable him. If Trump is going to be reined in at all, Democrats are going to have to win some elections”…

Democrats”?..unfortunately the DP ruling establishment serves the same masters and interests as the entirely odious and criminal trump & co…just with the MO of a “kinder and gentler” screwing…they will not reform, will not support real progressive issues or candidates, will not be a true opposition party or champion the radical reforms and leadership needed…they remain mostly silent in their craven cowardice and complicity to the rule of big-money and corrupt power. If we are to seek and expect any real justice, courage, integrity or strong action from them, we are truly screwed…


Here is the title to D’Souza new book
"How to live a good life:
Join a cabal and throw the powerless into the meat grinder. "


Gee, maybe we could get the DCCC to help with that " win elections " part.


So here’s the thing–To accept a pardon is to accept having done the crime for which you are being pardoned–It is not an attribution of innocence or a reversal of a conviction–D’Souza had already admitted to the charges, so the question of his innocence or guilt is not an issue–Accepting a pardon just adds another layer, one cannot be “pardoned” of a crime one did not commit! (See Jack Johnson, a sort of reverse of this)


A few years ago I made the mistake of buying several of D’Sousa’s used books. After a few pages I realized them for the propaganda they were and then had to take a shower! I’ve bought a few really stinky books over the years but his were really rotten. He should rot in jail for all I care. At least Martha Stewart could cook. (I was a professional cook while working.)


“If Trump is going to be reined in at all, Democrats are going to have to win some elections.”

More than some elections. Enough elections to at least gain control of the House or the Senate. It really is as simple as that. There is nothing at this point that would be an effective counter to Trump.


The Deafening Message : Crime Pays.