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The Death of One of Washington’s Favorite Tyrants


The Death of One of Washington’s Favorite Tyrants

Stephen Zunes

The death of long-time Uzbekistan dictator Islam Karimov has brought rare U.S. media attention to the Central Asian country of 30 million. Uzbekistan is ranked among the half dozen worst countries in the world for human-rights abuses. What U.S. government officials and our media mostly ignore, however, is that American taxpayers subsidized that regime and its brutal security apparatus for most of Karimov’s thirty-five years in power.


But we have a “2 party” system enabled by no runoff elections. I have a dim memory of some people named Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders.


Perhaps Clinton complimented Karimov’s “progress” as gratitude for donating to the Clinton Foundation ?


Not much new here in terms of U.S. govt. policy.

I imagine with the so called untapped resources, those in charge won’t be saying goodbye to this golden opportunity in the wings anytime soon.


Saddam Hussein was also favored at one time - until he forgot he was our dictator and overstepped his power. Feel sorry for the people of Uzbekistan. Iraq, Yemen …
Thanks Common Dreams


the more we learn about our “friends” the more we have to mourn about this nation’s shameful policies. ugly


John Kerry…Do you have a moral compass or are you completely ignorant of this man’s policies


Oh, gee – I sure am glad the “liberals” are taking a stand on this issue! Oh, wait, never mind…


I hope Uzbekistan gets a much better leader but I don’t think so. The USA considered Karimov useful in the war in Afghanistan.


what an mediocre article. I ve stayed in uzbekistan for about 7 years. A very peaceful country. these newspapers seem to have an agenda against it. The biggest problem today in the area is Islamic extremism, and Karimov predicted it a very long time ago. Uzbekistan is an Islamic country, but noone is obliged to strictly follow the religion. However, though, there are many followers of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and the government (along with national safety agency) do their best to eliminate them. Most of people who were protesting against the government in the past, turned out to be Radicals (most of whom are fighting for isis today), so today any kind of “rebellion” against the government is seen as an attempt of Islamic Radicalism etc. If you ask any, ANY uzbek about their opinion on the government, particularly Karimov, they will tell you that they adore him and that he is like a father to them. No terrorist attack took place in the country since 2005 (which is impressive considering their location). So please do uzbeks a favour and stop calling Karimov a Tyrant cheers


those protests in 2005 in Andijan that you keep reading about in every single American article about Karimov, the newspapers are not telling you that the people who organised protests somehow got weapons (i am american but i believe the US air base in uzbekistan supplied them) killed prison guards, freed prisoners, broke into the national security service building and killed/took hostages a lot of people. Karimov said that by sacrificing the lives of hostages he can show that uzbekistan will not tolerate any action of islamic radicals and he ordered his troops to take the “protesters” down.
PS if you dig into isis/imu member statistics, you will see that more than 70% of uzbek members are from Andijan/closeby regions