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The Death of Neoliberalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/20/death-neoliberalism


I do not think it dying. Based on its “merits” it should have died 20 years ago but that it still here shows us that those in power, that 1 percent profiting the most off of it , want it to remain.


“Among these radical alternatives are the Green New Deal, democratic socialism, degrowth, deglobalization, ecofeminism, food sovereignty, and buen vivir.”

Degrowth and liberal democracy - guided by science.


Interesting and thoughtful.

I wonder what distinctions exist, in Mr. Bello’s considerations, between neoliberal, neoconservative, and “the far right.” There are in all this distinct factions, certainly. But these appear to be distinguished more by opportunity than by ideology. Americans, at least, are prone to call the same policies neoliberal when espoused by Democrats and neoconservative when espoused by Republicans and historically just conservative, regardless. And if we regard “the right” as Hobbesian–coercive and exclusive–then these policies certainly fit the descriptor “extreme.”

In the States, at least, illegitimacy has become glaring. But this has not led to a rescinding of neoliberal power but an increase in its violence and flailing.

Very little in any of this feels like good news, given the ongoing loss of civil rights protections in the US, the US insistence on prosecuting and persecuting foreign journalists, the increasing violence against public protest, and the current experiment with preemptive arrest in Australia.

Once democratic government has fallen, reinstatement appears to be a multigenerational affair at best.


If GOP’s faux populism that has for at least a half century been pushing science and real populism back toward the dark ages is successful “multigenerational affair” will likely be defined as multiple centuries as happened during dark ages that prevailed from the 476 AD fall of Rome until the Magna Carta in 1215 AD.

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What is it about the Green New Deal that demonstrate in concrete terms, is it remediation or progress?

All the “neo” movements should have been aborted before they were let loose on the world. The University of Chicago economists who latched onto the meshuggah ideas of James M Buchanan and his antebellum idol, John C Calhoun, should have been locked in their rooms to smoke and dream about a new Southern Oligarchy, with only a few very rich and powerful white men in charge and the rest of us just chattel labor. Instead, they were picked up by the likes of the Koch and DeVos families, preached to the well-off as a means to stop paying taxes and obeying the Commons(government regulations).
Should have died 50 years ago. And certainly 40 years ago, when Raygun took power. Yes, the .1% of the 1% want things to become even more unequal. They’ve loaded up the lower courts with their far-right wing minions. It’s not Roe v Wade we need to be concerned about. It’s Brown v Board of Education and every other law that brought a modicum of equality to workers, the elderly, the poor, the disabled. Especially Social Security and Medicare. Hell, they may even ignore Roe v Wade to kill off those hated programs.


More than being worried about Brown and Roe, we need to be worried about the fascist federal judges approving the scrapping of the Magna Carta.

Can you say neofeudalism ?

What has the Magna Carta ever done for you? Does it just protect this ideology, if so it doesn’t seem to be working.

Its like the old saying “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms”.

The due process that the Magna Carta affords those of us who live in non-totalitarian states is indeed always under attack and that due process is not always applied equally as black lives matter and others are reminding us. Without due process, however, we would have never had the reformation, rennaisance, the dissolution of most monarchies, formation of democracies, the industrial revolution that was key to ending a global economy that pivoted on slavery…we would be serfs for eternity…precisely what the GOP is working toward.


Well put.

Personally I think a more apt headline for this article would be “Neoliberalism is Death” because if it continues it will be the death of us all.


The article closes with this:

“Should progressives again allow discredited social democrats in Europe and centrist Democrats in the US to drag progressive politics back to a new compromise with a dying neoliberalism, the consequences can be fatal.”

Sadly, we see precisely the above happening currently. A fear-driven desperation compelling the cowardly to embrace Bidenism – a marriage of convenience between neoliberal and neoconservatism – and once again settle for less than crumbs.

This article elucidates many worthwhile goals. But one of its foci is the Green New Deal, a market-based approach that is neoliberalism by any other name. And Biden doesn’t have the stomach to even pursue that, lest he agitate the fossil fuel oligarchs still busy milking the last drops of profit from a dying industry. Nonetheless, he’s this year’s standard-bearer for the noseholder brigade, marching in lockstep toward the day when their certain failures will lead to worse than Trump. The American Duterte will ride to power on the backs of those neoliberal enablers.

In the end, the death of neoliberalism will arrive as the result of a global workers’ revolt. Mass solidarity, strikes, takeovers of workplaces, and at the rate we’re going, heads on pikes. By then, the climate emergency will be so out of control, the survivors will be forced into sustainable communalism.

But in the meantime, can we at least throw off the yoke of duopolistic power? Can we invest our energies in a MPP – some alternative that serves as a warning to TPTB, that we’re fed up? A clear message that while the oligarchs may have captured government, they haven’t cowed us into docility? This article is a call to action. Can we follow through?

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The GND will allow us to live a while longer from a collapsed society in a compromised planetary ecology, IMO.

One thing to point out is the nature of Capital versus labor.

Capital works a cheat wherein it freely crosses borders at will . All manner of free trade deals and Government to Government treaties let Capital enter without restriction. These Capitalists and the investor class work in conjunction with one another . They are not “loyal” to their Country.

At the same time and too often labor sees itself in Competition. They work at cross purposes to one another . You have people in those Countries suggesting that people outside their Country should not care what happens in Countries outside of their borders. This is so very wrong. It in the best interests of every worker that in every Country parties of the left rise to power , political parties concerned with the Environment and the social well being of their Citizens. When those unions first started the workers recognized this and it why so many of those old unions approached unionization at the International level and why groups like the Wobblies were so much more effective .


“Corporations are people, my friend.”

Every one of my nominally Democratic friends who work for or have retired from a major corporation or one of their many B2B connections, is a moderate or center right. That includes people who have worked the line in the UAW. 401ks matter more than civilization itself, they’ll never rock that boat.

My friends who work for non-profits, gig jobs, and government are almost all left of center to outright leftist. They can smell the greed and violence emanating from the oligarchy – and sense the arrival of a time when torches and pitchforks will be back in fashion.

And I’ve been pointing out that Trump – the bumbling, narcissistic, grifting bull in a china shop – is doing the left a favor by de-legitimizing organizations like the World Bank, IMF, and WTO. But the moderate side of the d-party – the majority – supports the will of capital even as it steadily fleeces their asses.


Thanks, that is more balanced opinion than most.

The US is the place in the world that drunk the most deeply of the debunked urine flavored Kool Aid of neoliberalism’s crap.

What other country would have multiple neoliberal extremist Presidential candidates like we do?

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Algorithms—it’s a trip what has happened to the internet and most people don’t seem to notice----choice seems limited----we are being controlled----and Corporate powers get better at it every day.

Hedges admitted that Biden is the better pick in this election-though he said he would not vote for him-------the next four years are going to be tough years for many people----

Why four years? the power has been taken away and given to the WTO and other global economic governance orgs, we’re left only with this mess we have which isnt going away

the power to change all of the problems we face in economic areas has been taken away so it always has to get worse, from the peoples standpoint, and better for international investors.

Progressive liberalization is a one way street with no exits, so we can expect ever more liberalization, which means no more regulation (unless its liberalization, meaning deregulation, privatization and globalization of jobs)

Stop pretending its still the way in the past, it isnt.

Being that Democrats want more regulation, they have to figure out a way for us to always convincingly lose. And they will.

We’re living in a simulacrum.